Recovers data from formatted disks (hdd, ssd, usb stick, memory card)

Recover data from formatted disks What is the "Recover data from formatted disks" tutorial about? The video tutorial "Recover data from formatted disks" is about how we can recover lost data from formatted disks, whether we have formatted HDDs, SSDs, SD cards or USB memory sticks, recovery can be done [Read more...]

Install TWRP Recovery on any Android

Installing TWRP recovery on any Android TWRP or TeamWin Recovery Project, is a custom recovery that gives us a lot of options compared to standard recoveries, which are a bit restrictive. What can we do with TWRP recovery? Normally, with the standard recovery of the phone you can do nothing but install signed official updates or [Read more...]

How does a PC infected with crypto Trojan LOCKY

What does a PC infected with the LOCKY crypto Trojan look like? Gone are the days when I devirused my PC with a click. Today's threats have taken on more and more strange shapes. A day ago, an acquaintance asked me to check a laptop, and give him some advice, why he is moving so hard. I looked and I immediately realized that, in addition to 10.000 extensions, "maintenance / cleaning" programs… [Read more...]

OnePlus One, recovery and data loss without ROOT

Hi friends, today we will root for Oneplus One, in addition we will see how to install recovery without losing data (if we have the bootloader unlocked). How to install custom recovery (TWP recovery, CWM recovery) on Oneplus One? It is assumed that you have the bootloader unlocked. If you do not have it, enter the fastboot and give the command: fastboot oem… [Read more...]

How to reinstall the official rom on Android phones - video tutorial

Hello friends, in this video tutorial I will show you how to reinstall (rom) the original operating system on mobile phones with Android operating system. We will do this through a backup we made earlier. The restoration will be done from ClockworkMod Recovery, how to make a backup for Android phones is in the tutorial "Installation… [Read more...]

How to root Samsung Galaxy Note without using computer - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's video tutorial I will show you how to root Samsung Galaxy Note, for this we only need two files that we download from xda-developers right on the phone, in conclusion we don't need a PC at all for that matter. If you still don't know what root means, I invite you to follow the tutorial "What it means, what it is used for and how to do it" [Read more...]

How to use ClockworkMod recovery for flash, backup, restore and more - video tutorial

Hello friends, today I will present Clockwork Mod recovery, the most used recovery menu on Android, more precisely Clockwork Mod recovery is used for flashing roms after market and not only. Those who have an Android and want to flash rom custom or various addons, must use a different recovery than the default, normally with the recovery… [Read more...]

What to use and how to do ROOT for Android phones - video tutorial

Hi friends, today I will introduce you a little in the world of Android, we will talk about: root, rom, flash, overclock, recovery, setcpu. Probably many of you have no idea what I'm talking about, these are terms that only mobile enthusiasts I know them, don't be afraid with a little patience, you will come to understand them too. From the beginning we must understand that a system of… [Read more...]

How to recover data with recovery software from the company o & o - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present two recovery software from the German company O&O, these software are: O&O Format Recovery and O&O Media Recovery. O&O Media recovery can only recover certain files on demand, for example we delete several files and we want to recover only certain files from the deleted ones, Media Recovery can do this with… [Read more...]

Use backup software Acronis True Image acquis video tutorial

Acronis true image is a truly amazing tool for creating backup images. The ease of its interface is incredible, you simply have to follow the steps you take to draw the acronis but at the same time you have a lot of options. I can't believe it when I hear from people (my computer broke down). In Romania there are not many utilities of… [Read more...]