Install LineageOS the best ROM custom Android

LineageOS Installation How to install the former LineageOS Cyanogen Android ROM LineageOS is the continuation of the famous CyanogenMod, the Android ROM preferred by the vast majority of enthusiasts and those who have become saturated with the Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, etc. When we buy a new phone ... When we buy a new phone or even second hand, they are fresh ... [Read more...]

Install MIUI most "iPhone" Android ROM

MIUI is an Android-based ROM (operating system) found on Xiaomi phones. This ROM is, however, available for many phones, because MIUI appeared on the market before Xiaomi phones. That's why MIUI developers make this ROM available for several smartphones. What is a ROM? ROM means "read only memory" if ... [Read more...]

Reinstall the original firmware on Sony Xperia U Android 2.3.7

Hi friends, today I will show you how to get back to the official firmware on Sony Xperia U phones. For various reasons, the latest versions of Android (4.0.1 ICS), which came in the form of updates on Sony Xperia U, do the phone to move badly. It seems that Sony software engineers have not paid enough attention to older phones, they say ... [Read more...]

Android Mini PC Tronsmart MK908, firmware update

Today I will show you how to do firmware updates for an Android Mini PC MK908 from Tronsmart, a stick with Android operating system that will turn your normal TV into a smart TV. For firmware update on MK908 we need: 1. MK908 stick without cables or memory card connected 2. USB cable that came with Android MK908 stick in package. ... [Read more...]

How to reinstall the rom official website telefonele Android - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will show you how to reinstall (the rom) the original operating system on mobile phones with Android operating system. We will do this through a backup we did earlier. The restoration will be done from ClockworkMod Recovery, about how to back up Android phones is in the tutorial "Installation ... [Read more...]