Install Android applications remotely - VIDEO TUTORIAL

What is the Remote Android Apps video tutorial about? Installing Android applications remotely In the Remote Android Apps Installation tutorial, I will show you how to remotely install apps on a phone or tablet with Android operating system. Why would I want to install applications remotely on a phone or [Read more...]

Polkast, personal cloud for accessing computer files on Android and iOS - video tutorial

Hello friends, today I am pleased to present a soft cross platform that helps us make / manage our own cloud, a personal cloud that we can access from anywhere, from any device, without limitations and without paying at all for additional services (except for the net we pay anyway). Those who created this Polkast had a great idea. ... [Read more...]

Homepipe, access your computer and manage your files from anywhere - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial you will see how we can access our personal computer remotely only with the help of a web browser, this is possible thanks to the HomePipe application and service. This service allows us to download files, upload files, to view photos or watch movies without downloading them (vlc plugin), photos can be… [Read more...]

Remote, file transfer, synchronization, VPN and chat with free Gbridge software - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I will present a free remote software that comes with a lot of useful tools, the software is called Gbridge and has: remote control, remote assistance, VPN (virtual private network), shring files, chat , synchronization, backup. Gbridge works with the Gtalk network, in order to use the application, we need an account… [Read more...]

Team viewer for incredibly simple remote control - HD video tutorial

Today we will see how to install and use the Team Viewer remote control application, which seems to be made so that it can be used by anyone regardless of IT experience. Nothing is easier to use than Team Viewer, you just have to enter the id and password that Team Viewer gives you and you are ready to connect with anyone who has Team Viewer… [Read more...]