Windows Sandbox saves you from malware infections

Windows Sandbox saves you from malware infections
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What is a Windows Sandbox?

Sandbox is a virtual machine integrated into Windows 10 version 1903, which acts as a virtual operating system that you can "dirty" with any malware or suspicious program.

How to install Windows Sandbox?

First you need to make sure you have hardware virtualization enabled in BIOS.

If the bios hardware virtualization is enabled, we switch to installation, or rather, activating the Sandbox.

Enabling Windows Sandbox is made by "Turning Windows features on or off".

What can you use for Windows Sandbox?

This new feature in Windows 10 helps us run various dubious programs without putting our main operating system at risk.

Another use for windows sandbox is running trial programs, so we do not "dirty" the host OS anymore.

Why does not Sandbox appear to me?

Only this version of Windows 10 / 1903 has been introduced.

Older Windows did not have [...]