Less known settings from Android 8 Oreo

Less known settings in Android 8 Oreo Android user manual We also talked about the lack of the manual used for modern operating systems. And even if the phones, tablets or PCs came with operating system user manual, it would be more confusing after a few updates. Latest Android User Manual ... [Read more...]


ANDROID MAKES AND MECHANICS WHICH YOU DIDN'T KNOW Why we don't have a manual for Android phone? It is something common to all Android phones, namely the "NO COMPLIANCE MANUAL". If we have a manual, however small, on any other electronic object, everything on Android phones is shrouded in mystery. Here goes the idea that "the phone teaches you to use it", and ... [Read more...]

Speed ​​on Android, Full manual optimization

The speed of an Android phone depends on many things. Today we will discuss most of the measures that need to be taken to enjoy a pleasant experience on our Android phone. What is a Speed ​​Phone? A quick phone does not mean a top processor phone. A cheap phone can be fast and vice versa. Things that influence the speed of ... [Read more...]