Paragon drive backup express a free and very easy to use data security program - HD video tutorial

I am pleased to present in this video tutorial an extremely simple backup solution, it is the Drive Backup Express 9.0 from Paragon which is free and extremely easy to use. Simple does not mean bad, here simplicity means efficiency and economy, we have only 8 buttons that contain what is strictly necessary for a backup program. Data security is why… [Read more...]

How to backup your data against unwanted incidents - HD video tutorial

This video tutorial is about backup, I will use two solutions, the first backup solution is a very simple tool to use at anyone's fingertips, namely the System Restore application in Windows either xp or vista, which we find at this "address" : Start / All Programs / Accessories / System Tools / System Restore. The number two solution is Acronis True Image 11, [Read more...]

Use backup software Acronis True Image acquis video tutorial

Acronis true image is a truly amazing tool for creating backup images. The ease of its interface is incredible, you simply have to follow the steps you take to draw the acronis but at the same time you have a lot of options. I can't believe it when I hear from people (my computer broke down). In Romania they are not used much… [Read more...]