Portable Windows for PC troubleshooters

Portable Windows for PC Troubleshooters What is this tutorial about? In the "Portable Windows for PC Troubleshooters" tutorial you will see how to make a portable CD / DVD or USB stick, which we will have all kinds of applications, and which we will use to troubleshoot the computer. It's a good idea for every PC user to have such a portable operating system, [Read more...]

How to install a windows xp on a usb stick with the help of mojopac - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial I will present a very interesting application that I am sure you will love immediately, it is a software with which we will put a windows xp on a usb stick or on an external hard drive. I have to say from the beginning that this stick or hard drive on which we will put windows xp will not be able to boot from the bios, it uses the operating system… [Read more...]