CUDA parallel processing technology for NVIDIA put to work on the application badaboom - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present a revolutionary new technology, devised by nvidia, it's CUDA parallel processing technology makes it possible to use the video card to carry heavy processing tasks in the system, in this way stands a huge burden on the shoulders of the processor.
Badaboom ™ takes a fundamentally different approach to video format conversion from other solutions.
Instead of the powerful conversion format on the processor, mass parallel GPU processing is being exploited through NVIDIA's Cuda technology.
By using the power of the GPU, the time required for video conversion is low. As a bonus, you can use the CPU for normal everyday tasks such as email and internet browsing. Anyone can now enjoy fast convert between video formats, including AVC-HD.
He came scrambling through the end of the era of CPU that consumes a lot of time and resources, during which I could do almost anything with your PC.
Badaboom ™ Media Converter is fast and easy to use, in addition provides high quality output (up to 1080p!) To keep accurate and clear videos. * Input video formats - MPEG2, H.264, RAW * HDV, AVCHD, MPEG1, WMV, VC1, DivX, Xvid
* Input Audio Formats - AC-3, MP2, PCM, AAC
* Input file types -. M2v,. Mpg,. VOB,. * Avi,. TRP. Ts. M2t,. M2ts,. Mpeg,. MTS. Purple. Mp4,. MKV. Wmv **
* Input resolutions supported - 1920 × 1080 and below
* Output video formats supported - H.264 (MP4) Baseline Profile, H.264 (MP4) Main Profile
* Output audio formats - AAC-LC (2 channels)
* Output Resolutions - 1920 × 1080 and below
* Hardware compatibility - Badaboom is compatible with all CUDA enabled NVIDIA GPUs which are described on the NVIDIA site (from series to put up 8 Geforce gtx including Tesla, Quadro).
* Software compatibility - Badaboom currently supports Microsoft Windows only. Windows Vista 32, 64 Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows XP 32 64 are supported
This tutorial Badaboom video is available in HD (High definition) the first time in Romania.

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  1. beb3_mykk said

    SUPER GOOD >>>>!! Keep up the good work!

  2. Salut.Am a problem, I do not go tutorial, it shows me PLAY and PAUSE buttons dc not know, I reinstalled the browser (OPERA 9.6) all the way, I changed the browser (MOZILLA 3.4) all the same with all the 7 Explorer way to be the problem?

  3. @danezu:
    No more play and pause button because I switched to another format.
    Not a problem to you at last video tutorials are not commands in rhyme phase launch commands appear only after the tutorial.

  4. But where to launch the tutorial I click on it and move to another site that I do not know eu.Explicami incarca.Poate

  5. @danezu: You must be a little more patient man .. when you throw on that page must wait some more! not just a few seconds ... I waited until 2 minute then once you appear in the middle of a black background image that the Play button in the middle realm and you look at the tutorial! impossible not to go where I go to my PC's head woe with Radeon 800Mhz procesoru and 384 ram and not working for you ... just gotta be patient ... I always want everything to happen instantaneously can not! data transmission is about to see a movie here online on pc it's not you who has a certain buffer to reach you and ... it would be much to explain but do not know how many would understand ... plus it's a fairly HD .. do not know how to tell the net to see HD is pretty delicate thing, so Patience

  6. Ok you are right in Adriane about what you said, but I sat and did nothing 5 minutes and to my 13 years I got bored waiting: D.

  7. And almost forgot I wanted to make a tutorial on configuring AntiVir. Avira + ZoneAlarm.

  8. @danezu: Avira is tutorial about the same and about Zone Alarm! if you put them together does not mean he has to have other settings! just do not put antivirus antivirus to argue ... firewal and antivirus do make another one, however you go I'll set every man for himself ... there's a setting, as in the tutorial set Avira Avira and Zone Alarm as in the tutorial zone alarm, to find them in writing up the search box to the right "Avira" tutorial with Avira for "zone alarm" alarm zone for the tutorial!

  9. Hello I followed the tutorial and I could use all that you showed, but I know exactly what video card and not represented as a query sistem.V would be grateful if you would explain how to find a about aceasta.Mentionez I sealed housing and can not see what's inside.
    Thank you in advance !

  10. @Nelutu: k we see a tutorial on Everest write up on the right to search "Everest" with the help of you can find out which components of the PC can do tests and more, you can find out what soket you look closely at the CPU ... tutorial ...

  11. go "fur"!!! just pull the processor - I have a 5000 + AMD X2 and it is not "tired" how do other proguri profile.

    Feels k pull the video card that is sacadeaza picture but prosecu 'stay at a quiet coffee ... ;)
    other similar proguri you make a video conversion procesoru broken my 'two - the first drop in core not 100% and the computer became almost inert.

    good job guys! Thanks!

  12. @bobo:
    This program is only for stressing video card if your results come out well after stressing video card can run at the same time and FurMark stress everest processor and memory and do not they have to have time for coffee processor.
    In principle must test first ate overclock components separately and in the end if all behave well can run tests for all components simultaneously for 2 - 3 hours, keep an eye on the temperature and if it gets critical interrupt everything and - you buy coolers better or more efficient source.
    Scale testing my overclock site consists of three hours of running time with FurMark stress and orthos and everest video processor, chipset, RAM, all on maximum settings.
    I personally really like to increase performance beyond the boundaries of components, we managed to raise the performance of a core duo's 2 8200 2600 from Mhz to Mhz 4850 course I have a source 750 900 w and w and a nominal maximum load that 60 current amp has a line memories ADATA XPG extreme cooler 800 x with micron chips good series, I have a tuniq tower cooler that weighs almost 120 1 kilogram made from copper and aluminum fins.
    Not to put any money you can not, that's our toys for our little soul, you're a good source of several years without problems if you need to buy a cooler so even if you change the CPU cooler you keep it, I say that these are not moral components grow old as processors or memory, except that with a good smile consume less power from the grid for the consumption actively regulate their normal source when consumed throughout 400w and a cooler Best offers silent, not to May gijie computer, you spin in a tone denoting strength.
    Why not get more of our components?

  13. beb3_mykk said

    HMZ crd k so my video card supports: D .... akum nus to what extent ...

  14. Very good program, shame that does not support many formats like: MVI.Poate in the future or to make advances in how we went tehnologia.Intotdeauna those from Nvidia seem better than ATI

  15. Best Program is just a shame that 30 days trial

  16. hello. If I buy a new video card should I get the source? ..?

  17. boby_admin said

    Depends of course and what video card you choose to buy
    Graphics cards on the market are good and less good
    If it is new does not mean you necessarily have to be good
    tell me what your budget and can can I recommend a video card with a very good price-quality ratio
    There are also tiles that are happy with less power now depends on you what video card you choose to buy

  18. Thanks guys

  19. xxVIRTUALxx said

    tutuorial you how to download a windous and sinstalaza with toto with Drvar? If you do not make one?

  20. Adrian said

    @xxVIRTUALxx: We have a tutorial on how to download torrents (torrents you find and Windows) I could not do special tutorial for downloading it is illegal for your Windows, and Windows is not free money, ala the torrent is pirated! Tutorial on how to install Windows is already writing up the search how to install Windows XP drivers CD you have them when you bought your PC if you took it again should give you an ever-3 4 cd Sites with drivers and additional software for your board ... to find the tutorials easier write up on search in the top right you're interested in and hit enter or go to the playlist section where I put in a playlist all the tutorials on this site !

  21. Wolfyz said

    Nero Move it successfully fulfills this purpose because of the intuitive interface and ability to quickly convert video, audio and photos. We are excited that NVIDIA GPUs and CUDA architecture enabling millions of users to enjoy the new experience Nero

  22. I say that everything is better any video convecter

  23. Baby I admin I want to buy myself a plate until 350 roni thinking about Nvidia Gforce 9600 not be less memory 512Mb, 256biti, and a larger bandwidth .. here put my configuration:

    CPU Type DualCore Intel Pentium E2160, 1800 MHz (9 x 200)
    Motherboard Name Intel Pearl Creek DG31PR (2 PCI, PCI-E 1 x1, 1 PCI-E x16, 2 DDR2 DIMM, Audio, Video, Gigabit LAN)

    Video Adapter Intel ® G33 / G31 Express Chipset Family (128 MB)
    3D Accelerator Intel GMA 3100

    Memory Slots:
    DRAM Slot # 1 2 GB (DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM)
    DRAM Slot # 2 2 GB (DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM)

    Power Supply 500W
    AC: 230v / 500Hz

    And another thing I'm interested in: video card help web's performing?

    • windows769 said

      another thing I'm interested in: performing web video card help

      Maybe instead 50 500 HZ and HZ-ii 230 volts are 60 HZ.

  24. @Mihai:
    To be honest I think that regardless of video card that you can not choose to enjoying her performance that your PC can not be a stable base for it
    If you want my advice, I recommend you buy a video card from ATI and I say this because it is the company that has the best value at the moment.
    Can you buy and hottest video card if you want to put it on the system I doubt that it can run games very new to decent resolution.
    To your question: "I'm interested in: video card help web's performing? 'I do not understand exactly what you mean
    If you want an answer pretty please rephrase this question because I do not understand what you mean.

  25. Excuse me but did not really understand the problem with "the establishment" (To be honest I think that regardless of video card that you can not choose to enjoying her performance that your PC can not be a stable for it)

  26. Adrian said

    @Mihai: What Boby wanted to say is that your motherboard chipset that basis because it has poor technology no matter what video card you put on your plate will not have the "supporting" a PC is like a whole piece by piece and binds all parts copun PC performance ... eca like trying to building a beautiful villa on a foundation that is all collapse on a foundation instabla, done badly ... they imagine that the collapse is unstable foundation your plate and the villa will be the foundation's board this video! earga As you well must still bind to each other, stable and always some new generation components will help ... A poor old motherboard will not help at all!

  27. I understand ... when you recommend a motherboard for my configuration? I was thinking here's an ASUS 9600

    but now no nustiu what to do .. I went craving for video card ...

  28. Sorry .. I put the wrong link cela me jesus .. so this video card I wanted to ...

  29. I do not understand why it indifirent what video card I buy that just will not get better performance? Anyway transmits to the monitor video card .... and everything depends on it while playing a game right?

  30. Adrian said

    @Mihai: not all! What you want is hard to say and explained in a comment field ... are technical books where you can read how a PC and what's the connection between components! I've said above it works as a whole piece binds each other! The chicken car tires nothing smiths will not speed motor ferrari if you Dacia! No one thinks like that! commands and receives impulses from other components and so she just "translate" signals and play them in iamgine! It may be the hottest video card if yours is old procesoru plate generation is old and has a slow processing automatically vehe ... if not procesoru and the rest of the components in a timely and fast information to the video card you play it? Jocu is the HDD, the read on him through the processor and ram then procesoru parts instruct what to do ... so that's a great explanation! As I said if you want to learn how a PC search and you will find!

  31. Adrian said

    @Mihai: Your video card without restu components is zero! You install and you jocu hard not video card video card ... just a translator, just play ... the AFCI with a speaker / speaker if you do not what to attach? Unless you have a tape recorder will play diguzoru that? so here, though it's hard, if you have nothing hard video card will not display anything procesotu not give any commands for the video card does not see anything ... I know how hard you get from what I I'll explain ...

  32. forget that long ago ... and yet I wanted to know what to change now that you can buy motherboard ami me up? generally to change the CPU or motherboard?
    Thank you Adrian and Boby!

  33. Adrian said

    @Mihai: I missed something very importand believing that you will please answer ... but I see that you do not satisfied ... here's the deal ... they make connections between components on the motherboard chipsets (as you did those you buy separately to replace them ) is sudbridge and northbridge (English is not my thing about "bridge" north and "bridge" south bridge and now ... finally ...) they these chipsets are weak old will not bind and will not connect with component well, it's like you send a letter to someone and postasu get drunk and lose or draw time to deliver the letter and will not arrive in time where you ... so here are the chipsets that connect the pieces as more efficient the better ... as I said ... these are not things that can be explained in a comment! If you want a gaming PC that'll go well, you change the whole system ... less hardu ... and housing (that in the cases where the motherboard that you buy will be as great and will come in a case already ai)

  34. Adrian said

    @Mihai: Imagine chipset on your motherboard e postasu the beat, decrepit, old ... it's not young and has led one "letter" (information, data, instructions) to componente.tu even if you get a powerful processor, a video card chipset performance will be limited! Boby and he wanted it to say that your motherboard is not a solid basis for the your video card ... you put them in many and all hatch postman, give him what to do if it's old? Again villa example given above, here ... building a mansion on a foundation collapse ... do give crumble, and you have done? so ... change everything, base, foundation (your board basis) and build (buy parts) from end however, take materials (components for pc) modern, strong, durable as that building to stand up (like your PC to go right to not be limited by your motherboard Basic)

  35. yes .. I understand .. thank you much for your help!

  36. Yes and I have a problem when I installed Badaboom and begin installation appeared to me a message I gave and gave ok and then restart after restart I started installing and I can not work anymore due to the program of the computer is 4 and the 3Ghz pentium processor but I no longer go program.

    For more details contact [Email protected]

  37. Great high speed!! A excellent speed decoding of MKV as output format is only 720p.Pacat Mp4 ..... I only need a banal classic mpg Pal-resolution 720 × 576.Insa high converting speed is satisfying (under 1h a movie almost 2h), exceeding inconvenience the lack of options for other formats besides mp4.De different "Badaboom" seems specifically designed to convert DVD to portable formats like Badaboom mp4.Sa hope next versions will include upgrades to encode in other formats.

    Ps. Thanx for tutorial

  38. Thank you, you have a really cool card!

  39. Goes very bine.BRAVO

  40. windows769 said

    Only 220 volts HZ-II are 50. HZ.

  41. windows769 said

    mean blood pulses and 50.000 but that would normally be cut three zero mean and is considered 50 HZ disappear for a certain song mp3 if a transformer and can increase HZ-II, III can increase only up meaning 48.000 48 HZ HZ .

    • Ratzoiu said

      mean blood pulses and 50.000 but that would normally be cut three zero mean and is considered 50 HZ disappear for a certain song mp3 if a transformer and can increase HZ-II, III can increase only up meaning 48.000 48 HZ HZ .

      Only aberrations tell friends. You mess electricity standards, monitors refresh rate and frequencies of a song.
      1 - 50 Hz is the standard frequency-voltage 220 230V
      2 60 Hz is common for 110 voltage V, available in USA and Australia
      3 - clearly express what you mean to last comment because nobody knows anything. If you are on the outside with notions will not give their opinion without documentation. Good vibes.

  42. windows769 said

    And if you want to know ba mam I am not referring to ratoiule HZ-II monitors or video cards of current and voltage that we use today that is 220 volts, and if you still want to find out something new in May, not I want to give big destep forgotten the power of the computer to see what voltage write and if you see the write voltage volts 230 that has 60 HZ means that the source is made to withstand a power outage, or a surplus of electricity network and not only that, sources 230 volts are made and able to do a overclock: CPU, video card, memory, etc.. So that was all I had to say and I think I think I made myself clear and correct it if it is not good ie I have nothing to do.

  43. windows769 said

    And besides that I think not only in the U.S. and Australia uses voltage 110 but I think I like the Japanese is 110 volt voltage and pulse do not think is 60 50 or HZ and less meaning in 50 HZ

  44. Ratzoiu said

    @ Windows769: You're right to write on the source PC 230 V 60 Hz. But writing and 110 50 V and Hz. Sources are going to go anywhere in the world, regardless of the technology they are built on power networks. So you associated volt 230 50 Hz frequency and the frequency associated 110 60 volts of Hz. Sources of construction to withstand withstand voltage fluctuations, otherwise it would not be economically viable. Sources that are built for overclocking, are sources of quality parts. What varies is the amperage a source: voltage being 12 V. So when a component needs power source increases the amperage the wire.
    I hope I have cleared up eventually work. Good day.

  45. hello. firstly thanks for the tutorial,

    I have a system (cpu E6500 2,93 Gh / 2Gb ddr2 / video from GT 9500 leadteck px) that I use to render video with Adobe Premiere. I want to know if using CUDA I will render faster processors or CUDA is recommended only weaker

  46. There vrun software that can convert from avi to bluray

    • Adrian admin said

      mircea: There vrun software that can convert from avi to bluray

      not be so. AVI is a low quality format and Bllue Ray is HD. You how to make something something super low quality. Blue ray to AVI can but not vice versa.

  47. Regards Adrian for your response and I asked this question because I found home alone 2 filmu 1080p quality and wondering how they did that because it's a movie 18 years old and I wish to take old movies and they are at a higher quality. Badaboom I tried but I thank

  48. It limited the program has advanced options and settings is lacking in basic suit better use Xilisoft Coverter 6 is slower but uses less cpu and cuda and for some formats and has the settings you can actually put a movie on any phone that does not support default settings.


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