Intel Smart Response technology, higher speed for system and applications - video tutorial

Hi friends, today's tutorial will explain what Smart Response Technology from Intel, also will show you how to configure it to get a significant performance increase.
Intel Smart Response Technology is a technology that allows us to use a hard drive and an SSD at the same time, the SSD will accelerate operations hard drive, so we will have storage generous but also very good speed, it will be like a Siamese twin of faster hard drive.
Why do we need?
1. Most importantly, the chipset must be: Z68, Z77, H77 or Q77.
2. We need a hard drive and an SSD (between 20 and 64 GB), the operating system will be installed on the hard disk.
3. If you have already installed operating system will need to modify some registry entries that the operating system can operate in RAID mode (see below how to do).
4. We must enable support for RAID in BIOS
5. Finally we need Intel RST application .
How to get the operating system and controller in RAID mode SATA (AHCI or IDE from)?
1. Open RUN (win key + r)
2. Type "regedit" and press enter
3. Browse the following entries:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ msahci
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ iaStorV
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ iaStor
On Windows 8 should be amended to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ storAHCI.sys \ StartOverride
4. Click on each one, on the right side modify it ”(right click / modify), enter 0 for each
5. Reboot and enter the BIOS
6. Change the way it works sata controller from IDA RAID or AHCI in
7. Save and exit (F10 + enter)
If you receive ablastru screen means that you forgot to do something.

Do this on my own responsibility, I suggest you do before all this a general backup and a registry backup.

PC's behavior will improve in time, applications will open faster just after the second launch. After two resets and the operating system will move much better, even in stop / start will be much faster.
Intel Smart Response Technology is performance and generous storage to lower the price, exactly what users want.

Who knows:

On 60-70% of Ultra Book sites already implemented this technology.

If you do not have a compatible motherboard chipset, You can do your other system.


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  1. iMadalin said

    I have a Gigabyte motherboard chipset B75 and can confirm that go on this chipset.

  2. iMadalin:
    I have a Gigabyte motherboard chipset B75 and can confirm that go on this chipset.

    Very cool.
    Can you tell us and:
    What you ssd?
    How using (max. Or ENH.)?
    What speed are you?
    In short, how it moves your chipset?

  3. Maximus_IT said

    Cristi, you can make a tutorial:
    How moving capture desktop capture with your camera or phone ???

  4. poldac said

    Cristi says something about the testing system: CPU, motherboard SSD, SATA 2 or 3!

  5. Costin_el said

    Hello, whereas a tutorial on Ubuntu 13.04 ???

  6. IT_PRO said

    Hello, whereas a tutorial on Ubuntu 13.04 ???

    For that it has Adrian, who is no longer involved yet!

  7. For the entire team DELA VIDEOTURORIAL, God will give you a rainbow to every storm, every tear a smile, a blessing every step, every care a promise and an answer to every question! Resurrection brings you joy and love in your heart. Happy Easter, with your loved ones! MORE BOYS SUPCES ANCONTINUARE

  8. Anderson said

    Hello Cristi, and I think we chipset P67 go at me but appears Performance says something WARNING !!! Link Power Management Enable / Disable Enable or Disable and says restart to take effect. I do not think go or can go but I already 2 HDDs that have data that is not who knows what speed 357mb / s bit better take -2 ssd 4 and 0 raid them and I climb after 800mb / s or even 1gb / s now depends.

  9. IT_PRO said

    HAPPY EASTER loved ones !!!

  10. Pt videotutorial team-Christ rose, Happy Easter

  11. Sorin Chiran said

    Videotutorial Happy Easter! :)

  12. Cosmin said

    Happy Easter lamb, egg sits blushing, shame has gained and boyfriend euro iepuroi to bring you happiness, health, luck and increase at all. Videotutorial team Happy Easter!

  13. Too bad Will not work on chipsets H61 are a lot of new boards with this chipset.

  14. LucianGL said

    Happy Easter! for everybody

  15. marian ionescu said

    I do not know if it's me but when I see the site in mobile version pc call (win7x64, chrome)

  16. zumzum said

    Happy Holidays to all and not least Team Site! Because of you Cristi today I ordered H77M ASRock motherboard Socket 1155! I have a Kingston SSD and HDD 60 150 Gb Gb. I hope this tutorial trick to work, if not from VIDEOTUTORIAL you give me my money back ;))

    We respect until they die, all of you know about computers!
    Ps: Let Daddy Cristi MAC PC ala normal (not virtual box)!

  17. Catalin said

    "Who knows:
    On 60-70% of Ultra Book sites already implemented this technology. "
    I realize how dak have this technology?

  18. No no no said

    This tutorial is the kind of trick that destroys people's computers.
    Read this post:

    Do this on my own responsibility, I suggest you make a backup before all these general and a backup registry.

    More than thankful to you already, a second less to just not worth opening an app!

  19. Stefan said

    A tutorial on how to make new NAS (from an older PC or new) and what os to use and how to configure so that the bone.
    Thank you and congratulations to Team videotutorial tutorials that you make.

  20. Dragos said

    What can a sata ssd me?

  21. Dragos:
    What can a sata ssd me?

    Yes !

  22. mircea85 said

    I opened RUN then "regedit" but I found only one entry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ iaStorV" I have Windows 8 operating system, I did not find the other entries, at the entry I found I selected the value “0”. The other two must also be in regedit or does only one of the 8 appear in windows 3?

  23. mircea85:
    RUN ,, then I opened regedit "but we found only one entry" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ iaStorV "I 8 Windows operating system, we found other inputs, to entrants who have found a selected value "0". Also in regedit must be the other two or windows only appears one of the 8 3?

    On Windows 8 must change and:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ storAHCI.sys \ StartOverride
    Similarly, the start value and chicken 0 change.
    Then enter the BIOS and get in the way sata raid controller.

  24. Catalin:
    "Who knows:
    On 60-70% of Ultra Book sites already implemented this technology. "
    I realize how dak have this technology?

    If your ultrabook is equipped with an SSD 20-30GB means you have already activated Intel Smart Response technology, this unless you did some resettlement. If you've reinstalled the operating system you will need to activate it again.

  25. marian ionescu:
    I do not know if it's me but when I see the site in mobile version pc call (win7x64, chrome)

    I fixed the problem now should go nermal, desktop to desktop and mobile version of the site for mobile.

  26. Chris can do a tutorial on programs to change voice in real time

  27. Anderson said

    Cristi, I have a problem with my board based on an ASUS 1155 socket when you start Primada following message appears:
    New CPU installed! Please enter Setup to configure your system.
    Chassis intrude! Please check your system
    Fatal Error... System Halted.

    From what can be: battery somehow CMOS jumper, or have to change the motherboard with another, as I do so 2 weeks. What's the answer? Thank you
    PS: I saw on an older pc the status for some time and it just started at all, guess I took out the battery and took it alone, the battery was -0.01V meaning it was short and dead, and I said the faulty horse burned or something…

  28. Cristi Firstly congratulations for the work so as to appreciate, if you can do a tutorial on how to run Windows 7 can ram disk in certain programs not only throughout the operating system as the SSD is still expensive and it should be a solution ideal with better performance and that I think would interest everyone and that would be and disadvantages.

    Thank you

  29. Intel Smart Response Technology Presentation
    Intel recommends 311 Intel SSD designed specifically for SRT.

  30. but without ssd, can only hardware ??? The technology enabled ???

  31. polferis said

    Cristi Hello! I have only one question, namely, the disk operating system, it can partition? Or should remain whole? I ask this because you see that is whole, 1TB, and it does not seem fair, logical.

  32. Hi Cristi, I have a question, …Say above that the system is installed on Hard… .but it is not possible on SSD? In another newer tutorial you recommended an Asrock H97pro4 motherboard and an evo basic SSD… .eu le- I took it and I also have a 500gb HDD sata 3…. The board has an ISR… and how should I configure the bios to go with the ISR and put win7 on the SSD? That's how I see it as normal to put the system on the SSD, but I don't know how to put it on? Thanks, in advance… and keep it up with the tutorials that we have a lot to learn…. Best regards, Dan

  33. That's it, I reviewed the movie and I understood… how it works with the system on the HDD…. But I already have a 120gb SSD and I'm interested in using it with the operating system on it, and on the HDD to keep everything I work on…. And how should I set the boss to see them both and go well ??
    All the best!

  34. Cristian said

    Cristi is right, I have been using this application for a year and a half, it works very well, there is only one problem, when you want to reinstall the operating system, if you do not deactivate the application, do not read HDD, for those who do not know, deactivate its application you can reinstall the operating system, it can be in a way, to have an external hard drive, because an external hard drive reads it, there to have the drivers from the motherboard, there are a few steps, to add the drivers from the motherboard to it can find your HDD..But it's much easier to desable the application..Otherwise I think this is a high-performance PC, I mean my brother has Apple, and it moves harder than my worth doing this…

  35. Cristian said

    I forgot to say, bios, can be used click BIOS, you can change the BIOS directly from a PC, ie without press any key to restart give directly on destkop ..

  36. if we SSD 128gb is okay or should be strictly between 20 and 64

  37. Hello,

    I chipsets Z77 from Gigabyte HDD and an SSD 1 64T of gb.
    I made two partitions on Hdd, one of 100 gb where Windows is installed and the difference for movies, music, games, etc.
    I followed all the steps above and I managed to make a stencil between SSD and HDD RAID without having to make changes to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ iaStor. I did not find it. Does not exist. I stress that 7 64 bit Windows Ultimate.
    I was very pleased with the speed until yesterday when I first partition formatted the HDD and SSD for a reinstallation of Windows due to viruses that I brought with Bitdifender meantime.
    I followed the steps and with the change of the AHCI in the BIOS, install Windows on the hard disk, and iaStorV-changer in the 0 msahci regedit, restart, and move in RAID BIOS and reboot.
    Surprise. I do not buteaza after hdd, he no longer sees all and gives me blue screensavers. the BIOS sees. SSD sees.
    I moved and the AHCI and nothing.
    How can I solve this problem to recover data from the second partition?
    Currently we only SSD in PC with Windows installed.

  38. Hello,

    I finally succeeded….
    Mold must disable or delete the BIOS to not give me the blue screen, and we've recovered data on an external hard with Puppy Linux 5.2.5 put on a USB stick. The most simple and safe data recovery program, after the point my view.
    I tried with different programs in Windows.
    Receive errors after errors. could not access the hdd. He said it was damaged.
    HDD Mechanic standard. I waited about 2-3 hours to scan the entire partition damaged and we could not recover the data. I needed a license. Mm around 10 tried and found nothing serials
    I wholeheartedly recommend this little program which occupies only 180 Puppy Linux mb.
    I HDD formatted with EASEUS Partition Master now is that new, cleaner and error-free

  39. Hello, I have the asus laptop hdd 751 x1lk which has terraces and an SSD cache of the 24 24 giga.Cum do gigs? I only mention that in BIOS AHCI, not anticipated raid.Muultumesc


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