Black theme for Whatsapp - WhatsApp Dark Beta

Whatsapp black theme
Whatsapp black theme

What is the black theme tutorial for WhatsApp?

In this tutorial, the black theme for WhatsApp, is a new setting that was introduced in the beta version of the WhatsApp messaging application. Through this setting, you can change the normal theme, which is light in color, and which can disturb the eyes, especially at night, with a dark theme, which protects the eyes while using the application at night or in dark rooms, such as cinemas, theaters, etc.

What do you need to do to have a black theme for WhatsApp?

In order to get this setting, which activates the dark theme for WhatsApp, you need to get the beta version of WhatsApp, and for this you need to test yourself at:

After you have been tested, all you have to do is look for the WhatsApp beta application, which is collected by play store search.

What do we do if we do not receive the WhatsApp beta tester?

If you are not getting into the WhatsApp beta tester program, and still want the black theme in the WhatsApp application, you can directly install a WhatsApp beta apk.

Download link WhatsApp Beta (black theme for WhatsApp)

Download WhatsApp beta

Dark WhatsApp mode activates the black theme on WhatsApp

  1. Enter the WhatsApp application 2. Conversations 3. Theme
    Here are three options:
  2. Set by battery saving 2. Bright 3. Dark (this is the black theme in WhatsApp)
    If options 2 and 3 are easy to understand, you should know that option 1 (set to save battery) is how the theme changes automatically, depending on the battery saving settings in Android.

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WhatsApp Beta Dark video tutorial

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  1. Hello! I know I didn't have to write here, this is not the tutorial, but I didn't know where. You could do a tutorial in the future about the new huawei ONTs from RCS. They have recently passed me on fiber optics and since I installed this ONT router I have some restrictions. I have a MW2 game on the steam and since I was put this router I saw that I can no longer host, I play in the game in the multiplayer section (strictly nat) and until I pass the fiber with this router on the tp-link router I had nat open. I have windows 10 pro 64 bit original, and from what i have searched on the internet to see what the game is about, it is some closed ports but in windows the game has the right of passage in all ports. So what would it be, is this new router blocking me? If in the future you could do a tutorial on this router from rcs digi and how to set it correctly it would be fine. Anyway, thank you for all the tutorials you make for us.

  2. Thank you for wanting to become a tester for WhatsApp Messenger.
    But for now, the WhatsApp Messenger application testing program has reached the maximum number of testers who can participate and no longer accept others.

  3. there is also Download link WhatsApp Beta (black theme for WhatsApp)

  4. I installed the beta version from the link, it is 2.20.16, it works without problems. Thanks!

  5. Hi, Cristi! Can you tell me or do a tutorial where I can change my name, the name on YouTube from Link, eg as it is with you, user / VideotutorialR0, we have activated all green with Channel / Status and functions, I have over 20.000 Subscribers. Thanks!

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