Smart thermostat for the central connection and control from the application

Smart thermostat for the central connection and control from the application

What is it about in the Smart thermostat tutorial for the connection and control center from the application?

In this tutorial (Smart thermostat for the central unit connection and control from the application) I will present you a smart thermostat for the central unit, I will show you how to connect and control from the application

What is a boiler thermostat?

The thermostat is a device that turns off and on the boiler depending on the temperature set by us.

When the temperature in the room drops, the boiler starts. When the temperature rises above the set value, the thermostat turns off the boiler.

Why do we need a smart thermostat?

After all, even with the simplest thermostat you can create a comfortable environment in the house. Then why do we need a smart thermostat?

The smart thermostat has several additional functions that are hard to overlook:

  1. Remote control via internet
  2. Granular programming on temperatures and time intervals

How to install a smart thermostat in the central unit?

In principle, it is quite simple, if you have tied a thread in your life.

At the thermostat you have to deal with four wires. Two go to the outlet and two to the power plant.

At the central unit, you can quickly find out from the manual which are the terminals for the thermostat.

Many central units have those terminals in short, that is, it is blocked when switched on.

In the video tutorial below, you can clearly see the central panel and the terminals to which the thermostat must be connected.

Types of thermostats

  1. The mechanical thermostat on the wire
  2. Electronic thermostat with wire display
  3. The electronic thermostat with radio waves
  4. The smart thermostat that connects to WiFi (this is the richest in functions)

Where did I buy the thermostat?

I have the smart thermostat from the tutorial at the store Leroy Merlin (with my money). They also have I love this smart thermostat

The same model can be found in several places under different brands

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Smart thermostat for central connection and control from the application – video tutorial

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  1. Hello... Is it somehow compatible with google home.?? I saw that there was something in the app that said it would be compatible.

  2. @ Iris

    It is compatible with most smart home services. Google, Alexa, etc

  3. Old follower said

    Where are the tutorials for another time? Where are those clips when you show us different software and different hardware configurations? I followed them with pleasure

  4. sapunell said

    Hello Cristi!
    Could you try in the future to make a tutorial on how to install OpenWRT on a Mikrotik router or any other router that supports it? How to install it, how to configure the internet network, how to enter a dynamic domain in OpenWRT (the one from the OpenVPN tutorial from Digi) and last but not least, how to create an OpenVPN server from SSH directly in the router, with the possibility of connecting other devices for the access of cameras, devices connected to the internal network.
    My opinion is that such a tutorial would be super interesting for those who want to try a custom rom on their routers and know what benefits they have if they try something other than the manufacturer's official rom.
    I know it seems like a hard idea to do, but I say if you try, you'll be happy with the result too
    Good luck in all you do!!

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