Test of strength tempered glass protector

Hi friends, today the time has come to test tempered glass screen protector.
For those who do not yet know what a tempered glass protective film, you can watch the tutorial we showed what and how to apply tempered glass sheet
In today's tutorial will be very hard on this phone protector tempered glass, in addition to comparison and have a protective film classic of plactic basically be tempered glass vs plastic wrap.
The tools I will use are diverse, I will start with the "weakest" ones such as the cutter and I will reach a very hard metal such as the stone drill (widia) or the one for drilling ceramic tiles. In the end I will give the coup de grace with a very heavy fixed key that will play the role of a hammer. I did not use the hammer because it has a light tail and a heavy tip and is a little harder to control and to measure the force.
It is the first test for plastic film where I applied it over a tempered glass, screen plays that are all easily placed over a layer flexible rubber (gecko). Would not have been realistic to put the bottle directly on a solid surface (wood), the elasticity it would not be helped and energy discharged kick would have been absorbed by an area too small. We chose this setup because the phone screen is not rigid, he has some elasticity.
-Folia Plastic!
As expected the plastic film does not offer any protection, can only an extremely small protection from abrasion (placebo) but then scratched film and we instead see through a clear screen, looking at scratches.
From the first test with the cutter, the plastic foil disintegrated and when I used the "hammer", this plastic foil could not offer any protection, the rear window (phone screen) taking over all the shock until of course it gave way.
-Sticla Tempered!
This bottle is "fuck" of resistance, the cutter did not feel anything, not even when I hit it hard with a screwdriver. As expected, however, when I used the tools from special hard alloys, it was scratched. Finally when I hit the tempered glass protector with the "hammer" it finally gave way, but foil underneath (phone screen) He escaped unscathed, this means that film to protect the screen from heavy blows.
Thanks team TemperedGlass.ro It provided the tempered glass sheets for testing. On their site you will find tempered glass sheets for any mobile device, the quality of these films you saw in tutorial.

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  1. Hello Cristi and I am a little curious why you put your fingers on the glass remain fingerprint or not?

    Thank you in advance!

    • No remain fingerprint oleophobic coating has.
      Of course if you stop by MC Donalds and eat some potatoes by hand…. however, any dirt on the screen is easily wiped off.
      Do not think oleophobic coating guarantees that the screen is no longer dirty, everything is dirty, only happens if it happens harder and can be cleaned easily.

  2. bravo.frumos tutorial

  3. convinced. I visited that site. I noticed that the films they are very affordable price. films from different dealers are normal at this price. I will order soon 3 sheets, one thousand 2 for a family.

  4. I enter the promotional code tutorial that. ???

    • Adrian Gudus said

      No promotional code offered in tutorial. You misunderstood!

      • Adrian Gudus said

        At least not intentionally, but it was visible by mistake. If you are the first to see it (although I doubt it works only once) after pressing the first blue button Send Order, at the bottom of the page you have a box that you must check and next to it it says “You are in possession of a voucher gift and want to use it? Click here to activate it. ” This is the penultimate box that you have to check before you click on the black "SEND ORDER" button

  5. Hello Cristi. Congratulations tutorial. My question is for tablets no protective tempered glass ?. Merci.

    • I have not seen anywhere that does not mean that there are no affiliates screen tablet.
      However tablets are mainly used in the home, where it is unlikely to break or scratch the screen. Also tablets have bigger screen and I think the glass is thicker.

  6. … Why don't I put this protective bottle on the production line? Should these phones be made for people who don't go hunting?

  7. laurrentiu said

    Hi Cristi. Congratulations for everything you do here on the site. I apologize for posting here. I just want to ask: if I backup with keriver on win 7 ultimate the one presented by you (the one that goes on for almost a year ) return the installation date? What other torrent do you recommend after closing the iso hunt? Greetings to Adrian, Alex… I follow you with great pleasure every tutorial. Good evening everyone. Happy Holidays.

    • Happy holidays to you!
      I did a test backup yesterday at around 14 (12.12.2014) 58 days when I had left him in the 90 and aam restored today (13.12.2014) at around 12 57 days when I left. After restoration in the first 3 seconds up to connect to the internet showed me 58 days but after connecting to the internet showed me 57 days. In conclusion if you restore a backup and not reset the counter.

  8. Heated tempered glass, if cooled quickly, becomes up to four times stronger than normal

  9. Hello Cristi you please help me somehow so much I do not know what to do .I a leptop lenovo z 500 3 days iped and can not see and hear anything that is going jerky with intrerupere.pe .video tutorials youtube .filmele just go online so on .I had a TV program and watch tv online and mother of a sudden woke up that do not go and then not go well .I nothing wuindows 8.1 64 enterprise biti.si google chrome base .dreivere installed correctly and still does not work but I downloaded a casino game and lam installed and I can not delete it anymore 2 PC games will not let me delete them at all and could jump because of their problems .What can I do .TO .wuindows delete them from the PC installed 16 days.

    • First off look in tray (bottom right and see if it runs any suspicious program and disable it)
      then try to uninstall the miseries you have them on PC (because it's running can not be uninstalled)
      then run msconfig and enter === write you will open a window == == section disables startup
      "What should not start in Windows" you know what
      if you do not find in Windows 8 RUN try this: control panel == == large icons and administrative tools =
      Ti = System Configuration window appears to whom I mentioned above
      then try to update the antivirus (Windows Defender) then scan and hard work are

  10. Try this: FilExile link http://filexile.sourceforge.net/team.htm go erased any program running.
    The main features of FilExile has:
    Delete files and folders;
    Deleting files and folders That is difficult to remove;
    Removing locked files and folders;
    Prevent deletion of important files and directories;
    Simple and intuitive interface

  11. I hope the future will be for ever more phones temeperata glass. I have a quad of 6 and I saw glass temeperata be for him. and I would not order something that is not good for sure this model. but it is very good bottle temeprata even protect their phones. but I have a question though. Does the color images are seen as clearly as without protection? and reply intrziere tachscreenul?

  12. My dears ”” ”” CRISTI ”” ”AND ADRIAN” My name is Vasile and I am 60 years old. Thank you very much for everything you have done, especially for me. You have changed my life for the better, with your video tutorials. That at this age I don't even hire anymore "" "AGHIUTA" "" "I still have a problem. Please get rid of this bastard because I don't know what it will be and how he tells him that get rid of it. "Supermarktquiz"
    I thank you once again and I pray for you. If you find my message and give you time you can send me an email with the above result. Once again I wish you health and strength of work. ”” “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” ””

    • What do you have there is a pop-up that probably installed when you install software freeware most questionable and probably you were not careful and you do not clear the check boxes that gave you permission to install this unwanted program.
      Download and run this program: http://www.freefixer.com/download.html?s=blog to find the culprit program launch pop-up browser. If you do not go so try and reset the browser to default settings as shown in this tutorial: https://videotutorial.ro/cum-resetam-la-default-setarile-oricarui-browser-web/
      If I can not come back so no details.

      • I thank you very much Alex, you're trying to help me and keep rezolvato.Am that we have not yet had done all that you've zis.In FreeFixer I searched and found them all, except the matter any side asta.pe go take the name side-ului.de example; As I get on videotutorial.ro appears so (
        Videotutorial.ro sorteo, if you get on the other side CEs opens in side.Tu name that you are right that came with some add-onuri.Le desinstalat all but still have not bothered disparut.Sint hard as I can 't Sharing and the Windows because it is in warranty and I have no
        recuperare.Am a Lenovo laptop disk G 500..Daca can not by any form pote help me with a download link (windows home edition 8.1 6.3.9600 .and you to reset disk.
        I thank you once again.

  13. interesting leaf…. but nowadays phones are getting worse and worse ce what is the use of foil if g3 or s5 or 5s or any other phone breaks without hitting, breaking, etc.

  14. Thanks for the tutorial, and thank you to those who gave their test tempered glass, pity not for mine, it's a samsung I900.

  15. Hello! One question I have 🙂 how do I know which glass foil I need to buy to be good… I mean does the company matter or what?
    Thank you!

  16. Antoniaa said

    if you put a sheet of glass over phone leak broke least is seeing how how?

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