TB testing 1 Toshiba hard drive DT01ACA100, accessible performance - video tutorial

TB testing 1 Toshiba hard drive DT01ACA100, accessible performance - video tutorial
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Hi friends, today I will present a hard drive from Toshiba that I was pleasantly surprised, initially did not intend to use the hard drive Toshiba DT01ACA100 for his performance, but storage capacity at a good price. This drive was to be used NAS ZyXEL's NSA 320Now after seeing what I think I can use it on PC.
After some time in the Asian region there were some floods that ruined hard drives industry worldwide, prices rose and came hard sites as a tablet to cost.
Now things start to return to normal, prices are back to their pre-flood value, plus it seems that manufacturers forced the incredible rise of SSDs, they began HDDs faster and more spacious.
The model I own it has a capacity of 1 TB and that on one turntable, a high density of data translates into a higher speed transfer and a lower price.
Even if SSDs are highly efficient, can not be a realistic option for data storage, the price per gigabyte is too high, also known as the hard drive is more durable over time (no shock).
In terms of data security, it is known that the data on a magnetic disk can recover faster than a group of NAND flash chips, that can be stored as a file on multiple flash chips.
Do not misunderstand, but SSDs are excellent storage is better and cheaper HDD.
If you want to test your hard drive with the same software as in the tutorial, you can download HD Tune or HD Tune Pro on: http://www.hdtune.com/, In this way you can tell what kind of hard drive you can.

Prices for hard drives Toshiba

Download PAT (Paragon Alignment Tool) to optimize Windows XP

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Adrian_sailor said

    Thank you for the future informatii.Poate made a tutorial about all Tools HD Tune.

  2. What matters to you or 32 64 mb

  3. eNd:
    What matters to you or 32 64 mb

    Buffer is very important, it is a buffer that provides hard disk access time smaller in some cases.
    Think like to dress with clothes without pockets article by ...

  4. Please make a tutorial and how we HDD quieter but with the same performance.

  5. I have it on this and are very pleased with him. I got it about a month and a half. Run only when it's needed. I took 280 lei and transportation included sealed!

  6. speakurmind said

    As for Toshiba laptops - the worst brand - the Toshiba Hard Drive Disks stands as the storage devices crapppiest That CAN have a pc as part of "its gutts"!
    Pitty for your waste of time for doing this tutorial!

  7. I'm curious how you gonna keep this HDD (Toshiba). Models laptop are very "stupid".

  8. virus2009 said

    Cristi-adminBuffer is very important, it is a buffer that provides hard disk access time smaller in some cases.
    Think like to dress with clothes without pockets article by ...

    Crsiti, why do not you do this test in dos, I do not understand you choose software that run on Windows / graphics conclusive tests not related to drives (Windows / hardaware) as functionaliate, although the keys are harfware without tesrte software installed exactly what I mentioned above, you steal what they say, especially with all Windows OS promote you "without words", although those who know softuriel opnen source, are better than those with pay, not talking of the free.

  9. The sticks all sectors are divided so as to HDDs?

  10. KodeJust:
    The sticks all sectors are divided so as to HDDs?

    Depends on how you format it! is preferable to use fat32 to stick there all 4k is the default, if you choose the default is ext fat 128 k.

  11. I have a Hitachi HDD, SATA 2,32 bit of 500 of GB and I want to buy a HDD 1 terraces matter if it's SATA or 2 3? , That is going to work well both HDDs 2 even if one is SATA, SATA 32 3,64 bits and the other bits? no conflict of any kind, BIOS, OS, ...?

  12. Cristi why my Hitachi HDD speed has TB 1 142 mb and when Cara louder in HD Tune test drops to 6 mb. I do not know why. Is it broken? I for one I did with HD Tune Pro test errors and I have no error is all green. HDD Hitachi Deskstar is my 7K1000.C 1TB, 7200rpm, 32MB, SATA2. And my chart is as follows. (Mentioenz that are busy 400 GB HDD is not empty) but I do not think this is relevant. http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/4444/hdtuneu.png

  13. hi cristi! with this program you can check if hardisk.ul is defective?

  14. Toshiba recently come on the market are modern HDD 3,5 because they wanted to cover this section, so generally do not find many reviews about this type of HDD from them on the Internet. Although they are in direct competition with WD and Seagate grandes there appears to be some understandings (regulations) between them. So do not be surprised that the PC will see (recognize) as Hitachi hard drive actually. Exlicatia is that Hitachi and WD were taken by some of the assets (assets) were transferred to Hitachi Toshiba (Phylum complicated international economic and legal) to enter and her business. The fact is that they have big ambitions in this area hardware and coscecinta I soar and I got myself one recent 1 ff TB (the tutorial) at a good price ff. The first impression is good and considering that there are an average user, considerate of his PC. I will return with more than 2-3 years
    PS should walk the names that are to sell products (as do those from Seagate and WD) for the "ACA, MACA, ABA, BUBU" plus some numbers do not attract regular customers.

  15. software3g said

    which stands at GEOPBYTES? if GB means gigabyte?

  16. I just bought this hard and I can say that it performs very well, is quiet, cool and even I can say that even faster.

  17. My respects ..... How do you recommend sharing this hard, considering that only use a single operating system w8 ..... Thanks in advance

  18. Hello
    i want a recommendation for a hdd 1TB any model
    or between these 2:
    HDD Western Digital Blue, 1TB, 64MB, 7200rpm, SATA 3
    Seagate Barracuda 1TB, 7200RPM, 64MB, SATA3,
    which is more reliable over time and the best performance
    waiting for your opinion a good day

  19. I question SSDs can partion as HDDs?

  20. I hold in my PC HDD Toshiba 1TB and are very pleased with it

  21. Cristi can explain why Acronis Disk Director Partition after HDD cluster puts Paragon wrong and when controlled alignement tool shows me that HDD is not aligned well cluster

  22. Cristi 1tb Toshiba HDD is not the slimmest, thinnest I find Seagate st1000dm003 and go f problems, when you have a Toshiba PC booting and loading win7 dAbeau starter has 18.4 ms acess time. And also when sitting idle sounds like marigold slowly there would access data even in the BIOS, so I know that a philanderer hdd if accessed, not croak that fool no reason. No bad sectors, SMART - OK

  23. hi cristi I purchased a Western Digital hard drive Blue 64 7200 1 TB mb cache any 2 weeks and found several thousand Badura and Dealy's and mother looked at him and has a sponge inside must somehow get him out or what to do yet was not scanned all the hardware only about half and I k mia Badura found over 2000 of logic and several hundred k delayuri I have to do my very heavy load pc thank u I would appreciate if you reply as soon



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