Bluetooth tethering, permanent connection to the internet tablet

Hi friends, today we make a wireless bluetooth tethering between an Android phone and tablet Windows 8.1, this way we have always connected to the internet tablet even when we do not have wireless networks nearby. Of course you must have an active data connection on your phone so you can do this.
For those who do not know, Android provides the user the ability to share your data connection with other devices, we have three ways to do this:
1. USB Tethering is quite simply activate the phone and connect it by cable to the laptop, desktop, etc..
2. WiFi Tethering, your phone turns into a wireless access point (wireless router whatsoever) to which you can connect with user name and password that you chose in settings, or you can connect directly if you have not chosen any method of password network (not recommended).
3. Bluetooth Tethering is the slowest connection but also it will save battery connection, you can leave permanently connected devices, especially if you have bluetooth 4.0 (ultra low power). Optin bluetooth tethering is extremely useful for when you leave home with your tablet, you do not have connection 3G / 4G.
If your android phone ART use, will have to go to Dalvik to use the Bluetooth Tethering. The ART does not work.
Tablet from Lenovo Miix2 8 tutorial is a tablet that I presented some time ago in the tutorial: The cheapest tablet with Windows 8.1 fullIs an excellent tablet with full Windows 8.1 which will soon make a complete review.
The phone is a Nexus 4 tutorial that I presented in the tutorial: Nexus 4, most cost Android smartphone.
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  1. hello cristi.foarte good and explicit tutorial as usual, but I have a question: can you make this connection between two devices and Windows 8.1?

  2. You tried to install android tablet? or do a dual boot? would be interesting.

    • Not yet, I focused only on the implementation of Windows on the tablet and hardware. I'll tell you what I found in a review soon.
      After that experience I will start with Android, Ubuntu, Windows7, etc..

  3. hello cristi, I have a nexus 5, what do you recommend for protection? I was thinking of ordering a ringke fusion… I saw that you have nexus 4. Is it ok for nexus 5 too? or do you recommend something better?

    • Ringke fusion is the most solid that I had, no other case not kept me so not so well behaved use.
      When mounted phone, you think it's one the phone, everything is perfect. 4 Nexus volume buttons and power go even better housing than without.
      I dropped the phone a dozen times and nothing happened to us, the case has not even scratched.
      The only thing that actually is normally transparent polycarbonate was brushed back very little.
      Earnestly recommend this case.
      Certainly in the next call, all this case will be (of course for that model).

  4. AliAlexu said

    Hello! I have a problem with Yahoo mail.As like if possible to change my email address so that my email address will no longer be on servers in Romania, to be on servers in the U.S., that the ID My not was meaeste can do it, or should I delete my account?

  5. I know that does not sound too exciting, but how can we not 3g Net tethering / 4g but wifi-wifi, android smartphone that is how we transform a repeater or access point. I saw that you could do this with FQROUTER2. Some people really need it, stand at the window like crazy not to fall signal when would simply put a smartphone in the window and they could sit quietly on hemp or bed.

    • Bluetooth tethering works with wifi and mobile data.
      That phone is connected via wifi connection that splits Bluetooth speeds between 1 and 5 Mbps, I reached 3 Mbps.
      On wifi tethering (wifi hotspot) wifi connection sharing is not possible because the network card is busy emulating an AP.

  6. Hello. I have a question out tutotrialului ..

    • 400 - 500 meters is a long distance even for digital signal and analog. In pro systems you can go with a quality signal about 400-600 meters without amplifiers, I repeat, with pro systems (very expensive cameras and super quality cable).
      Without power it's hard, but not impossible.
      One can use a number of amplifiers powered from a solar installation.
      The problem is quite complicated if the perimeter is secure. Thieves steal cables, solar panel and even the room.
      One can do anything with a wireless point to point with high power APs unfortunately investment cost is very high.
      It can set up a professional monitoring system, it gives you more freedom, unfortunately back to thieves who are very diligent on us.
      Can anything be done on the same fiber but the price is pretty high investment.
      Depends what you want to watch, you have to figure out if it is worth investing.
      My advice is to go to a team of professionals, even those from the Internet or cable company can help you.

      • ratzoiu said

        The longest that I could shoot coaxial cable was 300 meters room Sony and food source PC. After this distance the signal has to suffer, if not put a repeater. Their feeders are too weak to transmit power over a distance as large. Upt cables need repeater after 100 meters.

  7. Maybe it's just me but I see amid the tablet that color, I do not see anything on it on the screen, not only that videotutorialul know what happens for the hearing. Cristi how you do not get devices like: Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, Asus Transformer?

  8. Hello! After some time you made a tutorial about internet connection as soon as you open PC RDS (was pt.Wind.XP).'ll Wonder if maybe pt.Windows 8.1.MULTUMESC ANTICIPATED!!!! !

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Type in the search box at the top right "How to make PPPoE connection from RDS to Windows 8" press the Enter key and you will find the tutorial. It also showed how to put the RDS connection in Startup

  9. Costasantonio said

    Hi guys. As a method of backup system on the tablet, we can make a clone an external drive EASEUS like the desktop and then re-installation (copying, cloning) on ​​this external drive?

  10. Hello! cards are safe and accurate as always, I learned a lot from you, what are you a prosesionist.

  11. I want to buy a tablet (7 8 or 7 ″ diagonal), but I don't know which model to choose. I'm thinking of getting my Nexus 2 gen. 8.1nd (if it was released last year while I can still use it) or a tablet with Windows 2 (eg Lenovo Miix 8 XNUMX - I think it's harder to use the desktop on that diagonal).

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Type in the search box on the top right "Hardware guide, tablet purchase, spring 2014" press the Enter key and you will find the tutorial

  12. Octavian said

    Cristi is possible to activate the nexus4 4G? /? If so can you and a small tutorial on this topic.

  13. Anderson said

    Hi Cristi, I have a question I recently got a LG G2 and has only Internal Storage of 16gb and got my OTG cable and I want to stored the videos and photos directly via OTG was no longer go to the internal memory of the phone, but to go through the photos and video directly OTG. How do I do this? It can be made?

    • I do not know if you can. Most likely not. Or maybe poateca phone to recognize the storage media that you have you as a sd card. I do not know I have not tested. But why do you do this? I know of OTG cable is used to connect a USB stick, mouse, etc. directly to the phone. To store photos directly on the stick with OTG cable should you stick plugged in when the catch. This seems strange because it is unsightly and sag and hard. Why not Salev pictures in internal memory and then move them?

      • anderson said

        Well, if I go to a show, I have to film something, and if I shoot 1080p for 5 minutes, about 6 videos, 16gb is filled immediately and if a show or concert lasts 2 hours maximum, only in 30 minutes, the internal memory of 16gb is filled and so it's not 16gb completely, it has 10gb. So with otg that you can find small sticks, we put there in 32gb ogramada so on 10gb you can put 3 videos and 10 pictures, that's all And what if I like the world to see me and with hdd on the phone hanging, what if… :)).

        • what you want to shoot a MEOR 1080p so little? Do not get 720p? I say stop accomplices so long and take some 32 microSDde GB card and that's it!

  14. Cristi, Adrian I have a question. It is possible that a TV is damage during a storm if it is plugged in but has cable TV connected. Specifically: A few days ago was a pretty bad storm in my country. A neighbor said that the TV is broken because they have cable tv when plugged into TV when lightning struck a power pole. I along with other neighbors 2 I ran cable. The problem was remedied by the people of the cable company but as I said a neighbor insinuates that the TV was broken but it was plugged in but doarcablul was connected. So curiosity is this possible?

  15. Yes, Alex! Is this possible, many whom he cunopsc happened to that!

  16. patrick said

    Internet connection can be made from a 5s iphone laptop. own this information? I can recommend a link to inform me?

    • I don't have an iphone, but from what I understand Apple are so restrictive that they only allow you to use bluetooth between IOS devices. I mean from iphone to iphpne / ipad and vice versa .. So I think the answer to your question is "no"

  17. Michael Petculescu said

    I have a problem: I recently purchased a tablet Allview Viva Q8 16GB version of FAME, and a few days a loaded apply. At one time appeared to me an error that warned me that I have little space for applications (100MB), but the strangest is that I appear to have all the applications available in a 2GB. When I checked my available shows that we 10GB not used (as I received it).
    My question is: How can I extend this space (internal memory)?
    I apologize for asking, I know it does not match the subject of the tutorial, but I do not know what to do.
    Thank you in advance!

    • It is normal to have available in GB 16 10 only for use for the rest are busy operating system and bloatware (apps that most users do not use them but which manufacturer you put them by force). Now is not normally available to show you that you 2 GB after you've seen it 10 GB. Try a restart. Maybe you among those applications are installed and one more dubious and in this case it would be better to give a return to factory settings if the problem goes away in the future to take care that the applications installed. Possibly to install each one in turn to wait a while then install another order to identify the most troublesome.

      • Michael Petculescu said

        How to return to factory settings. I knew that there are two methods:
        1. Saintru in recavery mode
        2. Tablet settings.
        Options kingdom first have some problems:
        1. I do not know if it has recavery mode
        2. I know not to go (I've tried various combinations of buttons for volume and power button)
        I'll try the second variant.

      • Michael Petculescu said

        It worked.

        • Adrian Gudus said

          No need to go into recovery. In Settings you backup and restore section. From there you can reset the tablet

          • Michael Petculescu said

            I wiped the data settings, I deleted everything and all I am appear as 2GB internal memory for applications.

  18. Hi, I question so I have a Samsung phone model CorePus, and incidentally not know why, maybe I can and child (one year) disappeared because I did something Mailbox phone ,,, how can I restore it? ,, now not receive any sms can not deliver, thanks

  19. moisa clementin said

    hello, I have an android tablet 5.1 fail connection to a Bluetooth device

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