All maps are wrong - Romania is Britain

All maps are wrong

All maps are wrong
All maps are wrong!
Did you know that all our lives have been studied for erroneous maps, which are a distorted projection of the earth globe?
When I found out, I could not believe it. The projection of the earth, which is spherical, on a 2D plane, that is, on a map, is impossible without distortion.

Current maps are bad wrong!

The current projection of the earth on a 2D plane is called "Mercator projection

Projection Bullet Map:

Mollweide projection map (more real):

As you can see, the Mollweide projection is more real, but our brain can not match the shape.
That is, as all atlases, maps, navigation software use the Mercator projection, we will remain with this version.
However, it is important to know that everything is distorted and that's why it's good to call the site from time to time

These are not the only projections; over time there have been many attempts, some more successful, others less. You have here is a complete list of the projections of the earth globe, from 3D, on a 2D plane (map)

Conspiracy theory:

Some say the Mercator projection was meant to induce the idea that Europe and especially the colonizing countries are bigger on the map than they were in reality. See example Belgium vs. Congo, England vs Australia, etc; Only if the natives knew that Belgium is so small ... some will illustrate you!

Why is it so hard to make a correct map?

Let me give you an example:
Take a watermelon and try cutting it into slices, eat the kernel and then spread the slices on the table next to each other. You will notice that slices are joining in the middle, but at the top and bottom there is a fairly large distance between the slices. That's how it works with the earth globe when you try to draw it on a paper.

All maps are wrong - Romania is Britain as a video tutorial

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  1. A very good tutorial for geography.

  2. I think there are many things in this world that we believe we know, but the truth is actually distorted.
    Tomorrow the day after tomorrow we can find that the earth is flat (not as I believe) as some say and as they try to prove this.

  3. Bravo!

  4. "Why is it so hard to make a correct map?" Why is it so hard to miss so many diacritics?

    Please ask us Cristian, the following tutorial should be called this: He is no longer used in the middle of the word since communism fell.

    I know, I'm so sorry

  5. And calculating the surface of a country is hard?

  6. Tavi Ciobanu said

    That's it! Romania: 238397 kmp, United Kingdom: 242495 kmp.
    I mean, they're pretty much the same, the Great Britain is just 2% bigger than the surface. Where's the problem, I do not know.

  7. My recommendation is to stay still in electronics and not venture into areas that you do not master.

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