Tp-Link Tapo C200 motorized camera review and user guide

Tp-Link Tapo C200 motorized camera review
Tp-Link Tapo C200 motorized camera review

Some time ago I installed two surveillance cameras Tp-Link Tapo C200, and after a use of 2 weeks is something, I'm pretty sure this is a product that I can recommend. Tp-Link Tapo C200 motorized camera review

The surveillance camera mentioned in this installation / use guide, NU is a product submitted for review by Tp-Link. We have no connection with Tp-Link and the camera was purchased from our own funds.

Not even links or affiliate links they will not post for this room.

Whoever wants to find and buy the room, can do a simple search.

Tapo C200 is part of the "SMART" or "CLOUD" camera category. This means that this camera is different from the classic IP cameras, which requires a more complex installation and different settings in the router, which makes it difficult for an atechnic person to install and setup.

With Tapo C200 everything is super simple. You do not need knowledge, you do not even need a PC, because the installation is done from the Tapo application, on the phone.

The C200 is a PT or indoor room Pan and Tilt, that is, you can rotate left-right and up-down.

Are Night Vision, provided by some fairly strong infrared LEDs, which spread evenly throughout the infrared rays. The distance at which the infrared rays "beat" at night is about 9-10 meters.

Another important function is that of Card registration. This is why the Tapo C200 camera has a Micro SD slot that supports up to 128GB cards. The recording time I do not know exactly because it depends on the recording mode chosen, Continuous Recording or Motion Detection Recording. However, two weeks after the installation, the card did not fill, and when it is filled, there is the option of automatically rewriting the oldest records.

Interesting features and options included in a list:

  • Up-down and left-right engine room 114/360 degrees
  • 1080p resolution at 15 fps
  • Micro SD card registration, max 128GB (to be purchased separately)
  • Easy installation by application and Wi-Fi, without cables (has wi-fi)
  • Notifications directly on the phone upon detection
  • Alerts on the camera for detection
  • Microphone and speaker on the camera, sound both ways
  • Night Vision (infrared lights for night), radius almost 10 meters
  • 1 / 2.9 "sensor, F / 2.4 aperture, 4mm focal length, full frame equivalent = about 27mm
  • Viewing recordings right from your phone - the recording viewing interface is very well done
  • 2,4GHz Wi-Fi, max 150Mbps


  1. Cheap, around 150 - 190 lei
  2. Extremely easy to use - with application
  3. Pan-Tilt motorization
  4. Infrared - 9 meters
  5. Micro SD Card Slot - 128GB
  6. Sound in both directions - voice call or push to talk
  7. Notifications in the application on the phone - upon detection
  8. Alerts on the camera to scare intruders - sound the alarm on the camera
  9. Cheap - yes
  10. CHEAP - that's right


  1. There is no model for the exterior
  2. It does not withstand temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius
  3. It can only be mounted in the area with wireless coverage

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Video installation guide - Tp-Link Tapo C200 motorized camera review

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  1. Costi D said

    Hello. I hope you have an IGPR license, otherwise it's a big hassle.

  2. I'll take myself and I'll put some of mine in the country. And without the IGPR license, I do something about it.

  3. Cristian Silvoseanu said

    I know it may be wrong, but I would like to ask a question about iOS. I noticed that when switching to iOS 13 on an ipad tablet, the name of the mobile data operator no longer appears, but only the signal bars. Is this a bug or should it be?

  4. Do you know how to upload recordings or motion captures to the cloud?

  5. costel said

    I took my camera today. Thanks to you it was easy for me to configure it. Thank you

  6. Cristian said

    Hello, I soon bought a c200 and I have a small problem that I don't know how to solve, after 5 minutes of viewing a message appears in the middle of the screen asking me if I want to continue watching every 5 minutes, Does any of you know how to get it out?

  7. How can I get rid of that tag that appears every 5 minutes during live viewing?? it tells me that I viewed live for 5 minutes and asks me if I continue.

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