Chinese instant translation of text, photos or documents

Translation services have evolved significantly in recent years, particularly Google Translate, which is also based on quantum computingTo great precision and accuracy of the translations.
As most Google services are free, as is the translation from Google Translate for live cell.

Chinese instant translation of text, photos or documents - tutorial

Open the app, choose the language input and output, then open character recognition function live, clicking on the camera icon in the application.
If the language input and the output are downloaded to your device, instant translation will be made only on the text by the phone's camera. A kind of translation into reality agumentată.
OCR's been available on the market, and we made some tutorial related subject. However, it is the first time when this technology is available when the phone live in a free app.
Tutorials OCR (text editing documents on your PC)
If you do not have Google Translate:
Google Translate Android
Google Translate iOS (IPhone, iPad)

Video Tutorial - Chinese instant translation of text, photos or documents

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  1. Make a tutorial in which to show us things and tricks to learn English easier.

    • Silviu
      Duolingo app helps you learn English.
      It is an application that I use myself and I think Android is available on iOS. The icon looks like a green bird.

  2. Wow the other day I struggled to translate a text out of a picture and we did, I'm glad appeared such an application
    Thank you

  3. and canon can 500d

  4. OCR function a long time know (quite some months now) but I have not tried it than in English. The Chinese did not know, thank you for information.

  5. When we will get to wear a discussion on the phone, each in his own language?

  6. Howdy!
    Off-topic ... tell me some how you managed to order from Amazon ... I do not fail! I want to buy something there ... and say they do not send in Romania! Thank you!

    • Amazon can not even get any in Romania.
      Sellers who are registered as taxpayers in the EU and Romania covering the distribution network can deliver and us.
      Usually very cheap things are not delivered in Romania. That happens after Tepee that have been given over time.
      Try again; You'll find the same items cost a little more Maricel, which can be delivered in Romania.

      • Hello,
        You have more knowledge than me and if you have time please do not inquire for Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile USA? namely SGH-M919 can install and another version of the software for. Lollipop i1900 gender or I1905? SGH-on version M919 not have menu in Romanian, not only to 4.4.4 update, the update did not find any system nor Sammobile.
        Thank you, all the best!

      • Howdy! Thanks for the reply ... I kind ..m comprehend how it works, I saw that there are sellers who send and E! ... But I have a question: ..atunci when the right product is displayed alongside the price and tells ... shipping are additional charges for transportation or listed price includes all shipping charges ?? You paid the extra for the camera in tutorial?
        Thank you!

  7. Mihai Neagu said

    Off-topic ... you can create a tutorial for a program or website that can read text in Romanian something like what's on the link " "(Just as it is read only in English). The only solution I found is to go on google translate to paste texts there and in Romanian I click on the "Listen", the problem is that the focus is super awkward and you can not change the speed at which speaks as the link above.

  8. Victor Cornea said

    There are a lot of advertisements.

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