Unlimited File Transfer, quickly and securely between browsers

Transferring files over the Internet was nonsense before. The sender must climb files on a server, as then, the recipient can download them, and that the serious limitations of size, disk space and speed. A total madness that consumes time and nerves Tocea us.
Once introduced WebRTC, It can transfer data directly between browsers without any service in the middle. Is it sees on the horizon, a social network, completely free?

Unlimited File Transfer, quickly and securely between browsers

Reep.io service helps us make the initial connection between browsers and generate a short link that connects us between browsers. This link is secure and in addition, the service has no connection with reep.io transferred files or transfer speed itself.
Advantages reep.io:
There is no limit on file size
There is no speed limit
We secure connection
We have a simple web interface
The same file, the same can be downloaded to multiple recipients simultaneously.
No link is kept after closing the browser
During the transfer, browsers need to stay on
We do not resume file
As you can see, we have some disadvantages, but they are not so important, and can be removed with a little patience and attention.
Certainly, WebRTC is the future. If we think with this Web RTC much can be done. For local connections, where there is no Internet to reinvent global social network. Finally, we will be connecting directly, not through intermediaries.
Dan colleague Thanks for the tip. His tutorials: Gimp, HTML, OpenOffice.
Web Service reep.io

Video Tutorial - Unlimited File Transfer, quickly and securely between browsers

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  1. With MEGA is almost instant download any files and very large.

  2. goes site says (This webpage is not available)

  3. Hello Cristi. Interesting, but I see you are "some disadvantages" who think they can be easily removed https://send-anywhere.com/. All browser (if the user really wants it), or more simply I say, by installing (shown in section download supports any platform "fixed and mobile"). In the chapter "minus sites" we only limit the size (2 GB I do not know for sure that I was curious ...) which is available in the browser, but the program installed there is no limitation, personally I sent most and a GB 60 a single code; generates code 6 characters (numbers and / or letters) that convey recipient (if there are more, it does not matter) and the sender is able "selection" reference (ie be downloaded in real time with both devices on, or a kind of "share" to 24 hours, during which you can download "indefinitely"). Honestly, maybe there are other less sites, I have not found, but can do a tutorial about https://send-anywhere.com/Of course, if you think it is worth promoting. Maximum Health and a new year the way you want !!! Alin.

  4. Hello Adi seems to have been careful about what Cristian said this service does not need any account either free or for what you referred to as "mega.co.nz" you have the maximum 50G. And the transfer of large files on the mega is very weak to write no comments anyway Before you document ...
    Thanks Cristian for. This information works very well doing a great job to be loved ...

    • I use the site and download speed is not weak at all, frankly tell you. Maybe speed is poor due to internet provider, which to me is not the case.

  5. Dumitru .Dorel said

    Where to download, I can not find any desktop or documente.Totul go in that tutorial but I can not find downloaded.

    • Once it's downloaded, you a confirmation and after you confirm saving, the file is moved to the temporary folder "downloads" folder day you set for downloads.
      The message is the same as a regular download.
      Perhaps you have not noticed the message, and the file has been moved from temp. in downloads.

  6. ..de use all inf.de here

  7. After some time, I learned on this website coordinated by wonderful people as I transfer torrent files making them. Then I found a solution they just explain if you have not used it already: if you transfer something between two computers, regardless of the distance between them and file size without beat your head ftp and else websites transfer or give you huge storage, run teamwiever file transfer between them and solve everything for you, simply and efficiently.

    • Team Viewer is a solution, but is more complicated and a little more "unsafe" because Team Viewer server can intercept your files.
      The method presented to me by WebRTC is relatively safe, because we have no intermediaries between the two browsers.

  8. I tried Chrome and straw

  9. ready to go in the end

  10. I know I usually use these services to share personal connections that give fisieru. and everything depends on the person giving something to share that upload speed is. Thus existed for phone service

  11. Cristi expect tutorial Chromecast 2, 2 part, as you promised; thank you

  12. Andrei Telteu said

    May I have a list of several websites like this:

    The protocol WebRTC can transmit video / audio live like some examples I have a list of sites that you can make video-audio conferencing from your browser with maximum 8 people in general. (via WebRTC Google works and hangouts and video calls to Facebook messenger).

  13. Lawrence S said

    Cristi Hello!
    Thanks for the tutorial. Interesting.
    Waiting for a tutorial on virtualization with Hyper-V in Windows 10.
    Thank you.

  14. 2 days ... I try not to me does not work !!!
    Links generated are "null ..." at the end.
    I use Firefox ...
    Invalid Download
    The download link is invalid You are Using.

  15. congratulations for tutorial to me on smoothly.

  16. John watermelon said

    you can do a tutorial about Remix OS

  17. yes, very good tutorial. go on android, indeed. as another plus is the fact that if oresre transfer for various reasons, "leaving" the place of which remained, and even if you use the file transfer box download generating another link is connected with the first link and download all of which remained. is to try to see what happens if I close the PC, if the transfer will take place, shall be charged.
    Anyway, thank Christ.

  18. Yes, indeed, inconvenience, exactly as I expected them is that the computer where the file must be open, otherwise you can not download.

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