Turns the phone into the surveillance camera

Turns the phone into the surveillance camera

Turn the phone into the surveillance room for where it is not worth installing rooms.

Surveillance cameras do not keep us from thieves, but at least we keep in touch with what happens when we're not where the camera is mounted.

As we all know, even if cameras have been cheap in recent times, it's still costing you money to install a room and that's why it's not worth installing rooms anywhere.

Maybe we do not want to watch for a long time.

Sometimes you want to supervise a place, rather than for a short period of time. It is tempting to use a phone as a surveillance camera.

The advantages of using a phone as a surveillance camera

  1. The phone has a battery, which allows us to put it almost anywhere
  2. Probably anyone has an old phone in the house, which he can recycle
  3. Portability and configuration options
  4. The ability to stream on different platforms
  5. You already have the phone, you no longer have to buy it

The application used is called CamON Live Streaming

A little while ago, I introduced you to the app IP Webcam in a tutorial. This application can be used as a surveillance camera or webcam.

These days we tested several applications, some of them good, others weaker. The fact is that I stayed with the Camon Live application, which seemed to me to be extremely stable.

CamON Live Streaming is so stable that you can change your video and audio settings on the go.

It is important that such a configuration is stable, that you are just going to leave the phone in one place for a long time, and this one together with the application has to do its job.

Application Download:

CamON Live Streaming (Google Play)

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Turn your phone into a surveillance camera - video tutorial


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  1. If I do not have the Internet in the location but I have a data subscription on my phone, can I see from elsewhere what the room is seeing?
    Thank you

  2. The applications used by Cristi are valid only if you use only the Wireless connection, not the GSM one. To see a camera on the Internet, on the GSM connection, you need to find an application that uses a server, in the cloud, to which your camera / phone connects, and the server further "relays" the camera image, from that location.

  3. nick5roo said

    Super. If you leave the phone in a room and someone goes into that room, an alarm sounds and the flaster lights up! 🙂

  4. A piece of crap… you can only see the camera if you are connected to that internal wifi or cable network. If the phone you use with such applications is working and you are in another city you cannot access the camera phone even though it is working and it's connected to wifi there. So ZERO CHEAP !!!!!

  5. You didn't understand anything… neither from the tutorial nor from anything else that would be explained to you!

  6. Gica dute and let us. Read more, study, and last but not least, sit quietly in the chair and listen to what the man says in the tutorial. You can see the room in Madacascar or on the road provided you take the port forward.

  7. Adrian Guduş said

    Gica, in the future, it's okay to say that you do not know what port forwarding means instead of making accusations and aberrant statements. We have a dedicated tutorial for what it is, what it means and how to make a forwarding port in the router.

  8. Hello, do you have an idea and an IOS application? Thank you

  9. If the phone / tablet has only 512 RAM, it will move / see worse or jerky ??? a

  10. Adrian, where I can find a tutorial about PORT FORWARDING, I can not find it in archives. Thanks in advance!

  11. Octavian said

    An application that can be seen through the gsm network that would be ????? and a tutorial on how to install… .Thank you very much …….

  12. I didn't understand the phase with the past from the phone to the computer… there you lost me irretrievably….
    what should I do on my computer / laptop? that I didn't understand…

  13. hello! do a tutorial how to make port forward.

  14. Hi, I have two phones and I want to connect them, but I did not understand how. If maybe a more elaborate explanation.
    Thank you

  15. Enegaru Valentine said

    Hi, how can I record and store those videos? Thank you!

  16. Viorel Baciu said

    Hi can someone help me I installed the application on a Tablet I see it works but I want to put the Tablet in another room opposite at a distance of 20m to capture images. I can or how I can see the images on the tablet in real time with a alt Phone how can I enter the Tablet what settings should I make or what else do I need to install please from the bottom of my heart, possibly on the e-mail address and answer [email protected] Thank you very much

  17. Hi, I start by saying that I don't know much but many videos from this site were very, very useful to me, but either I didn't understand or I can't make a surveillance camera from the phone as I need , so
    I want to use a camera phone, which also has an unlimited subscription for data, internet, voice. somewhere in the woods or on a vacant lot where there is no router, and I can see the stream on another phone. How can this be done,
    Thank you

  18. George Dumitrache said

    Hello! Okay, I get it with the phone that picks up. But for the most uninitiated… what are the steps to be followed with the phone on which you receive the images? that I don't understand… what exactly needs to be done to be able to access the images? Thanks!

  19. Can I take a picture of a phone by pressing the remote shutter button on another phone? If possible, please provide detailed explanations for a habarnist…

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