Transforming digital books into some kind of audio books (in the car, in the headphones)

Transforming digital books into some kind of audio books

Transforming digital books into some kind of audio books
Many say that nothing compares with reading a true book. I would say the experience is somewhat similar to an ebook reader, except perhaps the smell and the rustle of paper. I think the scribes at the time of the printing press were so. Regardless, the book, but not any book, makes you something more "unprotected," and that's good, I say.
Now, in these agitated times, we are dealing with something else; Man has no time for anything and if he wants to read a book, he has to do it in the dead times between service, school, home, etc. Here comes the "book" in the audio format, or the audio book, which helps you put in hands free hands and eyes free, a lot of information.

The problem is that we do not have too many audio books in Romanian.

How things work with us, things are always moving more slowly, and that's also because there is not too much demand in the audio format.

The solution comes from the software that reads our eBook book.

I found an Android software called Voice that works very well. Using the TTS engine on your phone (Google or another), we read our audio books in any format. Now you realize that it's not like reading your grandmother's sleep story easily, but it works. The voice is kind of robotic at times, but it goes without saying.

If you want a better voice, we have Joan.

Vocalizer is an application that comes with its own voice and TTS engine, and to Google TTS is a bit more "manly." Finally, after using both TTS engines, Google and Vocalizer, you realize that it's not that big difference, and if you want to make savings (as Ioana asks for money after 7 days), you can stay with Google TTS on which anyway you find on any Android phone.

I also found a free book application.

Digital Library is a Vodafone app (not an ad), where you can download a lot of free books. Books are organized under categories and are quite multicultural.

And More Free eBooks ...

If you want more free eBooks, see my tutorial How do you put covers on the eBook, Kindle Paperwhite, FREE BOOKS.


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  • Tutorial Applications:

    1. @Voice
    2. Vocalizer
    3. Digital Library

    Transforming digital books into some kind of audio books

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    1. Thanks for the tutorial. Information is really useful.

    2. Very useful.

    3. Adrian Rotaru said


    4. Nicu Bordânc said

      Hello Cristi, correct the text in the description, because the voice is called "Ioana", not "Ivona".
      Ivona can no longer be installed (at least in Android 8 on a Nokia 5 does not go installed).
      Ioana works on Android 8.

    5. Dear Mr. Cristian Cismaru,
      Good morning,
      I have original DVD games for PC, bought from the store.
      I want to play these pc games and on my tablet.
      The tablet is android 7.1. and I have SD card 128 GB on it.
      - Which programs do I install like PC games to work on my tablet?
      - Do I copy it on a USB stick that I connect to my tablet? or do I copy the game into my computer and transfer it on my tablet card?
      I'm waiting for answer on and thanks for your help.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        You can not play PC games on Android. There are two completely different operating systems! At least you can not play them using that CD. It is possible, however, for some smaller games to use various Android emulators that allow you to play PC games on Android but repeat, you can not play any game but just older games, not the latest ones.

    6. ViorelR said

      thanks, very useful to me

    7. If you wish, you can do so as long as Ioana does not ask for any more money 🙂
      If anyone is interested write a reply to the comment!

    8. Cristian C said

      Is there also software for win 7 / 10 to do this?

    9. Hello, Cristi
      I installed the application and it does not see me with diacritics. Please tell me what to do?

    10. Hello
      Is there a free application for iphone to convert books into audio format?
      Thank you

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