Transforming writing from paper into EDITABLE text on the phone

Transforming writing from paper into EDITABLE text on the phone

What is the video tutorial about transforming writing from paper into EDITABLE text on the phone

When I say the transformation of writing from paper into EDITABLE text on the phone, I mean the use of OCR technology, to recognize the text on paper and bring it to the phone in digital format, which means EDITABLE TEXT.

What is OCR technology?

OCR means optical character recognition, or in Romanian, optical character recognition.

OCR can help us scan text that is on paper or other materials (walls, panels, displays), and turn it into editable text for later use.

OCR - the bridge between analog and digital in optical plane

Paper text is physical - The text you write on your phone is digital.

OCR comes to somehow unite these two worlds, or rather, to help the physical text on paper to enter the digital world, where it can be edited.

What is the use of transforming physical text into editable text

In the context of online schooling, students and teachers need to make the widest possible use of digital content where possible.

presentations - in a digital presentation you can use quotes from books without having to paste pictures in the presentation or manually copy a lot of text.

Translation - once transformed into an editable format, the text can be translated very easily. This allows you to quickly translate texts from books, documents and more.

OCR application in the tutorial:

Text Fairy (Play Store)


In the past I have done several tutorials related to OCR technology and how to use it.

Below are some tutorials on OCR on PC or even mobile.

OCR tutorial

Video tutorial - Transforming writing from paper into EDITABLE text on your phone

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  1. Hello.
    Doesn't Google Lens do the same thing when it comes to copying text, not to mention translation?

  2. The best android application of this kind for recognizing text in Romanian is vFlat.

  3. Hi Cristi, please can you make a video tutorial on how we will watch your videos after 1.1.2021 because Edge will no longer have support for Adoble Flash Player.

  4. Please teach us how and with what to replace Adobe Flash after December 2020? I am poorly prepared because I have lived many winters and I ask for help from skilled people.


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