Custom navigation route with several stops on Android

Custom navigation route with several stops on Android

Today I will show you how to make a custom route with several stops and detours, the navigation function of Google Maps.

Create personalized navigation map.

Creating a personalized navigation maps is profitable when we want to make a detour; When we want to organize an itinerary of visits; When we're on vacation and want to visit some tourist attractions.
Personalized Navigation maps are helpful and those engaged in courier, by mail or in any other similar sector.

What application do custom maps?

In the Play Store are many applications that allow us to make custom maps, but none allows us to do a custom navigation, as we do in Google Maps. In addition, Google Maps Navigation of us can reconfigure the track at any time when I missed a turn or exit from a roundabout.

How do custom navigation maps?

In Google Maps, if you access the navigation function, after stuffing the starting point and destination; Access the menu and we can add breakpoints.
Stopping points can be added one by one, then we will arrange exactly as we wish (see here).

What good are custom maps?

1. To create trails (mayoralties can do this)
2. Trails customized courier, postman, etc.
3. Games Geocache type.
4. For inclusion of attractions en route to a destination.
5. Recommendation of points of interest (bar, club, etc.) for friends.

Custom navigation route with several stops on Android - Video tutorial

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  1. interesting and very util.nota 10.

  2. good useful tutorial, but I use IGO for android useful when driving (car navigation system with real-time traffic signs even with radar detection for those with Hall Sensor) on foot even on unpaved roads and there you can plan the route if you have the exact address even no street does not require data traffic a disadvantage from my point of view being the screen always on consumes the battery a bit fast….
    greeting cards for tutorials …….

  3. Dan Ţugui said

    Very good tutorial, thank you. I have a personal question: what film and made OnePlus 3? I have one from Nikilin not covering the edges. Thank you in advance.

  4. nonsense tutorial…. :)))))))) and leave us with android, people also have apple for example 😀

  5. yes I know this method. but be careful when navigating with GPS not rely solely on it. as yes and misfires

  6. Cristian Cismaru. Take the broom, dustpan and clean do here in the forum. Specialists ,, ,, throwing hurtful words free; not to publish ,, ,, garbage. Apply censorship. Are only those interested, and experts after blocks and hamlets ,, ,, OUT! .

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  9. A good street-level navigation program in a city is Nokia's Here Maps, which was later bought by Microsoft. I also used IGo on GPS and I really knew the street number, but it's with money…
    I think that's Here Maps more useful than google maps and it's all free. It's good to know that in Bucharest to reach the streets of Bucharest but do not know how to get to your destination quickly.

  10. florin I use igo on a huawei p8 lite free for Romania is really simple to install… ..I have been using it for a year and honestly I was not disappointed I went to the required address

  11. Mp. Cyprus: and I want to know where to get free Igo Romania.
    I tried with pirated variants and made for various resolutions… some nonsense that does not work properly on my phone. I used it on a GPS device. Thanks!

  12. .for the tutorial is good honest advanced knew this as well you said what I still cristi.dar the best navigation system for Android remains not say tested many software in this category but the best that has done its job was SYGIC.acum likely that different after phone model you are using a viper v1

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  14. I did not add an option statiecare a reason for this option we have not

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