Tronsmart Onyx Ace TWS quality AirPods at a quarter price - review

Tronsmart Onyx Ace TWS quality
Tronsmart Onyx Ace TWS quality

What is this video review about: Tronsmart Onyx Ace TWS quality?

In this video (Tronsmart Onyx Ace TWS quality) I will present a pair of high quality TWS (true wireless stereo) headphones, inspired by the appearance of the famous Apple AirPods, but for a quarter of their price from follow.

What are TWS (true wireless stereo) headphones?

Usually when we talk about wireless headphones, we just think that they are headphones that we no longer connect to the phone.

The truth is a bit further, because the first models of so-called wireless headphones were connected to each other with a wire on which was the battery and the remote control. Those were pseudo wireless.
Manufacturers were bringing out such wireless headphones, which are still on the market, because from a hardware point of view it is harder to make truly wireless headphones.

Tronsmart Onyx Ace does not have the problems that most wireless headphones face

In general, when we talk about bluetooth headsets, we can't help but think about the problems we encounter when using such products:

Audio-video desynchronization - is the difference between image and audio or sound delay.

When you listen to music, it's not a big deal that the sound arrives later. Unfortunately, in games or watching movies, the delay between what is seen and what is heard in headphones is super annoying.

Clogged sound - the sound feels undefined, flat and without personality. This happens in the absence of quality components

Bad sound in calls - in calls, where we do not have efficient processing, good microphones and microphones to eliminate background noise, we choose with calls with bad sound on both sides.

Lack of commands or poorly implemented touch commands - this is what we encounter almost all the time on TWS clones, of course among other problems.

Why is Tronsmart Onyx Ace the best pair of TWS headphones at a decent price?

There are some serious reasons to consider when buying a pair of TWS. Here are some features you may find in other children or clones:

  • Qualcomm chip for fast and stable connection
  • Qualcomm aptX technology for lossless quality sound
  • Additional microphones to reduce background noise in calls
  • 13mm drivers
  • 24 has autonomy with the case and 5 hours without the case
  • Sweat resistance
  • IPx5 water resistance
  • Touch control
  • Assistant support (Siri, Google, Alexa, Bixby)
  • 10. Possibility to use mono, only one headset for calls

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Price Tronsmart Onyx Ace (TWS true wireless stereo headphones)

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Video tutorial - Tronsmart Onyx Ace TWS quality

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  1. Adrian S. said

    You have not specified what kind of phones these headphones are compatible with. For example, does it work with Apple phones?

  2. Blushtutz said

    God, what more questions can you see from some !!

  3. What "life" do they have?

    • If you refer to the lifespan; As they are built, I think they will last long enough, if of course you take care of them.

      If you refer to autonomy; 24 hours with the case and 5 hours with headphones.

  4. marius said

    hello you can't make a video with smart watch please nice

  5. Hello.
    I have a misunderstanding. The computer, unlike the laptop, does not have bluetooth. For this I would like to buy a receiver / transmitter but since both the headphones and the phone are on v.5.0, I would like the receiver to be 5.0. The problem is that I didn't find any, not even online, that would work on USB and that would be reliable (at least a few reviews). I found v.4.0 online with reasonable ratings, but still too many complain about problems with disconnection, very short operating distance, disconnection between sound and image, etc.
    In conclusion, what could I buy?
    Thank you.

  6. Nicusor Lugigan said

    Hello !
    What application did you use in the synchronization tutorial?

  7. Adrian Suman said

    Hi, I also ordered these headphones, and I would like to know how long I will be in Romania? When I placed the order with shipping from Germany, he said that it lasts between 2 and 7 days, but as I notice, the product is barely processed. I made the payment yesterday 20.05.2020. How long did it take you to get to you?

  8. Hi. I ordered them. They arrived. The right helmet doesn't work. Let's see if I can return. Tips?
    Thank you.

  9. I ordered 2 sets. A set from Germany, a set from Italy
    The one from Germany arrived yesterday, the one from Italy had until today on the site the status of "procesing". Shipped appeared today.
    So for 6,5 lei you take Germany, for Germany it remained Germany.

  10. Hello! I also bought these headphones after seeing the review. I would be happy to tell you with which application you synchronized, so that you no longer have audio / video desynchronization. I use them with S20 +, so it has bth 5.0. Thanks!

  11. Alin Campan said

    Hello. Do they have a warranty? Geek doesn't answer me. I ordered and I have some problems with them

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