Tricks and tips WhatsApp 2019 - you didn't know about these

Cheats and Tips WhatsApp 2019
Cheats and Tips WhatsApp 2019

Why does WhatsApp have so much success?

Cheats and Tips WhatsApp 2019:

The WhatsApp application is what the SMS application should be, if, of course, those who deal with standards and mobile networks are moving faster.

WhatsApp fills a void that the SMS has left when left out of the speed with which communications networks have developed.

Apply to Facebook comes with image and video transfer, the possibility of organizing groups, with various comfort functions and lack of limitations.

Whatsapp has many undercuts!

For the application WhatsApp to keep a simple and intimidating interface, the developers have implemented all sorts of tricks that are not so obvious at first glance.

Because it's a mobile app, the classic touchscreen controls such as tap and hold, tap and drag, pinch and zoom, pinch and rotate, etc. are almost used.

Because the tricks are not so obvious I made this guide: Cheats and Tips WhatsApp 2019.

Lesser known settings WhatsApp 2019:

  1. Reply - responds punctually to certain messages, even older ones
  2. Swipe right for reply- exactly to reply, but simpler
  3. Text on image - change font, size, color and position
  4. Stickers on images - change frame color and size
  5. Voice messages without holding your finger - more comfortable sending audio messages
  6. Change pencil thickness - useful when drawing on pictures or gifs
  7. Customize GIFs - edit GIFs before sending them
  8. Change text message style - writing with bold text, italics, etc.

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Video tutorial - Tricks and tips WhatsApp 2019


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  1. luciangl said

    Unfortunately, whatsapp is surpassed in all ways by the Telegram application, in Telegram you have no channel limitations, you can crawl over 1GB files, much lighter and faster than whatsapp, and much more. Do I mention that most developers are on a telegram? 😉

  2. @luciangl
    Well, it depends on how much I use it. From my friends list, whatsapp is used by 95%, 5% telegram. I think that matters a lot.

  3. Replicantu ' said

    But a rolling telegram to his videotutorial Ialomita has not yet reached 🙂

  4. Hi guys.
    How can I find out if my phone conversations are being read? It is possible that my ex-girlfriend was good at something like that and….
    Thank you

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    Thank you!

    PS: All you are aware of, if you want to give me an opinion, it is welcome. I appreciate.

  6. Thank you Cristi! Some useful info! Which I did not know!

  7. ViorelR said

    I did not know that so many things could be done in WhatsApp, I did not know about any of those presented to you, thank you.

  8. super as usual ……… ..

  9. Cristian said

    Interesting. When you do a waze tutorial that on oneplus 3,5t does not work for approx. 2sapt (no longer connected to gps) which is frustrating. You can no longer use wazes in Android Auto. Oneplus see that it is raining !! I will give up OnePlus which is the only terminal where waze not working.

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