TuneIn, online radio stations, radio alarm, shutdown scheduled for Android phones - video tutorial

TuneIn, online radio stations, radio alarm, shutdown scheduled for Android phones - video tutorial
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Hi friends, today I will present an application for Android that I like very much, it's about TuneIn an application that brings together all radio stations known and unknown worldwide (including Romania), podcasts, alarm, possibility of recording radio and many other features that will make your life much easier.
TuneIn is the kind of application that should come with the operating system installed is super useful. I found very useful alarm that can be programmed depending on weekdays, even the volume or radio that will wake can be set. I prefer to be awakened by music different in the morning than to hear the alarm that annoying or same song in all the time, at some point it becomes extremely annoying alarm or song if same, that way you start the day on the wrong foot. TuneIn solve the case!
Compared with a tuner built into the phone, TuneIn stations catch smoothly every time, even more, I also found alternative streams, so you can choose a different quality or better speed.
The application is free, the only thing that is permanent TuneIn needs in connection net, net is dead without actually like all applications on a smartphone.
A for TuneIn, everything is very well done, including interface that comes with a fresh, bring somewhere with Windows Phone 7.

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Why activate all functions of the phone, I mean Blueutooth, vibrations, etc. what you need, if another color has S2 Notes toward me so it seems. What says the S3 worth?

  2. yes you're interested you can phone that activates man in man needs them and very good tutorial about that all deauna

  3. Stefan said

    I put myself this little program but fail to save the alarm. Pun hour days and volume after you save each step when the alarm go back to check it at first. Not saved.

  4. razvan said

    Hello how can I give to vb something about a Lg optimus Adrian P500 one has any email address you respond?

  5. Samsung !!! said

    Make a tutorial on HaHaHa Reality.E very strong application, go on Android and iPhone, iPad

  6. Something's not right follow tutorials 5 years but not right one day tutorial on pc and android 5 but why not make the iPhone and iOS tutorial that everything is better than it anyway android appeared after IOS is a kind of copy does not is good and I do not like waiting for response

  7. FaraVirusi said

    Something's not right follow tutorials 5 years but not corecto day tutorial on PC and 5 of androiddar why not do and IOS on iPhone tutorial that everything is better than androidulasta anyway appeared after IOS is a kind of copy not good and I do not like waiting for response

    If you iphone not mean it's better than android, it means that it is best for you. IPhone has iOS operating system with not too much you can do, is very limited, it is as you log into Windows as Guest User.
    Iphone is very difficult to listen to songs .mp3 or other formats need to buy from iTunes that course that costs you. It was just an example, as it is with other things ... So are all so Apple's Mac OS such effects besides those beautiful, no ... nothing spectacular.

  8. vasicucu said

    Thanks for the tutorial. While using the application but did not know all amenities.

  9. Cristi, congratulations tutorials that you make two of you, and thank you very much for your work and for your efforts in helping the rest of us that we really need such information such ...

    I encourage you to continue this activity. Good luck!

  10. Cristi, I would need to do as a category of applications they introduce.



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