Animation tutorial with Pivot Animator - simple and free - "stickman"

Animation tutorial with Pivot Animator
Animation tutorial with Pivot Animator

What is it about in the video tutorial "Creating Animation Tutorial with Pivot Animator"?

In the video tutorial Creating animation with Pivot Animator, we present the installation, controls and how to make a simple animation with the free Pivot Animator animation software.

What is Pivot Animator?

Pivot is a simple program with which you can create simple stickman-like animations.

These animations are extremely easy to do, only needing imagination and time

How to make animations in Pivot Animator? Animation tutorial with Pivot Animator

The interface of the program is quite simple, and you can get started immediately, even if you know nothing.

In the work frame we will see a simple figurine that we can completely move so that we can move the parts of the body.

The little man is quite articulate and we can move him in the same way and face. After each move, we have to press "Space" to create a new frame, and then continue. In each frame we move the character or parts of his body little by little in each frame.

Besides the "default" little man we also have a collection of objects and characters that we can find in: File / Upload character

In addition to the collection of characters available, we can create a character ourselves, or we can find a lot of characters created by other Pivot users online.

How you can distribute the animation after you've done it

The animations you make, you can save to work on them later or you can export them in GIF or AVI format.

It goes without saying that the GIF runs in the loop and the AVI runs like a movie, which eventually stops. Depending on what you want to get, choose the right export format.

Download Pivot Animator:

Download Pivot Animator

CAREFUL (false positive malware alarm and software added in executable)

Few browsers and anti-virus software, such as Norton, may give warnings for Pivot. These are false alarms that can occur because some will flag anything that they don't recognize. The Pivot installer does include offers for other software, but they're all optional during installation and won't harm your computer. Pivot and the installer are safe.

Some browsers and antivirus programs, such as Norton, can warn you about Pivot. These are false alarms that can sometimes occur because some will signal anything they do not recognize. The Pivot installer includes offers for other software, but all are optional during installation and will not harm your computer. The pivot and installer are safe.

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Video tutorial: Animation tutorial with Pivot Animator

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