Jailbreak Tutorial iPhone or iPad versions 8.0 and 8.1.2

Jailbreak Tutorial iPhone and iPad
Hello friends, today tutorial we will see how to do Jailbreak the iPhone and iPad operating system with a version of iOS 8, 8.0.1, 8.0.2, 8.0.3, 8.1.1 or 8.1.2.
If some time ago will explain what is and what Jailbreak your helpIn today's tutorial we will see how to do practically Jailbreak. Although the procedure is extremely simple and involves running a software that does not require installation, it will still need to keep in mind some important things to do before the jailbreak:
1. We must ensure that you are running a version of iOS Jailbreak whom we can do. If you are running a version iOS first above then we are able to do Jailbreak.
2. We must make sure that the iOS version running your Apple device was not installed OTA (over the air) wirelessly but from iTunes with the device connected to the PC and choosing the option "Restore iPhone…" Otherwise the procedure of Jailbreak va esua.
3. Make sure that you have done Jailbreak before a local backup using iTunes or iCloud account
After we assure you of three things mentioned above we can proceed to Jailbreak procedure that we do with software Taiga Jailbreak Tool as was shown in the video tutorial
What should we know before making Jailbreak?
- once you have done Jailbreak, you will not be able to update to a new version of iOS through OTA but only from iTunes but if you do that, you will lose the Jailbreak (automatic update of applications installed in the App Store will not be affected)
- you will not be able to reset your iPhone or iPad from the device settings by touching the option "Delete content and settings", this will only be possible from iTunes but if you do this you will lose the Jailbreak
In the end I add that those who own older devices such as an iPhone 4 will not be available for iOS update to version 8. The latest version of iOS is available for iPhone iOS 4 7.1.2 and for those who still use an iPhone 4 is another soft available to do Jailbreak, specifically talking about Pangu Jailbreak Tool can be downloaded from the website http://en.7.pangu.io/ Procedure and things that must be considered before making Jailbreak iPhone 4 are the same as for Taiga Jailbreak Tool only differ software.

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  1. Costelina said

    hello Adrian
    Microsoft has hotmail; android is what kind of mail gmail apple has?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You can create an Apple ID using any existing email address. Once you get a free iCloud account and you can make an email with your name followed by the domain icloud.com. This domain icloud.com address is optional.

  2. Adrian Gudus said

    I forgot to mention that this untethered jailbreak tutorial is about meaning jailbreak will be lost if you close your iPhone or iPad.
    The other ways to jailbreak were discussed in the tutorial on "Jailbreak on iPhone and iPad, what it is and what it is used for"

  3. Hi Adrian, what model of iPhone 5s you? I bought the model emag A1533 and does not work 4g Cosmote prepaid.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      In order to use 4G you need a SIM capable 4G and an internet option 4G. I still am but the Orange PrePay card and not all offers / options are 4G net. Although I activate an option with 4G I just 3G but I was asked to Orange and leam a SIM capable 4G. I was offered one 4G but with the same number that you have and the old card.

  4. hello goes on iPhone 4s has versuinea Jailbreak iOS 8.1.2 works perfectly

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I do not see why it would not work. As long as you have a version of iOS jailbreak clever and appropriate software, and how to proceed, it will work normally.

  5. Adrian, you said in an older tutorial as you try to unlock a locked phone iCloud, you managed?

  6. When a software update iOS newest 8.1.2 not automatically delete Jailbreak Update nou.ce you install must be done in this case.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      The update to the new version will not be automatic but will require your approval, your intervention regardless of it's OTA or through iTunes do it.
      I said in the text above tutorial (if you read it) that once you jailbreak, you can not update to a new version of iOS OTA but you need to connect the device to iTunes. If you do the update (as I said in the text) you will lose your jailbreak. You could do it again the next Jailbreak iOS version only after the community will find a way to Jailbreak iOS version

  7. Hi there!
    Ideal would be a tutorial with "Camera Tweak" ie how to unlock the full potential of 5S camera (normally on the official software, untouched photo compression is somewhere at 40% but by jailbreak and writing commands via ssh in iOS jailbroken, will come out some beautiful RAW pictures using dedicated professional applications) The same can be done by jailbreak and full unlock including 4K shooting etc.

  8. Hi, I have an iPhone 4 with a Gevey sim to unlock the phone! I want to mention that the current iOS version is 4.3.3, can you imagine how "backward" I am :)) finally, my question is the following: If I update them to iOS, will they still recognize my Gevey?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      As I explained in the tutorial on "second hand iphone and ipad buying tips" that you can find with the search box on the top right from us on the site, the GEVEY SIM or R-SIM are dependent on iOS version. So if you update it is very possible that your GEVEY will no longer work. It is advisable to find out exactly which GEVEY model you have and on the manufacturer's website to check which versions of iOS it supports.

  9. Laurentiu said

    How you can install without 8.2 ios apple developer account?

  10. Hi, I want to know how to install IGO on an iPhone with jailbreak. Thank You! Further increase to as many tutorials. Have a great day!

  11. I followed the steps carefully and I managed to make jailbreak without any problema.Respect and thank you for your tutorial.

    I recommend!

  12. Cristi good!
    I bought an Iphone 5 from an auction site (Tradera) blocked on Telenor. I connected it to iTunes and it was updated to the last iOS but it remained inactive and I can't use it. I understood that I need a sim of at this phone company. I can't jailbreak it until I unlock it, right? I mean "unlock career". I even got an unlock code but how can I activate the phone without a sim? He asks me all the time. Do you know any solution? Thank you in advance !

  13. Hi Adrian, I did an upgrade to an iPhone 3GS on Itunes (from the 4.1 6.1) and now I no longer recognize card Romania. Please tell me how to proceed to solve the problem? Thank you.

  14. Very good tutorial and of course jailbreak itself, things that you can do with it. If your iphone without jailbreak is incomplete

  15. Hi Adrian, I watched your video, all steps and after I get into Tig not recognize itunes. Please help me .Multumesc

  16. Salut.am tried to make a jailbreak on iphone ios 4s 8.1.2 with Taiga it says not found drieverul from itunes.Ce do? .Multumesc Beautiful!

  17. A tweak to eliminate voicemail?

  18. necessarily restore to give to make jailbreak? or to make a back up or anything?

  19. Hi, I would also like to know how to install the jailbreak iphone IGO on. Thank you !!!

  20. hi I have a question. I have an iphone ios gb 4s 8 8.1.2 and I want to make them jailbreak you Taiga. But I have a misunderstanding about it. Geveya phone is decoded. and I understand that in case I lose restore decoding. ii jailbreak can give it directly without prior restore?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You can try but you do it at your own risk. The restore should only be done if you made the OTA 8.1.2 update (via WiFi from Settings> Software Update) if the iOS 8.1.2 update was made via iTunes, you can use Pangu or TaiG

  21. Hi .. I have a jailbreak iphone 5 look (iOS version 7.1) and if I try to update my phone software configuration I do not find any updated version, but when I connected to iTunes on the laptop had the option of automatically Update to the latest version. My question is: to update in this way? there is a risk? Thanks a lot

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I have already explained in video tutrialul that once you jailbreak, you can not install these updates in the system configurations. The only way to update an iPhone / iPad Jailbreak-look at a new version of iOS is to connect the cable to iTunes and install the update but by doing this you will lose your jailbreak tweak sites and all downloaded.

  22. Hello, I cant occurs when the Apple driver and please give it Dowland and instal instal itunes, what? I did everything that tutorial

  23. Hi, I bought an iPhone with iOS 4 6.1.2 coded Austria Updated PC and print it I 7.1.2 iTunes now knd give its caterpillars to turn Wi-Fi card inserted what to do? Help me please

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Your iPhone must be activated, this card is entering the mobile operator the iPhone is encoded.

  24. Csaba Doczi said

    Good ziua.Sunt a pensioner aged 72 years 4 and also owner of an iPad screen retina.Cu IOS at this time ver, 7.1.1
    Respectfully tell me;
    1) what happens when deleting an application (games etc.) in comparison with the Windows operating systems
    2) if residues remain after deletion and
    3) what "cleaning" applications but also others. can be used for iPad maintenance
    I read with great interest your video tutorials made by zile.M this for years and have helped many thanks in advance for your answer probleme.Va Dvs.Cu Sincerely yours, Doczi
    Happy PSSarbatori entire staff and your families

    • Delete the app and ready. Normally the system will take care of everything. Even if residues remain, they will not affect in any way the tablet.
      I must be honest and say that today, mobile platforms do not have much control. Even if the Android Root can control some things, iOS is very difficult to move. Android has a community of developers who do everything possible on iOS is very hard. IOS (iPhone and iPad operating system) is limited to applications development, developării can not work to the operating system itself.
      Who knows, maybe in the future Apple will open more doors for developării their system and we will effervescent now feels only on Android.

    • Csaba Doczi said

      Many thanks for the reply.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        There tweaks (if you Jailbreak done) that allow you to make clean, to delete the cache applications. I'll make a tutorial on this subject will be released once the method Jailbreak iOS version 8.3 or 8.4

        • hello I have a problem, I have an iphone with IOS 4s 8.4 and you do not have to Pangu Jailbreak and no other can help me please apply

  25. Hello
    Two questions come to some basics. Given that hitherto we have not had an iPhone.
    I own an iPhone version 6 8.1.2. The update was made if via wireless how can I do, I have to do downgrade to version 8.1.1 and then do it again update through itunes?
    Jailbreak if they can return to the original version without losing the guarantee, those from Apple can see if my phone was installed Jailbreak?
    Thank you!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Unfortunately this tutorial can not be applied exactly as shown in the video for the following reasons:
      - the latest version of iOS is 8.3, you can no longer downgrade to an older version. Why, I explained in the tutorial about "Downgrade iPhone or iPad to an older iOS version" that you can find in the Similar Articles section located just below the video clip (the title written in red which at a left mouse click will take you directly to that tutorial)
      All you can do is to take the risk of using Pangu on the version you have now installed. At the moment, if you update to iOS 8.3 there is still Jailbreak method for this version but rumors that with the iOS version will be released and 8.4 Jailbreak method.
      The answer to the second question: On iPhone or iPad not lose the warranty if you jailbreak as long as before warranty connected iPhone or iPad to iTunes and I do a Restore current version of iOS (no matter what iOS version available at the time you want to do this) All the Restore and Jailbreak will be removed and the device will return to factory settings.

  26. Hi I have a small question if anybody knows why not updating applications on the appstore taken on a device that has jaibreak done?

  27. Hello, I found a problem on iphone, I hope to help me any, I tried to upload my backup which was saved in laptop giving while charging, laptop closed, and goal of took it crazy, it goes hard touch CPC increasingly difficult, I must say that it is a soft 5 7.1.1 iphone (11D201) and is givey (R-SIM) how to solve the problem and install software? thank you in advance

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Settings> General> Reset> Delete content and settings
      After iPhone recovers from the reset process, you can restore the backup in iTunes
      (I hope that is device and you own your User ID and password for the account iCloud)

  28. Alexandru said

    Hi I have a question I have an iphone 5 simply saw tutorialu I want that tomorrow I can install myself this Jailbreak only have one question currently iphonu mine has as operating system IOS 9.1, Merge and this release ADCA I suspect that the same site where you got that you have given and archive them for the following iOS update do?
    I expect an answer, thanks in advance.

  29. Catanescu said

    Howdy ! I wanted to ask if there is an official site where I can download the jailbreak version corresponding to my version of ios, I have 9.2 and I did not find anything on the browser, including youtube… or it may not have appeared, that's why I said to ask you.

  30. I have a question how could bag aces on iphone ios 4 8 7.1.2 I already but does not want it I want it 7.1.2 8 ios How could I do thank you very much

  31. maria Carmela said

    I ipone 4s a new version updates automatically 9.0.1? all receive messages updating

  32. IPhones have installed and Romanian. After losing Jailbreak Romanian?

  33. Florin said

    I have a 4 iphone and ask me to update 8.0 but I still have not got the question to update

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You will not even come again. The latest official update from Apple for iPhone 4 is iOS 7.1.2. Apple no longer offers updates for iPhone 4, 4S and 5

  34. Hi. I wanted to ask if an updated 4 iphone goes to IOS 8.0?


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