Tutorial Memory Map, a disk cleaner for Android smart

Hi friends, today I will present application Memory Map, the best type application Disk Cleaner. Why say it's the best app for clearing?
Memory Map, compared to a disk cleaner type application for android, reveals at a glance all the files and folders in your phone in one image. On this picture you can pinch & zoom to see the files can not occupy too much space.
Mobile problem today is too small to store our multimedia hunger. Make picture after picture and shooting after shooting, it is normal to charge your phone.
An application for desktop aseamanatoare there, is called WinDirStat si We tutorial for it here videotutorial.ro.
Memory Map can delete only those large files that occupy our space in the phone memory.
You will see in the tutorial as the operating system files are extremely small compared to the films and photos.
Type applications are not only disk cleaner to remove certain traces of the phone or browser cache files, not really able to show us, as does the Memory Map.
Download in English Memory Map - Disk Cleaner (Google Play Store)

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  1. Cristian said

    Interesting tutorial, we all need storage space, and if we are in this chapter I want to know if anyone has had problems with transfer applications to the SD card (phone rooted) that after we moved to the SD card if you give a restart the phone can not access the application's icon will change as .Multumesc

    • If applications are on the card, generally will take some time until it will become available for retrieval, because the Micro SD cards are much slower than internal memory and that is why applications installed there (on the card) will launch heavier.
      Whether you use some super fast MicroSD cards, they are limited by the interface you are connected.

  2. nick5roo said

    Hello. You used OnePlus One, right?
    Good tutorial and intetesant.
    Happy birthday and as many tutorials!

  3. Happy Birthday and a lot of health !!

    Thanks for tutorials and applications.

  4. Thank you for submitting application Cristi.
    However, "the best application ...." As you say in the introduction, is far from being a real thing, you (can) subjective and exaggerate! Or did you test other applications like that or have a "share" of its presentation.
    Compared with DiskUsage (which is the same thing) is a big minus because the scans and no external storage (SD Card). Maybe it takes root or paid option is available in the application. Or maybe I spotted me how to access sd card.
    Plus banner ad giant guy who is extremely annoying and "bad people" in the scale! A small addition to the graphical interface but so!
    From my point of view far below DiskUsage.
    Installed, tested, date below. 5 minutes altogether.

    • External storage space (micro SD card) expands the list where it accesses normally write "Internal SD" next to the search button, refresh and menu. Since then the choice between internal and externl.

      • Alex, if you refer to that list under the application name, Memory Map, which, in the present moment, for example. After starting with 1: 36 type "/ storage / emulated / 0" so if you refer to that list, it is inactive. At least to me. I thought that you might like to change the space to scan but I tried not active. That's why I said you might need phone routed.

  5. Central Io, io ....
    Yup! to access the sd card for android routed needed. Tested on a S4. The application opens directly scan external storage space. When changing the internal storage crack (from 8 8 times) when reaching approx. 30 40% space-scanned.

    • In other news: a missing option for notification of new replies?

    • You do not need root access to the external space. I do not have root. Expand the list which you said and you and choose the SD card. If you say it's stuck trying to reinstall the application. I have not had any problem with that application or acesaea SD card to internal memory and return all phone I have a much weaker as Galaxy S4. Here's a link to a folder that contains 4 screenshots of the application running and Root Checker link dropbox

      • Alex live! I (re) tried the application and, indeed, now it's ok, you can access and sd card.
        I do not know what was the first time !!! He did not want people!
        Thank you.

  6. Anderson said

    The LG G2, it's super restricted to OnePlus One. Not in Recovery mode can not go on LG, you press those buttons will not get full minute.
    PS: Cristi a tutorial about decrypting files .m2ts, can decrypt video files or something more specific.

  7. Sal what I want to ask you kindly about 4.4 kitkat android phone I accidentally entered the settings on the phone and informed about legal and touched accidentally open sorce and licenses came to me after I gave a list INAP I I think I touched nothing happens there? Thank you!
    Now the second question if I may please? Orce jump happens, we must ask whether we agree with something and if it costs or if we are sure you can accidentally press and even the big man now that technology.
    I day to ask this question here.

    • Do not worry. Android is an operating system based on open source. Everyone knows can take the source code and make some changes. Although it is free it is normal to have a certain type of license (in this case open source) as antivirus programs and free licenses, and once a year or at a certain time must renew the license.
      Now that we're talking licenses and legal issues Google is developing the operating system and once the transition to a new version superior public in source code changes based on which third party developers develop custom ROMs. In the section "Legal Aspects" writes Google with terms and conditions that you agree abumite you use services like YouTube, Gmail, Play Store.
      So in conclusion you have nothing to scare you.

  8. Hello !
    I can not install Android on Asus laptop x86 x102ba because I do not occur all partitions, and so I only appears SDA1.
    Although I am more partitions.
    How can I make my other partitions occur?
    Thank you!

  9. Hello!
    As can turn a GPT partition primary one NTFS without delete and format the entire hard? is the partition containing OS
    thank you

  10. Thanks for the lessons.


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