OBS Studio tutorial for screen recording - the perfect choice - free

OBS Studio tutorial for screen recording

What is this OBS Studio video recording tutorial about?

This video tutorial, called OBS Studio Screen Recording Tutorial, is about the OBS program and its screen recording function.

Although OBS Studio can do much more, today we will focus on the screen capture function.

What is OBS Studio?

OBS comes from Open Broadcaster Software, is a software for recording and streaming audio and video recordings from various sources.

At this time, in most cases OBS Studio is used for streaming on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook and other platforms, where live streams can be published.

There are many reasons for OBS Studio's popularity:

  1. IT'S FREE (even open source)
  2. IT'S CROSS PLATFORM (works on any major PC OS)
  3. Accepts all kinds of input sources and output formats
  4. It can mix audio-video streams from several sources
  5. It is well supported (community support and many tutorials)

OBS Studio is a very capable software

In a few minutes tutorial you can't cover the whole OBS. So, we will do everything in steps. This is the first step.

Today we will focus on the video capture function of the screen, which is very easy to use.

Download OBS

OBS Studio for screen recording - steps

Screen recording can be done very easily with OBS.

After installation, we need to tell the OBS, in a small wizard, what we are going to use it for and what resolution / fps we want to use.

Once installed, all you have to do is choose the screen as the capture source and prepare some shortcuts for start-stop and pause.

The last thing is that you make the OBS start minimize, so as not to disturb the capture.

Do not forget !

I am waiting for you with comments and requests related to what tutorials about OBS you want to see!


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OBS Studio tutorial for screen recording - video tutorial

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