Tutorial wireless router Asus RT-AC56U

Hi friends, today I will make you acquainted with the best router that I had so far, is Asus RT-AC56U or short AC56U.
It is a powerful wireless router has the same features and options that are found on or AC68U AC87U but at a lower price. Anyway you can do with 1900 or 2400 Mbps and you can not with 1200 Mbps.
Currently there are no NICs that can embarrass the router, meaning you can not give up pozibil band.
With dual core processor ARM Cortex A9, AC56U can result in back 300.000 theoretical connections simultaneously is virtually impossible to make him kneel.
Available bandwidth is enough for any current device with wifi, 300 Mbps in 2.4 Ghz and 900 5 Mbps baseband Ghz.
Fastest mine is Oneplus One device that is connected to the router and got a speed of 390 Mbps.
The desktop connection is top speed and 1 ping ms something I have not met any other router.
Everyone is talking about Asus routers that are heated excessively. To be honest, I have concluded that the router would overcook. Face temperature is around 35 degrees and back around 45 degrees. In the nuclei temperature is between 55 65 degrees Celsius and rarely reach 70 degrees, but for short periods (temperature taken from the terminal).
You have to be realistic, it's a dual core ARM processor device to 800 MHz passive cooled that comes with plenty of features and which feeds two devices simultaneously via USB (USB 2.0 3.0 and UBS), a modem and a hard drive 3G 2.5 inch external. I do not I find it too hot, but I certainly know a router is very .... "Hot".
Special features seldom found on other routers!

1. VPN Server
2. FTP Server
3. Server iTunes
4. Samba Server
5. Different configurations Dual Wan (Wan + Lan, Wan + USB)
6. Support 3G modems and 4G
7. Print server
8. Download manager (torrent, http, emule)
9. 2.4Ghz and simultaneously 5Ghz
10 broad support for custom firmware
11 6 guest wifi connections
12 support Time Machine backup (MacOS)
13 anti DoS Firewall
14 advanced traffic monitoring
15 Parental control with multiple filters

Asus RT-AC56U Worth?
Undoubtedly, it is a router that covers the needs of any user. Never since I have not seen this router Loader (loading sign) on youtube, even at maximum quality watch.
The only problems occurred when he fell provider network fortunately 3G modem connected automatically and we did not even 2 minutes without net.
Asus RT-AC56U can do almost any work environment (indoors), no matter how crowded it is, has hardware that help him to do that without sweat.
Where other routers have shown the limits of the Asus RT-AC56U shone, managing bandwidth and data packets like a champ.
ASUS Dual-Band Wireless-AC1200 USB3.0 Gigabit Router, 802.11ac, 867Mbps (5GHz) 802.11n, 300 Mbps (2.4GHz) 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz con-current dualband, ASUS AiCloud / AiRadar / VPN Server / USB Printer Server / FTP server / Dual-core CPU
However if you have enough budget AC56U will recommend another router, as good, just give up advanced features. however most users do not use advanced features. (Good for Gigabit RDS)
ASUS Black Diamond RT-N15U 300 Wireless-N Multi-Media Home Gigabit cheaper - Router, Gigabit Ethernet, USB Printer sharing, 3-In-1 (Router / Range Extender / Access Point), 4 Guest SSID
If you have very large budget and you want (the best for the money), I recommend AC68U.
Asus RT-AC68U Dual-Band Gigabit Router Wireless-AC1900, 3.0 USB, IEEE 802.11 / b / g / n
Finally, if you last fitza in the field, will recommend the fastest router in the world (the best of the best), which has the largest coverage is AC87U
Wireless Router Asus RT-AC87U Dual-Band Gigabit Wireless AC2400 (Their father)

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  1. Costelina said

    Cristi welcome
    yes sir who wants to learn will learn because we've shown that you're passionate about knowledge and the
    this (so do not see that make some grumpy malcontents)
    this tutorial I kinda let me inside out (admit beyond me)
    is for who is very technical and has a lot of patience so for advanced
    thank you

  2. Sallie Cristi, my question is if I can use the internet simultaneously from the "neighbor from 2" who know the password and ordinary LAN connection by cablu.multumesc

  3. liviu florin said

    I net from the UPC and they gave me the router, a Hitron ... sit still at home. How to have net connection this router in the house?

    • If you replace the router from Asus UPC as well. If you can not, connect Asus wan to Lan's other router.

      • liviu florin said

        Yes, but this way I actually have two networks, one router from them (with Hitron) with and another with my router ... .eu 192 168 1.1 I try to turn the ASUS AP, or, if they manage to pass Hitron in Bridge, to cancel part of the router and remain only with the Hitron modem and router ASUS ...

      • Hello, can you help me to make a phone settings? But as you create with direct vb

  4. What are the differences between the computer and transfer the Zyxel NAS and the computer and hard drive connected to the router?

  5. decebal12345 said

    After the first tutorial about this router I tried to find out about how it coverage. With very few exceptions is said to have fairly low coverage due to lack of external antennas. How are the house and I have a TP Link WDR3600 (the one given in custody RDS), are not satisfied with its coverage so I want to replace it.
    The router got the promotion was an option but the problem I retain coverage. In this tutorial, the min. 30 says that might occur some problems between the router and TP Link.
    Get over it I want to ask if it is possible to use a Tp Link WR841ND (who sit around the cellar anyway) as signal extension (do not know if that means I use the repeater or acess point) but no cable connected the only wireless router.
    Thank you and thank you for tutorial.

    • AC56U has a very good coverage. Better than my old D-link DIR 655. Sure, maybe AC68U or AC87U (higher price) have better coverage, but know it's not always very high coverage is indicated. Rather than have an expensive router with great range, better a cheaper router with two acess point's, and believe me that's bigger coverage you have and extra strong signal everywhere.
      Routers with antennas too strong, gives a lot of radiation into the environment.
      As I said-n tutorial, AC56U is perfect for small and medium flats and houses. For large properties recommend using a network of good acess point varieties to cover extremities property.

  6. adrian horatiu Buican said

    There smartstick ptr tv? if so what stick is better? write me by e-mail [Email protected]!

  7. Hi Cristi, thanks for the tutorial, my question was if you have a webcam connected to the USB port and you capture the HDD connected to the USB port on the router, and if you did can you do a tutorial.

  8. I have a new Acer laptop and it a couple of days my boots normally until the 80% and after that "inebuneste" blow load it and hear the beep that by not charging and changes its brightness as it passes on the battery and after the load is inacrca a second after not and so ... Phases is that load so move 80% but why do that do not know please help me from your heart, it is innervated can not use it ...

    • If longer under warranty take it to them to fix it yourself

    • See lest have an app like "Battery Health" applications this limits the maximum battery charge. It's a good thing, while the battery will last longer. But it is not any fault anything ...
      It is possible that he did Bios exist such a setting.

      • I guarantee, I have no-one application battery until a few days ago I had no remaining problems whatsoever with the battery and do not think it's the battery because it you just as before, only load up to 80 % after it stops for a few seconds loading, and after and starts and so "is opreseste and again start" until the 97% but I noticed that no longer made Ledu that load blue and no longer passes 97% .. .. please help me ..

        • constantin said

          Hello Vladutz try using leptop site without battery few days and if everything goes ok then descartezi the charger has a problem (the problem may be and charger), if the problem continues may be an error in Windows, reinstall Windows, if after reinstalling windows continuing problem when the battery has a problem and should be replaced.

  9. You can connect an IP camera to a remote access?

  10. Cristi can connect to wireless as did receive a laptop wirelessly to the internet and all you can give away? As did Netis, I had myself a bulit roter Netis and when I tried to do the last update, the 100% blocked and hallelujah never went, even though I was connected by wire.

  11. It's better than a d link 860? The asus rt ac 56 many complain about wifi signal strength. I honestly do not know what to cumapr, asus or d link.un advice to you would be? Advantages and greet dezavantaje.te

    • The range is about the same on all routers best course with small differences.
      At the level that should matter and capacity management functions of the router.
      Believe me that even gives AC87U not too pleasant experience 3-4 through concrete walls.
      A good cover is very simple with two acess point varieties and router, APs that are not very expensive.
      I choose functions instead of long-range coverage.
      Ray you can loose at any time, no advanced features too!

  12. Good evening,

    I am looking for a router that besides surfing on various devices (tablet, smartphone, TV), to serve as a media server via a hard drive connected to the router, and client torrent download / upload. Do you think this router can handle simultaneous operation type of HD streaming, online gaming and torrent download?

    Thank you!

  13. Hello.
    Can you say more about vpn? How to setup? Making an example ... ..

  14. You know somehow email if someone connects to your network? It can block? I saw this function in d link .. thanks

  15. From what I saw on EMAG's website does not seem too good this router.

  16. alberto Hub said

    cristian you could do a tutorial about purchasing monitors until approaching Black Friday

  17. alberto Hub said

    cristian you can or if you have time to do a tutorial on getting Monot up black day

  18. Hello, I have a usb stick HUAWEI 3G Digi Net Mobil E3131H not want to connect to the router RT - AC56U, why it, thanks.

  19. Cristi doing a good job fff with tutorials at least 10 things I learned to do. Yesterday I learned to mufez network cable. Thank you

  20. DLNA has?

  21. I studied and got a little problem. By the way congratulations for the tutorial, very well documented. But if we are talking strictly price, I would go on Asus N18U. Girl missing AC56U standard AC (practically unused for now) and the 5GHz (which again is debatable when and why and what helps if you use it). Otherwise, the tests seem to N18U is over ... now AC56U opinions can be shared, though the difference is about 30. The software are identical.

    • Do not give up 5ghz is fastest and stable band, and most importantly it is not crowded.
      I am newer to Oneplus One 433 Mbps Mbps 5ghz and 150 2.4 ghz band.
      Download updates and watch movies on youtube without any interruption, even in crowded urban environments where radio spectrum.

      • Agreed, but that happens when you're close enough to the router. Propagation through walls in 5GHz band is much weaker than the 2,4GHz, so a room farthest "risk" to have higher speeds than the 2,4GHz 5GHz transfer. I do not want to take anything 5GHz merits band that are obvious ... but this happens only around the router and not distance ... in my opinion ...

        • You scored well in the end "it's just your opinion."
          Coverage gap between bands and 2.4 5 ghz ghz is not very noticeable, I would say that is pretty negligible.
          The coverage limit 5 Ghz band nor 2.4 Ghz is no longer usable.
          About interferences do not want to remember ...
          At extreme distances 2.4 Ghz band connection becomes very unstable.
          From the "experience" you say that the experience is more enjoyable 5 Ghz. I have both common and yet use only 5 Ghz, why?
          I have given you some advice based on my own experience, now deal with each sees fit.
          It is ok to find tumors in the head 5 Ghz band just because a router on 2.4 "seems" more accessible.
          I want to add something that perhaps will help you see more clearly and 2.4 5 GHz bands.
          If we call the appropriate media for both bands, they would be:
          2.4 Ghz I would use direct links point to point (bridge) or type WDS infrastructure at great distances without obstacles between points (line of sight).
          5 ghz I would use wifi daily connections between router and phones, tablets, laptops. Also 5 ghz is extremely suitable in urban areas where 2.4 ghz band is suffocated.

          • I understand ... eventually I got to see how well N65U if not satisfied I suppose. There were AC56U here where I live ...

  22. Hello!
    apropos of VPN, can you tell us something about SSH tunnel, possibly even on the router?

  23. Does DLNA? You can make a comparison with d link 860? Advantages and disadvantages of both sides. Thank you.

  24. Cristi you tried to use the VPN server? on my iphone connects but I can not use the internet ...

  25. I posted a reply intrebare.poti?

  26. Very good router, with one exception. The web interface of my going very slowly. I go through the settings and randomly, when I enter a setting or a tab, sit and upload free to show me page. I tried on multiple browsers and so behave.

  27. I did the same. It's annoying, if I stop and refresh the page loads normally. other issues do not feel normal use, only in the web interface.

  28. decebal12345 said

    Following the tutorials I bought this router. I thought it would not be bad if you do a tutorial with a custom firmware. I put a custom but do not know how to do ...

  29. Nelu Munteanu said

    Hi There! I very much appreciate your efforts to our "enlightened" reason thank you. Given this videotutorial, I decided to buy an Asus RT-AC56U. After a presentation speed, please come back to us videotutoriale wider related to this router. I am interested in particular clarification of the USB function, especially VPN and IPTV.
    I installed the latest version of the firmware's signed by Merlin - RT-AC56U_3.0.0.4_376.48_1. Videotutorialul can be understood by all, as we have become accustomed. I wish you well!

  30. decebal12345 said

    I read that this router goes well (in terms of coverage especially) John fork update 04.

    • I will not lie to you. The range can be increased. AC56U's radius is pretty good.
      Firmware versions are derivatives of those official firmware and make a few useful features. About the best coverage can not speak.
      I'll probably do a tutorial that will show you install a custom firmware and functions in addition to coming.

  31. decebal12345 said

    Please, thank you.

  32. Hello Cristi,
    Thanks for videotutorial. I bought this router after viewing this videotutorial.
    Do you know if it is normal to decrease speed cam 400Mbps vs no router by router? We Digi Net Fiberlink 1000.
    Thank you in advance for your response and I hope to respond timely to know if you should or just so he can return.

    • It depends on the settings you have router. Speed ​​is more directly without router, it's normal to be so.
      Basically if you use the Internet on a single device, you should not use the router and then you have speed.
      To increase speed wan to lan, you have to give up many things that makes router such as firewall, UPnP, places, nat, packet filtering.
      The router enables you to have bandwidth to better manage the equitable distribution between all connected devices.
      However if you can get high speed router set up very well.
      I did not and could not gigabit connection test in the same conditions but I can tell you with certainty that AC56U is one of the best routers.
      A router is much more than a simple "plug triple". His performance is tested with several devices connected, there is shown the difference between Tp-link "Archer" and Asus AC56U.
      Those who have RDS!
      Testing the speed test speed is zero.
      Performance feels when a router is loaded with traffic and must push the left and right packets, streaming, VoIP, video, music, download, upload, browsing. Once you have several devices that do all the above, click on the speed test and see which is the tool that is pan.

      Congratulations on your purchase, you did a good job. Dual Wan is super, VPN offers peace, 300.000 simultaneous connections ... mosuleeee
      I realize with time ...

      Now to answer your question ...

      It is not normal to have so much difference. I think it is not the fault router, is a setting wrong somewhere.
      You must enter 900 and 1000 Mbps. Testel this may vary from one minute to the next, depending on network traffic passing through RDS on time.

      • That's what I said .... it seems natural to fall in speed but not so much. Related to know what settings could not okay fine I did not set than PPPOE and the WLAN's. With VPN we did not sail, and so it connects but can not navigate. I did the firmware update. I have watched and rewiev other sites and this was highly praised router and I even saw print screen's with much higher speeds. Therefore I have money of mine has a glitch. The variation is not an issue for a few days are always tests at different times.
        Thanks for the reply and for videotutorialele very useful.

        • Back with an update. After working guys at RDS has totally changed job. Im moment through router goes better than the direct
          Thanks for the tutorial.
          Happy holidays!

  33. How did you use telnet command tells more about her

  34. Zafiu VALENTIN said

    A request. In the tutorial I saw you a brand Hikvision DVR, as I myself. I purchased a brand router Asus RT-N65U. Can you make a tutorial explaining in layman do not link to the Internet as a DVR with a dynamic IP from RDS, this type of router Asus RT-N65U or router introduced. The menus and functions are very similar routers.

  35. Cristi I bought an Asus RT-AC56U and try to make a vpn server but I say that ip ip address is not valid mention that I have a modem in front of provideru dsl internet connection is Asus RT-AC56U ... I appreciate if I help ... Thank you.

    • What do you mean you want to do a VPN server. it is only activated and there have to do a user account password. Then go to the phone and try to connect to the dynamic that you have chosen (if you chose) and login. The thing is that you can not VPN to connect to the same network.
      You must connect to your VPN from another network or another subscription on the same network.

  36. and that ... I also called the WAN - DDNS

    DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System - Dynamic domain name) is a network service that allows customers to connect to the wireless router even with a dynamic public IP address through the domain name registered. The wireless router is ASUS DDNS service incorporates other DDNS service.

    The wireless router currently use a private WAN IP address (192.168.xx, 10.xxx or 172.16.xx).
    This router can be in multiple NAT environment and DDNS service can not work in this environment.

  37. What would be the solution I connect an IP camera that is after 2 routers? That was in addition to a router to another router. Using port-forwarding on both routers or just the one that I connected IP camera?
    Thank you!

  38. I purchased this router for a week.
    I am very pleased with it.
    Speed, power ...
    I managed to set up and can access it remotely from your phone. I'm at work, start the download, I get home and give play ..
    Thank you for recommending this product.

  39. You could do a tutorial on securing radius?

  40. Hello Cristi,
    I took a needle 56u few days. It worked ok but now I wi fi signal (LEDs do not light the two signs wi fi).
    Unable to solve. Can you help me?

  41. very weak on 2.4 ghz, any ideas? Otherwise super ok

  42. Andrei Anghel said

    HELLO !!! I am f. Less experienced IT (computers, networks, settings, etc) but try to learn. My problem is that I do not know to set a DVR GW9708SH be seen via router ASUS RT-N18U from another location (from USA) or in the same location.

    AM the following devices:
    1. Modem HUAWEI E372 + ANTENNA + card for 3g A3099. net of RDS-RCS
    2. 9708 GW4SH + DVR cameras (NON-STOP works in the province of 1an)
    3. Wireless Router ASUS RT-N18U (menu is identical to ASUS RT-N56U, but that is only 2,4Ghz network)

    I net signal, the modem I connected to my router and i work in approx. the house f. well. I connected the DVR to a LAN port of the router. We saw in the tutorial above it can be done WLAN primary / USB and that you have a room or surveillance system connected to your ASUS. I walked through the router settings and click on the box now that give cient router menu, the DVR can see my static IP. I set the DVR to DHCP mode (from: STATIC IP / DHCP / 3G / PPPOE). Now comes my problem: if I connect to the router with a laptop A50-101 (WIN XP) or TOSHIBA P75-A200 (WIN 8.1) can not see images on putty rooms that are near the router but in another location ...... what speak.
    Please help me solve this problem !!!!! Thanks so much understanding !!!
    1. He appeared in fashion surveillance of the cameras, many tutorials are setup for this problem. TP-LINK routers, ETC. I have not really seen (OR did not know where to look) routing tutorials on this subject with more or less generation ASUS latest type RT-N ... ..U. (Rt-n18u; rt-n56u; rt-n66u; n68u needle, etc.)
    2.DACA can you give me a no. Phone pt. to contact me or e-mail for anything to be able to vb. with you. more directly, to explain my problem in more detail (My email: [Email protected]).
    THANK YOU!!!

    • You have to do port forwarding, so you can access the camera from the Internet.
      When you are in another location and you want to access the camera, the router does not know what you want from him. You have to tie your IP camera into a port that should make him accessible from the Internet.
      View as we have more tutorials about port forwarding.

  43. Andrei Anghel said

    With all due respect that I wanted to explain in connection with n18u rt. I specified "lenient" as is "cabbage" and want guidance that we gave a profesionist..De e-mail for. to explain "the direct" what about me PROBLEMA..O try to look on tutorials but f. little with my Asus or one similar.
    RESPONSE THANKS !!!! (One thing to VB. With you. DIRECT AND ANOTHER BY ...)

  44. Question: Is there any way to make a webserver on this router? Nothing very complex pages stored on disk when connected to USB and not accessible on any computer.

  45. The flat Putty access router? Nett of 50mgb and if we somehow increases its power? I ask because I did not press pricep.ce I heard from others.

  46. Alexander Paw said

    You managed to configure the FTP server? can you explain to me how? Not the other but does not give any such head

    • FTP Server easy to set up. It takes more than 2 minutes.
      1. Start the server.
      2. You choose / make a server root directory.
      3. You're a new user and give him rights root directory (point 2)
      4. WAN / virtual server do a port forwarding for port 21.
      5. Ready.

  47. Good. I connected a USB HDD tb 2 3.0 the router and can access it from a smartphone app from the store AiCloud play but fail to see it on a computer or leptop.Nu I connect to router no color and tried on several computers in more retele.O once we managed using the address created by the router, the computer in the same network and I entered the router interface after I entered username and password. Why do fail, I did exactly as tutorials.

  48. software3g said

    Hello! Recently I purchased a router asus ac56u idea to extend the network.
    - My network consists of a modem from romtelecom mt882 two routers (asus ac56u and TP-Link TL-WR340G), two computers, a few phones that have wifi tv smart course and 3.
    After I installed the router, I made the connection settings and ac56u asus, I wanted to send him and internet router tp link TL-WR2G 340 which is in summer kitchen, cable RJ-45, I went in the kitchen and I had internet Roter 2.
    This is fine and beautiful. Constable problem occurs when I 1 the asus router that gives me 2 ip router tp-link router when you connect to 2 1 .. in one router makes me think that the internet .. but I did not actually connect to the router 2
    after several test ping and ipconfig in CMD .. I show that clients connect to asus get their ip from TLINK.
    Uh .. I said as I did not setariel ..
    I assigned an IP modem for
    ip for asus
    ip for tp-link
    MASC all
    ip cmd and shows me even if they are connected by cable to asus ip
    I know I can make settings in Windows to connect to ip 192.168.2. ...
    ie I want to automatically allocate IP 192.168.2. ...
    but we and other operating systems that find difficult to assign an IP like.
    is there any solution for this problem? thank you

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I do not understand why using two routers? You can expand the network quickly and easily, without beating big head and no mess that you did all you using a repeater. See that there are already on our website of any such device. Writing in the search box at the top right: "repeater" (without quotes) and then press the Enter key. The first result is the tutorial that you need.

      • software3g said

        I mention that I saw that tutorial and searched solution. I learned that Asus issue stronger signal .. not just in this tutorial but from other sources. I thought that the signal can reach up to Annex 2. I put the link below in scheme

        thank you!

        • Adrian Gudus said

          From Asus router with a wire going to the WAN port of the router TP-LINK (LAN not as you went you). The router receives the WAN and LAN's net gives him away. So if you want TP-LINK router from Asus receive wire net, you should enter him (in TP-LINK) with WAN port thread that comes from one of the LAN ports on the router Asus

  49. elzorab34 said

    Please make a video tutorial for wireless router ASUS RT ACS6U.Vă overclock thank you in advance

  50. Congratulations tutorials that you make!
    I have a IP camera in a location and we wanted to definitely Record videos on a NAS Zyxel 320s found in another location. How allows only save room on a local IP (192.168.xx) I had to make a VPN between the two locations using two routers ASUS N12 +. The system works, but VPN on, it looks like Port Forwarding does not work anymore and so I can not connect to a server outside the local network. When you disable Port Forwarding, everything is functional. Can you tell me, please, what should be done and room to walk and can access and server? Thank you very much!

    • I have a mistake in posting above. I wanted to tell you disable VPN, Port Forwarding software is functional and not "when disable Port Forwarding, everything is functional". Thank you for understanding!

  51. Hello Cristi I have a request to you can help me with a problem I keep netul falls on wifi network have a wireless N Router TP-LINK TL-300Mbps WR841N. Please help me play can configure it from AZ or book.

    • Most often discontinue wifi signal / interference perish.
      Enemies router:
      1. Other routers
      2. Microwave oven
      3. Car with the remote
      4. Electrosasnice
      5. Electromagnetic fields (motors, coils, electrical underfloor heating).
      If you or your neighbors so you do not have near the router can be setup wrong. Reset it and set it again. It would be good to move to side position, how high can.

      • Well I on my desk next to him I put the router and a cordless phone from Romtelecom and TV is on the TV table. The router was configured my TP-LINK those I called myself and my team made the viewer. Dami advice I can do and the thing is going to the kitchen and 3 Mbps and rds speedtest.net test.
        What do I suggest to get my router to have speed and good signal wifi coverage. Cristi pretty please help me

  52. I forgot to specify that I RCS-RDS net from Net Fiberlink 300 Mbps.

  53. Cristi Hello!
    I bought this router for a while and are very multumit.Problema is that I can not manage to setting VPN Server - PPTP, something I'm missing and I can not figure out where gresesc.Crezi you can help me or do a tutorial on this subject? Maybe there are other interested.
    Thank you in advance!

    • You are dissatisfied with the router or you?


      1. PPTP VPN server start
      2. You down a user and password
      3. Press the "+" and then click "Apply"
      4. On an Android phone, connected to another network You connected the router's public IP.
      5. Ready.
      If you do not go, you've done some settings in the router interfering with VPN.

      My opinion.
      In my life have I seen a VPN server so simple to setup.
      Do not blame the router. Perhaps you have not paid sufficient attention. Or maybe you tried to connect to VPN on the same router.

      Good luck!

  54. If your router has no external antenna can not replace standard antennas with higher power antennas Ex. 20db router you bought for nothing.
    I sincerely and not to be bought this model of router, but buy what each wants to follow his money.

  55. Hi Maybe you can help me with the configuration of the ASUS RT-n66u, first we have internet at rds 500mbs, the router that you give it speed test cable I 495 download and upgrade any 20mbs ... the wifi if we 10mbs download and 20 them up very well and are at a distance not exceeding wirelss. Ii really do not know what to do if you have any idea what is happening and can help me thank you

  56. I have an ASUS router AC55U 1Gbps and they enter public IP salt in my browser configuration interface router. How can I change the port to another port 80 not to enter setup interfarta when accessing public IP? In the tutorial I have not seen. Thank you.

  57. Cristian1992 said

    Hello I would like if you can tell me how can limit and me to speed wi fi, I mean if I want to drop a 10 MB internet wi fi can be used only 1 thank mb.Va

  58. ivanescu said

    Hello Cristi, I really appreciate tutorials thy I have a router Asus N18, the settings porturior am but port triggering, maarding help? I use an IP camera, NVR, nose! I'd never heard of such a thing! Port Forwarding is better ?!Thank you

  59. I do not think we need a thermometer to see CPU temperature at me .. I indicate in real time


  60. I have a good Cristi Asus RT-AC66U and configure with sal fail dvr cameras Hikvision 8 can control from your phone to Samsung if you can advise where to go thanks in advance

  61. Hello!
    Tested someone MF110 RT Digi-AC56U? Fail to activate. Any android phone does not work. Does anyone know a modem 3g / 4g going safe?

  62. Hello Cristi,
    I have an Asus AC 68U, and I can not connect the external HDD to either USB 3.0 or 2.0
    When I access the router interface, it shows my HDD name but writes unmounted
    Instead, any USB stick works

    The HDD is connected via a microUSB cable, although the hard drive's jack is microUSB 3.0 (double socket).
    Perhaps this is also an important aspect
    thank you


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