Video tutorial on how to use: copy, paste, cut and delete

I am sure that many of you will look at this title squinting video tutorial, but are thinking that you have all been beginners and did not know how to use commands copy, paste, cut or delete.

This tutorial is part of a series of tutorials for beginners, who recently took computer and did not use a computer in their lives.

What, they do not have the right to track tutorials?

by Cristian Cismaru


Vodeo tutorial can be watched full screen (Fullscreen)


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  1. I would like to greet and congratulate you first for what you do.
    I proposal:
    1. If you post a tutorial on how to open an IP connection using telnet.
    Keep up the good work!
    Waiting mail from you.

  2. I took a computer used to store special and is sealed to guarantee ask you to please make a video tutorial that teaches how to find drivers calculatorului.Cei installation of the store does not give us the installation cd

  3. do more tutorials for beginners and with key combinations example ctrl +…

  4. Install Everest or WIS (windows information software) and see which processor you have which motherboard you have which video card, audio card and so on… or you could go to the address of the manufacturer of your motherboard there you can find the drivers… find out which motherboard you have the base (motherboard) and you go on the net and take the drivers from there, for example I have Aopen and I wrote Asus and so you if you write or type in google Asus enter and it searches for everything related to ASUS or if you know what motherboard you have you can type in google for example: asus drivers or asus motherboard drivers, combine the words…

  5. A thousand apologies for bothering you with the same problem with the drivers but please still to make a video tutorial for beginners with everest and how we explain how all means show us there and show us exactly what name to take there and they are looking to make our own cd drivers themselves. Are very many who have learned your help to install windows and other sophisticated programs but I think step two after Windows installation was to learn to make your own CD drivers because not all afford a new computer. Being a beginner watch as bribes EVEREST program that has a lot of names even when they give the montheboard not know which one to look for them. Therefore please make a video tutorial Everest for many of us who are just now enter the mysteries of the computer. I know many will want to learn something. Many thanks for all you do.

  6. About what I wrote above video tutorial if you do I'd like to show us this and that the program MUST looking to make the CD. Thank you and excuse me.

  7. boby_admin said

    This Week Cristi has planned to make a tutorial on Everest and begin a series of video tutorials about overclock

  8. Thank you very much .

  9. costel is not exactly as you say… you are selfish in this case! and I'll tell you why… we can't tell you in the tutorial. Enter here, take this name, and this! because not everyone has or not everyone has your configuration! I have another motherboard you have another motherboard! my video card is ATI yours maybe it's nVidia… and so on… basically that's what you have to do! If you can't handle EVEREST, open the cover on the PC nicely and look at the motherboard to write what brand it is and what series It has! and you do as I explained above, if it's asus you enter asus if it's aopen you enter aopen in the download section you have drivers, and if you have the original motherboard and you haven't changed the components on it in time and you have the which were when you took the pc you go to the download / motherboard / drivers section. Making a special tutorial for your motherboard will not be fair to others and maybe some will be upset, and they will say: "aaa Well, Lu Costel gave you a tutorial for his motherboard, I also want one for my motherboard ”and where does it end up? I think you understand what the idea is!

  10. I wanted especially to my computer but when I want to do video tutorial tell us what names that we look EVEREST, I have video tutorial for those who do I make the CD with drivers for his computer. And after that we will guide us.

  11. pompeymarinaru said

    My dear, I can only tell you: you guys rock! and people like me can only bow before your skill and prowess, thanks a lot.

  12. danezu said

    Bravo cristi is good thinking and the very beginners

  13. Stefanhellzone said

    I find it the most awkward tutorial.Cred that all know how to do this.

  14. @Stefanhellzone:
    Maybe you know these commands, but there are also computer users who have little time and you remember the times when you did not know anything, ask them left and right in the world.
    Fi and you understanding with beginners.
    Besides when you think of a topic tutorials ruler should not stop looking at it.
    Are people who organize a cluster and cloud computing can be painful for others this may seem impossible.
    Do not look at it through your eyes, maybe you are more experienced but know that others do not even know how to start a PC.
    Everyone has the right to education IT.

  15. I agree with you cristi-admin all have the right to bring my learn and remember those Vemuri I had no idea and when you see an error panic thinking that I broke something :)) nice of you to think and to other

  16. I tried to do a slide show with background music, but often during viewing of pictures is f.scurt (2 sec) times the song ends May repede.Cum can stick (uni) for two or more songs. not have this problem? MS MUCH!

  17. hi there was wondering if any antivirus to remove virus found (that I no longer delete the windows) will kindly send your

  18. Adrian said

    @gabi: Almost all antivirus do this! depends on how you set! Avira is one of them, when it finds a virus asks you what to do, we have tutorial about Avira, write up the search in the right Avira, you enter and you will find it

  19. mother learned how make a copy paste hahahahha :)) today wa waking everyone knows these things

  20. I procured decurand an Intel PC with HDD type SATA.Nu have than that (40 GB). I've adds the slot 80 Gb IDE HDD. (Primary-slave and a DVD-ROM primary master).
    When I bought it, it only had a CDROM as a logical drive, which I replaced with a DVD-RW that doesn't read - but if I replace it with a CD-RW it works, that is, it reads, the other one always asks me to "insert the disc". What is the explanation?

    • I procured decurand an Intel PC with HDD type SATA.Nu have than that (40 GB). I've adds the slot 80 Gb IDE HDD. (Primary-slave and a DVD-ROM primary master). When I have just bought a CDROM that logic unit which I replaced it with a DVD-RW which never read - but if you replace the CD-RW mean it goes I always ask the other reads "insert disk". Care be the explanation?  

      Look for a friend or friend to help you, tell them to come with you to the unit or you go to him with the DVD-Rom and put it on his PC, if he does the same to him then it means that DVD-Rom- has a problem is it defective or who knows

  21. I would also like a probram or a way that can join two or more songs or creating a remix.

    • mostwanted said

      I recommend Audacity is a free program has a lot of functions and of course, knows how to do and what you have asked.

  22. mostwanted said

    very useful tutorial!

  23. You're right it's boring! Boooooring!

  24. Greetings!

  25. bv Cristi, I like how you explain!

  26. mario sorin said

    Yes ptr.incepatori is fff. Good, well done and congratulations.

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