UEFI a new type of bios, today the version from MSI called Click Bios - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I will present Click Bios from MSI, this is a new standard based on UEFI BIOS (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface), it is extremely user friendly and integrated Afer a few options.
What is UEFI?
Briefly UEFI is a software layer that connects the firmware and operating system, a kind of replacement BIOS with more functions and allows more spectacular in future implementations.
What is better than UEFI BIOS?
BIOS is outdated and does not allow the implementation of modern features, UEFI operating systems can be loaded more quickly. At this point a computer can start 20-30 Bios seconds at best, the same hardware on a motherboard with UEFI pote-5 15 start in seconds and imagine that UEFI is started.
BIOS is a primary operating system does not support mouse, the BIOS can only work with the keyboard, the UEFI can operate the mouse just like in an operating system.
UEFI is extremely friendly, instead of text menus have icons and animated images, UEFI even has multi language support in the future we will definitely UEFI 100% in Romanian.
Some BIOSes have problems with hard drives of large capacity, most sites bios can not handle hard over 2 sites Terra, UEFI has no such problem.
Not to mention, UEFI comes with a lot of improvements, the best example is in the following tutorial, you will see how many things can make a UEFI almost like we do not need any operating system in some cases.
Can I change my BIOS to UEFI?
No, the motherboard must be specifically designed for that.
Cost more than a board with UEFI?
No, not at all cost more.
It can overclock in UEFI?
Yes, there are functions similar to those of Bios.
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Motherboard tutorial:
It is an MSI Model with P67 chipset, it has a lot of functions, you can power a phone or a smartphone on USB when the PC is turned off, it has an Overclock button with which you can overclock the processor without overclocking knowledge, bios reset button on the back , 2 eSata, USB 3.0, 4 Sata3 ports, 7.1 THX TruStudio PRO sound, two Raid / AHCI controllers, these besides a lot of other "goodies".
I highly recommend this motherboard.
Motherboard P67-GD65-B3 from MSI works with one of these Sandy Bridge processors 1155 socket compatible.

by Cristian Cismaru



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    Interesting tutorial!
    Ajunde how much such a motherboard?

  2. pop ionel said

    UEFI loud, tecnologia year progresses much lately

  3. Look ROTARU LIVIU motherboard has Cristi
    Excellent tutorial

  4. nice, long heard of UEFI, yes now I see how it is, loud and ssd

  5. sailorriver said

    Thanks for tutorial.Cred and I like glont.cu leave a SSD system, proc. The 3,4 and RAM as normal include that.

  6. very much interested and oe March tutorial you gave me as your PC and if you could give me a Linc where he can watch and suitable component for me as it moves plaese thanks

  7. Very loud… Very interesting these tutorials. Good luck further!

  8. cr | $ u said

    Cristi-admin CPU coolers do a tutorial on the liquid-cooled, we recommend?

  9. cr | $ u said

    Cristi-admin please tell me if the system below and I need liquid cooling? proecsorul with current cooler games lead me 52 degrees

    my system (not advertise, all components are taken from the Web site)
    [url=http://www.emag.ro/hard_disk-uri/hdd-samsung-spinpoint-f3-500gb-7200rpm-16mb-sata–pHD502HJ]HDD 500 Gb[/url]
    [url=http://www.emag.ro/placi_video/placa-video-asus-nvidia-geforce-gtx560ti-1024mb-gddr5-256bit-dvi-hdmi-pci-e–pENGTX560TIDCII2D1G]placa video[/url]
    [url = http: //www.emag.ro/placi_baza/placa-de-baza-asus-rampage-ii-extreme-socket-1366–pRAMPAGE-II-EXTREME] motherboard [/ url]
    [url=http://www.emag.ro/memorii/kit-memorie-kingston-6gb-3x2gb-ddr3-1600mhz-non-ecc-hyperx–pKHX1600C9D3K36GX]DDR 3 /1600 MGhz[/url]
    [Url = http: //www.emag.ro/carcase/carcasa-thermaltake-v4-atx-mid-tower-fara-sursa-neagra-pVM30001W2Z] housing [/ url]
    [Url = http://www.dc-shop.ro/Sursa-CHIEFTEC-Super-750W-CFT-750-14CS-prod-20771.htm] source modular [/ url]
    [url=http://www.emag.ro/solid-state_drive_ssd_/solid-state-drive-ssd-ocz-oczssd2-2vtxe60g-60gb-sata-ii–pOCZSSD2-2VTXE60G?ref=vsc_boxpromo]SSD -60 Gb[/url]
    [Url = http: //www.emag.ro/dvd-writer/dvd-writer-asus-drw-24b3lt-b-light-scribe-sata-retail-negru-pDRW-24B3LT-B] DVD-RW [/ url]

    and i want to get my liquid cooling system that huh? good or can you recommend another?
    I want to keep the CPU temperature in Degree 50 Sunbeam games.
    [url = http: //www.emag.ro/coolere_procesor/water-cooling-thermaltake-bigwater-760is-compatibil-intel-amd–pCL-W0121-03] liquid cooling system [/ url]

  10. Interesting note these tutoriale.Excelent tutorial.O 10 plate.
    And if you can please some related tutorials and overclocking for beginners.
    I have a system: MB: GA-eg41mf-s2h Gigabite
    CPU: Dual core Intel MHz e5200 2.500 (standard cooler)
    ram: kingston kit 2 * 2gb 2 800 DDR FSB
    gpu: nvidia gt giforce 9400 1024 gb, 128 bit
    Source: Black Jewel Spire SP-ATX-PFC-420WTB 1, 420W
    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB, 7200 rpm 32MB, SATA 2
    It's a weak pc it would not rise to the overclok processor, but do not know what cooler to buy me (maybe it also raises performance video editing ptr family that I do)
    Expect a tip.
    Thanks in advance!

  11. Hi Cristi, congratulations tutorial.As need advice. I am going to get a good webcam, which would you recommend?

  12. Hi Cristi, UEFI has support for accesibility blind? A blind can use it?

  13. cpu temp too big, use credca cooler base

  14. View Cristi, as all Linux do good, he is the main, hear advanced UEFI technology, and I Express Gate, but I'll buy me one but Sandy Bridge processor i5 2500K that is enough, and an ASUS motherboard I see P8P67-LE or Pro like other e-SATA IEEE1394 with more.
    Another thing to know is a smechereala with OCZ, yet they put SSDs in 20nm flash, replace, put them on the 32nm that are much faster and we put them all there junk, those on 32nm go to others smarter not us, says he has 250mb / s and if I take it I do not get more than 190mb / s Well then just give money, we have a raid that is how 0 guy, but I read but do not you do a tutorial on your SSD OCZ Vertex 2 pictures there in Windows Experience Index I can see how features in the HD Tune benchmark, the random access to AAM if something comes up, let's please or do you see your blog I can see how it works SSD, you do not mind.
    Good luck to him stapenesti MSI healthy!

  15. winki go to a computer with the old bios?

  16. Very good tutorial for a long time I wanted to see how it looks in detail UEFI, Cristi somehow know when they appear on Gigabyte motherboards with UEFI? or if it will update the existing tiles?

  17. Hello, I want to take a laptop Dell Latitude E 5510. Do you know if it has UEFI and how to install the UEFI 7 win? I understand that your laptop already has a partition 9 gigs, which is called OS and has a different partition, the mega 9. What is this?

  18. macagioni said

    Take i7 new SandyBridge processors and motherboards for Asus socket 1155 they maul May jmecher bios, down the open, than those from MSI

  19. good tutorial but I only remark MAJOR!
    the procedure for installing the interface and translating on the stick a boot sequence nu was not shown from the beginning.
    I have a similar motherboard, it took out my white hairs until I calibrated almost perfectly with an OCZ VERTEX 3 -120 GB, but now after an unfortunate bios apdate the utilities don't want to start beating either…

  20. I have a problem and I have a bios version manufactured in 1.28.1119 2008 and fail to boot a DVD with Windows 7, adika nush how to say im on pc laptop starts from the first but not: -? What should I do?

    • Berty:
      I have a problem and I have a bios version manufactured in 1.28.1119 2008 and fail to boot Windows DVD 7, adika nush how to say im start of the first PC but not laptop? What should I do?

      I can't help you unless you give me pc spec (pc specifications) for laptop components or model…. see what versions of win (OS - operating system) it supports

  21. Cristi's mine is yours razor do not know what speed I have with extreme aida64 so, here:
    1. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/692/21975925.png/
    2. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/27/20037391.png/
    3. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/52/35645891.png/
    4. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/199/91943735.png/
    5. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/856/84831861.png/
    6. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/546/96730484.png/
    7. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/822/37745991.png/
    8. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/98/43738134.png/

    These are. Configurations are:
    1. Asus P8P67
    2. Intel Core I5 2500K
    3. Memories KIT Dual Channel Kingston HyperX RAM DDR3 1600MHZ 8GB

    Now do me the ones please, 4 tests on the PC to see if there is any difference between "K" and I7. Those with readings from memories, writing, and copying, latency just as printscreen please. Thank you !

  22. @ Asus
    ??? I do not see the relevance of memory test and draw conclusions for processors???
    indeed can test the process on the same system that is mobo mem source etc.
    I understand from what you say that is stronger than i5 i7?? !! :}

  23. I realize that I lately ASRock motherboards are excellent 4gb chear can use more memory or RAM bits 32

  24. I install this on a laptop bios amilo the 1703?

  25. Marcel Dohotariu said

    Please tell me if after 0703 asus bios version I made last uptdate 4003 BIOS is automatically implemented earlier, and 3801,3904 4001 .. Thank you.

  26. I have a motherboard from Intel and all dg45id out of bois version and install the old version but still remains vain I do not do something you need, please help!

  27. I have an Asus laptop and although K55VD user manual shows me BIOS option to enable and disable UEFI, the laptop does not have that! I did update the bios but in vain! Can you help me understand what is happening and how can I turn this option UEFI?

  28. Alin Alexandru said

    Hello! I also need help please, I bought an HP ENVY TouchSmart 17-j034sg Notebook PC had windows 8 I deleted it I installed win 7 (I deleted all the partitions: ex recovery, ms or something like that (the problem is that I realized that only win 8 works… I want to install it again… but I didn't understand with the UEFI bios how to insert it or what to do and the partitions to do as before: recovery, ms etc… I'm waiting for an answer . THANK YOU!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You do not have to do anything but simply to start installing Windows 8 from a bootable DVD or a bootable stick with Windows 8.
      We have tutorials on how to make a bootable cd, how to make a bootable stick with Windows 8 and how and where Windows download 8.
      Unfortunately you can not restore the Recovery partition as it was from the factory. In general those recovery partitions are made with proprietary software used by manufacturers.
      You can make a recovery partition similar to the one you had but you can not retrieve or bring back the original recovery partition as it was from the factory.
      On the partition Windows 8 were original with the necessary drivers and additional software for your laptop.
      I'll give you some friendly advice before you do, refit to cut to hang, install, format your laptop thinking that you know very well what you do, infoarmeaza up very well before!

  29. Alin Alexandru said

    Thanks a lot Adrian! I'll try :)

  30. hi cristi, you can do a tutorial on how to do a BIOS modare a laptop hp 620 to recognize other wireless cards (remuve whitelist)?

  31. I recently bought an asus 552m laptop. I installed indws 8 because I can't fool other operating systems. After I researched, I found out that UEFI is to blame… ... After installing windows 8 I had drivers on the net for Wi-Fi, I installed them but they don't work. What can I do to get a windows 7 on my laptop ?????? Mention that the driver vd does not open it. Give an error !!!!!!!

  32. Hi Adrian. I have a 2-year-old HP laptop with UEFI bios, and if I activate Legacy it tells me it might not boot my system on windows. I have an SSD in my laptop and I would like to replace the optical drive with another SSD to install Kali Linux. Someone told me that if I did that it would not open windows or laptop and to go to a service would cost me 100 euros. How could I make me have 2 SSDs and work normally? The second problem is that I want to boot from cd / dvd or usb, I enter the bios I make the settings for usb or cd / dvd to be the first but all windows appears. Did I see in a comment that I need to disable boot boot? Thank you.


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