Delete ROOT your Android phone or UNROOT

Unroot Android or delete the phone ROOT

In this video tutorial we will see how to do or how to remove Unroot ROOT Android on your phone, after you've used and we do not need him.

What is ROOT and we want to get him out?

In this tutorial I showed you how to do rootWithout a PC, and I was there I explained exactly what is the root.
Normally, if you use it with must ROOT is not dangerous but can become extremely dangerous when an application is granted superuser and that application is malicious.

Why ROOT site can be dangerous?

When we root apps can receive undue rights and can do anything in our phone. Specifically after we root the phone, we can write in any folder on your phone, including System - This is not good as a simple acknowledgment of our application some may receive rights supreme and we may find that we spoil system or download cin us know what phone viruses.

How do Unroot?

It is very simple. SuperSU app settings, choose "Unroot complete" and continue steps. Depending on how you did ROOT (normal or systemless) will show your other windows where you have to confirm whether you agree or disagree with the actions described there.

Important to know!

Unroot does not automatically mean that the phone back to factory settings. To return to factory settings, we have to go back to the recovery of the stock and place to block the bootloader.

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Video Tutorial - Unroot Android or delete the phone ROOT

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  1. octav homoranu said

    Cristi hello! if you can hold it so still with us tutorials! I think you're the only one in Romania that do so for many, many years! to be healthy and have more courage and strength to work! I appreciate your effort.

  2. Cristi good! Root can do to get rid of some preinstalled applications and then come back with a better security unroot? Thank you.

  3. Hello, congratulations ptr what you do! But you forget the father android, namely LINUX!

  4. Cristi Hello! And I want to know if I can install Cyanogenmod phone without root. Thank you!

  5. Cristi Hello!
    I love the lock screen picture where I can get it. Thank you.

  6. Even the morning thinking: "I root at OnePlus 3 the install Cerberus to me, it can not remove the root for better security?". Thank you from the heart, because of you and the team "videotutorial .com" site I know my own and many others (photoshop, gimp, security, etc.)

  7. dan scarlat said

    Howdy . I have a problem with my phone OnePlus one. I did last year was to update and bulesc it all. Now I Android 4.4.4 and trouble. I tried to bag another version and not let me. says "Device not unlocked can't erase flash or" what can I do?

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