Automatic firmware update for phones with Cyanogenmod - video tutorial

Hi friends, today's tutorial will show you how it works new mode introduced in version update 10 the custom Cyanogenmod ROM.
Who knows what Cyanogenmod, please follow the tutorial: Install CyanogenMod, the best rom for Android phones and tablets.
For user comfort, Cyanogenmod team introduced a new way of update, this search, download and install (using CWM Recovery) rom version of your device.
Update module works very well, actually it has more settings than it would have an update on how an official rom.
We set the period to which the module updates and check after we can set the type of updates that model to look after (stable releases or nightly).
Downloading is done very quickly with resume support for download, depending on which browser official android phones has not only find resume the Opera browser download.
It is possible that sometimes the update will not be done automatically after you click on the downloaded rom, this is due to a bug called "emmc bug", in general this problem is encountered on samsung devices. In this case you have to do the manual update. Enter the recovery, select "install zip from sdcard" and go to the "cmupdater" folder at the root of the card or internal memory, there you will find all the roms and you will be able to install them normally.

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Very interesting. I like aceastra function, good crystals.

  2. Very interesting. I like this feature, good crystals.

    • marian:
      sal, and I've posted a question there to contact me and I see no one takes into account: ((

      Why did you get in touch? Is secret? :))… you can post it on the comments section, a visitor of the site can help you… make sure that the topic of the tutorial is related to the question

  3. Cristi, please do a tutorial and how record TV online (streaming) any streaming. Although there is little on the internet tutorials from them. Maybe you know.

  4. Hello, I u galaxi ace and installed cm7, I ask that needle exizta not a newer version than 7 them??

  5. cipri:
    Hello, I u galaxi ace and installed cm7, I ask that needle exizta not a newer version than 7 them??

    You can also search on XDA Developers or even on Google

  6. YOU CAN NOT COMPARE WITH DACIA DACIA LOGAN 1310 say so! That's the big difference between the plates and the price and performance!!

  7. Apology was for tutorial video card from ASUS!: D: d: d: d :)

  8. Sal, I have a question. I installed SGS GT-I 9000, cm-10 20121003 nightly version and I give make-10 20121013 update to stay very long and nothing happens. I mention that I let the phone update about 2 hours. What can I do to make my firmware update to a newer version? Thank you and wish you the best day possible.

  9. When you see CyanogenMod for Galaxy Ace Plus?
    That I want for my phone too …….
    In 10 have added something deviceuri us?

  10. hello very good tutorial, I tried but I have the option to update cyanogen, there is another solution? my version of cyanogen is 7.2.0 and the phone is a dell streak, thanks in advance

  11. Hello!
    Can you do a tutorial and thu how to do a update for android to samsung i9070 4.0 because I read online that you have to go out this month officially ptr phone but nustiu how to do the kies .. (must be done only through kies). . Thanks

  12. Hello, I facuto sheep / 2 EvoTab have a tablet, I managed to root, but still playing at her, I could * performance * block it.
    I changed from build.propr - lcd dencity = 140 instead of 120 as it was initially
    's wifi scanning initially from 15 180 sec. , Part of gapps deleted.
    this was made possible by root toolsapk., of course with the consent Super U
    practical, but not open boot tablet
    touchscreen feels
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance!

  13. Hello Cristi,
    I would like to know if there is a possibility the android phone resoftare a Lenovo S 820 in China may have normal signal, it is now much weaker, especially in rooms, sound like either. How much would it cost?

  14. what you wrote is good but I use when I go CyanogenMod so dumb phone, plus I now closed and not opened. What can I do?

    • Please datimi an answer as soon as possible. please !!

      • Costelina said

        pc if you can fix it even if you do not understand you Chiam a friend; enough to watch
        dedicated android tutorials on this site
        but do not forget a very important thing to be PC laptop! what? Well if you interrupt
        electric current when resoftarii farewell phone (will not be any smart)
        you'll have a beautiful brick company

        • at first it closed and opened and so on but someone "specislist" who deals with something like that said that it needs a reset I did it and now it doesn't open at all
          🙁 🙁: '(

  15. I installed CyanogenMod version 12.1 5.1.1 Android phone Samsung Galaxy s2, clean moves well but now I think I missed something that I can not download applications store themes or play / someone help me with some
    .Multumesc idea!

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