Update on Mobile Windows Phone from the 8 8.1

Hey friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can update to Windows Phone smartphones 8.1 that came preinstalled with Windows Phone 8. You can update to Windows Phone 8.1 if you own an HTC or HTC 8X 8XT or a Nokia Lumia 520. Basically if your smartphone came preinstalled with Windows Phone 8 then you can update to Windows Phone 8.1
Gotta know that once made the update to Windows Phone 8.1 you can not go back to the previous version but you still get updates for Windows Phone versions to come. However Nokia Lumia models there is a tool that can help us return to Windows Phone 8 if we are not satisfied with the update.
To install Windows Phone 8.1 we need an App Studio account that we will make accessing http://appstudio.windows.com.
Account we will do our logging in the aforementioned page with Microsoft account that we have on Windows Phone smartphone, whether phone use a Hotmail, Live Mail or Outlook
Next you need to access the Store on your smartphone you plan to make updates to Windows Phone 8.1 Preview and download application for Developers. Walk through the steps required by the application, check the Enable Preview for Developers. Access then Settings section on your smartphone and tap phone update and then tap check for updates.
The most important improvements in Windows Phone 8.1 are notifications or notifications drawer. As with Android or iOS will have a notification area icons 4 expandable and we can enable / disable fast wireless network, bluetooth, airplane mode or lock the screen orientation. Two other major improvements are Cortana personal assistant, similar to Siri and Google Now or Flow Keyboard allows us to write very quickly by simply passing your finger over the letters that form words. Unfortunately Cortana and Flow Keyboard works only for English, shame!
Although I installed this update for almost two weeks, I've had no problems. Applications we used to do the update and now I work after I update to Windows Phone 8.1, as can be said about the applications you have installed after update. My phone Nokia Lumia 520 moves slightly faster with the new update and luckily I have not noticed a decrease in battery life

[jwplayer mediaid = ”12484 ″ sources =” {file: 'rtmp: // 1935 / simplevideostreaming / mp4: How to update Windows Phone 8.1 for Windows Phone 8.mp4 ′}, {file:' https : //videotutorial.ro/video/How to update Windows Phone 8.1 for Windows Phone 8.mp4 ′} ”]

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  1. George said

    I did the update on Nokia Lumia 520:

    -Moves slightly faster
    Notification-area works well and is profitable
    -Battery life has decreased
    -Improvements to the layout are beautiful and fit more icons in the main menu

    -No longer use facebook chat in Messaging

  2. Adrian, if you update Developer Preview, don't you "lose" your guarantee?

  3. bravo adriane since we have been waiting for some tutorials about windows phone …… .de mlut, I hope it will not be the last one and that you will come back again with others

  4. Do not miss any warranty.
    Too bad it tutorial Apart 3 months later ..

  5. Adrian Bravo! Expect more tutorials with Windows Phone.

  6. FlorinDiablo said

    There is an important thing to have specific battery on 60%

  7. Thank you very much for video! Videotutorialul can expect the return of the WindowsPhone 8.1 8 WindowsPhone. Thank you!

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    A tutorial on it can be? How to setup and use the AP / WISP Client Router?
    In how 3g / f 4g works well with usb modem 3g the rds (mf 110).

  9. Cresala is not the final version 8.1 but it is a Preview for Developers. then "Flow Keyboard only works for English, great pity!" not true ! when the official version 8.1 for Romania will be published, it will work, currently 8.1 is published only in China and on new phones eg: Limia 630, 930 etc.
    then NaviFirmPlus and Nokia Care Suit and Nokia Software Updater, Nokia software recovery tool. You can install and previous versions ex 8.0
    You must be owner of the world to know, not just read on here and there.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I clearly said repeatedly that tutorial is about Windows Phone Developer Preview 8.1.
      As Flow Keyboard remain skeptical and see if the final version will be supported and Romanian. The Android keyboard has basic support swipe and unfortunately still no support for Romanian. What makes you think that Microsoft will add support for Romanian language Flow keyboard 8.1 the final version of Windows Phone?
      Even holding a Nokia Lumia 520, I said it and only tutorial not currently hold a DSLR with which you can shoot smartphone. I have a camera but I am not satisfied that the quality of films.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        As an addition: Google introduced gesture keyboard since the version of Android Jelly Bean 4.2 and even today, after so long, have not added support for Romanian language.
        Not that I would like Microsoft to add support for Romanian language in flow keyboard in Windows Phone 8.1 (final version) but I'm afraid that you expect (like us all) more and better happen this!

        • Since the keyboard is in Romanian and is recognition of words that change the fact their is swipe? I mean, you should not take finger on the keyboard means? that you recognize with the dictionary already implemented certain words, if not all.

        • As add, not March interest Romanian, I am in Italian, just to correct you post.

      • When one reads the title you understand? Must specify the phones Windows Phone Update Preview for Developers from the 8 8.1.
        so do not even opened the article.
        Half-truth is a lie
        so as to attract readers….
        However respect for your work.

  10. After the last update, it doesn't automatically enter full screen when you watch a movie, something… ..there is a solution because I don't know what to do anymore

  11. When you make a tutorial about returning to Windows Phone 8 ??

  12. I upgraded to the nokia lumia520 with windows 8.1 and I can't download anything from the play store spune can anyone tell me why?

  13. After the last update I can't download or update anything from the store… can someone tell me why?

  14. I do not have a phone with Windows Phone 8.1 but what happens exactly when you want to download the app? You appear an error? Nothing happens after pressing the download button? etc.

  15. Yes, give me an error code…

  16. I appears to be downloaded but not completed downloading

  17. Hi, I updated myself on Nokia Lumia Windows 520 and is quite ok, just this morning I no longer go keyboard .. When I try to write a letter, write a few words, then blocks and if you touch / Apache restarts something .. He did this several times, what to do? Could you please help me?
    Thank you!

  18. Hello, I updated myself on Nokia Lumia Windows 520 and is quite ok, but I have a problem. Today morning I no longer go keyboard. When you go to send a message, write 2-3 words and crashes, and if longer touch / Apache restarts something. I turned, I left a little then I opened it again, but in vain .. I do not know what she do, can you help me, please? Multumeesc !!

  19. Florentine grandmother said

    How do I get a virus on a phone nokia lumia Wind

  20. Hi, I have a question, how can I set it up in the right display battery level? I have a Nokia Lumia Windows Dual Sim 630 8.1, thanks.

  21. I understand that appeared on lumia windows 10 can do a resoftare with Windows 10

  22. Cristi hello my name is Sabine and I have a little problem.
    I have a nokia variant 520 8.1 but in the morning I woke up and I found the next phase
    Errors: Unable to find a bootable option. Press any key shout down
    What can I do to start his thanks in advance

  23. I greet with great respect all that you need to help
    Those with special needs. I have and I need some advice.
    I am the father of a child who bought a nokia iam
    Wind Lumia 520 10 and installed sia and when he wanted to give
    The factory set lost everything.
    And now I do not know how I can get him to go to windosul can install again.
    Can someone help me with some advice. Canu privep me.
    Please play.
    Thanks a lot to all those who strive to help us.

  24. I would like to ask you Andrian why I can't connect to stores what the problem is I have windows 8.1 ubdate at mokia lumia 630 he writes me “try in 1-2 minutes.

  25. I went through steps to update phone ,,,,,,, phone tells me there is zi.nu nimikk programs understand this shit.

  26. bordeianu.f said

    A headset installation for Nokia Lumia 520 thanks. Mys no longer open in windows after 1 new phone!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      On phones, the operating system does not install, it flashes. Search on Google: Nokia Software Recovery Tool, download it, install it and use it

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