Free upgrade to Windows 10 and Project Spartan

Hi friends, today we have two issues. The first relates to the new Spartan Project browser and that it is related to the second free upgrade to Windows 10.
1. Project Spartan is the new browser will equip Windows 10. It comes with Cortana integration, the new reading view, which will upset all owners of sites (Why?), And reading list, along with the favorites feature that will sync between your Windows devices (phone, tablet, laptop) . These functions are not new, I can say that Microsoft wants to make a desktop operating system, to be closer to mobile operating systems.
2. The second topic is "Free upgrade to Windows 10", news that delighted everyone. I must tell you, however, that things are not so simple. Those with pirated operating systems will be able to upgrade "" but "" will find that they need a license. Why ? Because they never had a license and Microsoft offers free upgrades to Windows 10 only to those with licensed operating systems. In conclusion, those who have a pirated operating system should refrain from the free upgrade with Windows 10.

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  1. Cristian said

    Good evening.
    If you have Windows Vista original, do not get update?

  2. Valentin said

    good evening
    Personal laptop came preinstalled with win7 and liceenta but of course now I have a pirated 8.1 win. We have a chance to go to win10?

  3. The update Hi Cristi but how do I 7 32 bit Windows

  4. are permanently activated windscreens via Skype considered licensed?… can I upgrade to win10 ..?

  5. mircea85 said

    Hi Cristi, from what I understand of the tutorial presented by the windows update you can do something important .Mentionez 10 own a laptop which has windows home premium installed 7 have that code on the back of the laptop (windows licensed) .pot make that update ?

    • When updates will be available updates you can make, that if Windows is original license.
      If you are not able to make pirated Windows update.

      • So that with piratatul sucks, I desktops and laptops, both are not activated by a license that did not win romania etc, made updates to the desktop and laptop enabled but not activated and can not therefore like gentlemen, an explanation?

  6. jeancote said

    On Windows 7 enterprise a go upgrade

  7. The reading mode is not new… we have it on Internet Explorer in Metro interface in Windows 8.1. So is "Bing Search" in the context menu (Cortana is missing, but doesn't do anything extra at the moment). In Windows 10 now, we practically don't have Internet Explorer twice, the one in the Desktop interface remained and they put Spartan instead of the Metro variant.

  8. Tiberiu said

    Hi Cristi.Peste all is said and 7 8 but Windows Vista licenses can be upgraded?

  9. I took the laptop with Windows Vista installed (I used less), and when Windows 7 appeared, I went to a computer service center, we paid and I installed Windows 7 Enterprise.
    So I can do free upgrade to Windows 10?
    PS Thank you so much for these wonderful tutorials and understandable, because we learned many things that you did not know how to unless you are artisan in this field.

  10. Daniel Rosoaga said

    Hello, I went to the website of the windows 10 and have some tutorials in English, have some buttons for. and one for the presentation. the security.
    I mention that not everyone knows English and so-called button does not work with images videotutorial can you help us with more information about the Windows 10, how good will be in terms of security, and orce else is welcome about it, thanks.

    • About Windows 10 I made another tutorial. I use it for a while and find some more biguri, probably in the coming months will be solved.
      In Windows 10 summer will be officially launched and then I will do a tutorial on Windows 10 larger.

  11. Wait until the updates come on Windows 10, do a tutorial on how to configure an e-mail server on Linux, from an older PC; a tutorial that would help many and that you should not exclude… hello

  12. dan earring said

    Cristi Hello!
    I have a misunderstanding can manage to enlighten me! I have an Asus laptop L555A came with preinstalled home win 8.1. The problem is that I have the key people at Microsoft Romania said it's injected into the bios. How do I win if I want to go to 10, as the microsoft site, all I want to do my serial ask?
    Thank you in advance!

  13. liviuflorin said

    I have a 7 day Win 90 trial and I "rearmed" it once. Is the license still kept, so I can "rearm" it again?

    • What license talking about? Windows 7 and 8 enterprise are trial versions.
      Windows License only if you have:
      1. Buy a laptop / desktop / tablet with Windows preinstalled.
      2. Buy operating system store.

  14. Hi, although you initially said in the article that "Microsoft offers free upgrades to Windows 10 only to those with licensed operating systems", I understand from messages that, although I have a cd with xp sp2 licensed, I will not have a free upgrade to win 10 all with a license?

    • Costelina said

      did not get any of the messages is obvious that you do not like to read and I like even curiosity!
      is about who has the license to Windows 7, 8, 8.1
      This version of Windows is part of a program called Inside-ER
      is still working because it's an important project
      for PC enthusiasts who have no idea of ​​how advanced and are recommended as is attempted to be installed
      a secondary PC main attention not say so and producers of
      PC will have installed Windows will automatically 10 admin site without permission feedback
      with this you have to agree when I install it so of course I understand the discussion is open

    • Pivniceru Robert Ionut said

      If you looked at the video head once again — you would see that only those who have Windows 7,8 or 8.1 can upgrade to windows 10 "Spartan" weird name it gave it but the important thing is what it knows how to do.

      I bought a Dell unit (Sh it's crisis) with Windows 7 pro x64 so in the future I will come to your windows update 10 when will it be ready?

      That's how the windows 7 x64 pc came with a license on it and I did all the updates for it (210 updates because they stopped the updates for it… it works if you still buy premium support or something ul). I searched on microsoft for that cd key and it says that it is a pre-installed system if I understood correctly ?? Thank you

      • Cristi answered your question above. I think it's like when you have a laptop that came with Windows preinstalled. Spartan way is the name that will replace the browser Internet Explorer. Windows 10 code name is Threshold.

        • Pivniceru Robert Ionut said

          It's ok if it's like that… Let's face it, I'm not upset that windows 7 is "stinky" compared to windows 8 / 8.1 that I had on the old unit in the past.

  15. But if you have Windows 8.1 90 days on all Windows 10 not get free?
    Or get a Windows license 10 90 throughout the day?

  16. Tiberiu said

    Good evening. Omu will mura mouth in that video, clearly can not explain, it's simple as that.

  17. greeting; ptr reading list I extension iReader (Chrome)
    e ft helpful
    a good day and happy holidays to all

  18. Boches Robert said

    I have a win 7. We have a chance to go to win10?

  19. [email protected] Microsoft.

  20. Hello, you Cristi please tell me if you know a time when it will be roughly upgrade to Windows 10?
    I own a license to windows home premium 7, thanks.

  21. You must register on to receive the Free Upgrade Offer

  22. Thanks for the reply !

  23. Corneliu-Entertainment Capitanu said

    Maybe a “SSD vs. RAMDisk” tutorial would be useful

  24. Can you tell us something about Intel AMT.

  25. Considering that the upgrade to win10 can be done only one year after the launch and, let's say I have a license with 8.1 FPP installation CD, after a year, at a reinstallation of windows are there only 8.1 left? Looks like yes and I have to buy a license of 10 because I'm already used to it… Don't you think it's a trick of MS?

  26. Tudorache Constantin said

    Dear Cristi,

    We know you're a few years, I've watched and learned from you, tutorials, to me and congratulate you're worth, I like introduce the passion, feel your way of introduction, I want to ask you a question, I
    a license with a Windows installation CD 7, 8.1 but now I installed Windows on the net, what do I need to install Windows again 7 from CD, or can be installed on the Windows WINDOWS 10 .
    I forgot to tell you that I bought this Qosmio-Toshiba1000Gb harnan / kardon laptop from a friend but I didn't make any invoices in 2011. What should I do, to benefit from WINDOWS 10.FREE.

    Tudorache Constantin

  27. Adrian Gudus said

    Install Windows 7 and activates it. Do all updates from Windows Update Control Panel section and let Updates turned on. When will be released the final version of Windows 10 you have an icon in the bottom right near the clock through which you can make free update to Windows 10

  28. Hello. Post a question can not mis this is happening only to me about Windows Build 10 10130 Insider preview. When I restart my crash. When you go on Mozilla on: Google, Yahoo, Facebook tells me something certificates and secure connections (date and time are correct). Opinions?

  29. rodica traitoiu said

    Jul 22 at 1: 44 PM


    I have a Samsung Laptop NP300V5A-S01RO 2 weeks and no longer receive Windows updates specifically the last was in 10.06.2015.Mentionez we win 7 original home premium license. Wind Currently not update my Monitored displays.
    I made a reservation for microsoft windows application 10, in this situation, you may receive the update for 10 win?
    Thank you!

  30. olimpiu said

    Yes, it's very good remarks about a very possible resettlement windows10 after a grace period an.Cu other words lose this privilege to reinstall windows10, although you installed a year ago and did so 8.1 version and switching to the latest version within? Or follow the steps once within the period of one year, reinstall Windows ulerioara 10 is valid, that is recognized as valid by Microsoft?

  31. If I do update lose all data on Windows?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You will not lose data. It is possible to lose only some applications and if it happens, you have a file on the desktop after application update that says you must reinstall

  32. Cretu Constantin said

    Hello, after I made the reservation and confirmation that after a few days I can download Windows 10, 7 means old windows is fine, and all those who have windows or 7 8 receive the confirmation?

  33. Georgiana Florentina said

    If you are upgrading from Windows 10 all data, pictures and music that will wipe?

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