Checking RAM Memtest86 (crash games, pc restart, overclock)

Checking RAM Memtest86

RAM is one of the most important components of the system, without which our computer would be much slower.
RAM can sometimes hurt, and unfortunately there was no warning system when it happens. Sometimes the operating system feels RAM problems, but these problems often go unnoticed and appear when your baby's world; For example in games where RAM is asked intensively, we get suddenly a crash or simply an unexpected reboot of the entire PC.

Misled to check RAM

RAM problems sometimes resembles problems that some sources have, and therefore can be easily misled. Also in error and it induces the utility from Windows, which should test your RAM, but can not do too well because while running Windows, is loaded into RAM part. Exactly how you should change as you go wheel drive (this goes).

Signs that show us RAM problems:

1. PC does not start from the first
2. At its start is one more restart
3. PC reboots out of the blue
4. PC crashes
5. We crashes during games
6. Errors installing programs
7. The entire PC hard move
8. blue screen

Why spoil your RAM?

1. The temperature
2. Manufacturing defects
3. accidental bumping
4. Aging cells (a few thousand rewrites)

How to check RAM?

Memtest86 is a small application that runs in on a live USB stick. We do not just have to put your PC to boot from the stick and all RAM will automatically start scanning.
I did another tutorial about Memtest86, which was not so detailed… 😉
To a certain outcome, you must run at least 86 pass Memtest10 sites.
Download Memtest86

Check RAM with Memtest86 - Video Tutorial

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  1. what kind of film that is filmed darkening the square so to speak? and not for the world tota solution if you have linux distribution is based ain order that tells you pb with rami

  2. Hello! I also have a problem with my laptop and if you find a solution, please do a tutorial. I installed Windows 10 on SSD (Samsung 840 Evo) + drivers, etc. When I reconnect the HDD back, Windows does not the HDD sees it, than the Bios sees it. The SDS is formatted GPT and the HDD is MBR. I tried to install Windows 7, and on 7 after I finish the installation and reconnect the hard disk- the laptop has no problem, instead the 10 jumps on the damblaua and he doesn't see it, neither in Device Manager, nor in Disk Management, nor in the command line, nowhere… Until 2 days ago it was fine and with 10 installed in UEFI mode, and the hard disk very well, everything works. Now it doesn't want any color with 10, because I installed it for trial and in legacy mode and in vain. I rubbed it today nush how many times, ba with 7, yes with 10. In Windows 7 it works, in Windows 10 no, I even installed it and with the had-disk connected to see, I thought that if I only leave the ssd during the installation, maybe he recovers, in vain! What would be the bug and how can I fix it. The phase is that I don't want to go to the hard drive because I have important things on it. Where can I post the video to see exactly what is happening?

  3. valentin fritz said

    I over-5 years 6 use memtest.
    I already knew the program. One pass enough, no need for more (if you go in service PC does not believe that a stand hours in line just to test a bitter memory).
    This program never let me down. I consider essential for any debugger program in IT. If you work in IT (in service) it can not possibly miss memtest; if you lack nothing clearly working.

  4. CICA few Rewriting me .. I knew that RAM can be written to infinity. Since there are capacitor charging and download diodes do not flash. Infine .. but do not think I need to say more still do not think mise approve this comment

    • I didn't pay much attention to the pass when testing memories. I was watching how much% tested from EA… sometimes it gave me error when it was nearing the end. SO the program must be allowed to test for some time. Yes, in about 15 to 20 minutes, if anything, errors appear.

    • @ Dan
      E volatile memory, is why they load and unload whatever.


      With this software you can not identify whether 2 100% memos are compatible with each other, say where his series are different or producer. Another application is the similar test method.

  5. Very good tutorials and how many.
    You can do a tutorial on how CHDK on Canon cameras.
    Thank you.

  6. Hello, I need help: I ​​run memtest program after 30 seconds off my computer, be become the processor warming? I mention that I have an AMD Athlon overklocat the AMD Phenom (not by me) stock cooler and thermal paste was not changed (ie pasta has 4 years). Besides such crashuri were the reason I ran memtest. And as you bag and more blurred when turn on the computer often does not want to boot into Windows ba locks, ba go hard, sometimes you feel like going the first fast (I checked and hardware with cristaldiskinfo and tells me ii good) although I noticed that when you turn on the computer and want to boot into Windows red light on the body often turns off and remains so (obviously locks and booting) (please excuse me but I forgot what it means these two bulbs witness the cylinder with the red and green light to know that one is hard or processor). I apologize for the inconvenience and description a little unclear. Thank you !

  7. Thank you, we are replacing paste to the processor and I still buy a ram plate.

  8. so I don't understand anything… today I got the ram memory, a 4gb ddr3 kingston at 1600mhz cl11 (the memory that is on the computer and that gave me the headache is 4gb ddr3 zeppelin at 1333 mhz, the motherboard is asrock 880gm supports 1333 mhz without overclock and up to 2100 or something like overclock, and also supports dual channel). I put the new memory (kingston) together with the old one, I let it start and nothing boots. I take out the old one and let the new one boot, and I try the other way around and it boots like that (with the old one in single channel). I'm thinking of resetting his bios, said and done I removed the battery, I moved that cover over the other contacts, I put it back and I put the new memory alone (single channel), it boots perfectly, then I give it to run memtest and I leave it for an hour, after a step and a half I got bored and considering that it ran perfectly I closed the test. I go in, I stay on the net, youtube, etc., and I see that it works, I stop it and put it back next to the new memory on the old one, again, no movement from the computer. I take out the new memory and leave the old one, it boots (the right ones don't like the new one), but this time it also runs a memtest, passes the first pass and no error. In this case, what I do is considering that the memories. They don't want to work together. Although that's how I knew, that's what the people I bought from told me that it has to work only because these new memories don't work. to go to the frequency of 1600 but to 1333. Thank you in advance!

    • Have you checked that Max Bandwidth to be the same? This is the reason of not start with both memories installed.
      Speaking of CL that, with the lower the amount of both memory is faster.

      • zeppelin 4 gb ddr3 1333mhz cl9 ZE-ddr3- 4G1333b (hold many info about it)
        Kingston ValueRAM 4 gb ddr3 1600mhz CL11 srx8 low profile [#523669 | KVR16N11S8 / 4].
        Start by running together, boots and 8 gb recognize my window, I am.uitat and AMD overdrive and bios and thousands admits to 1333 MHz dual channel, just like this morning when I gave it a test run 6% in memtest stopped on the computer (setup was this: cele.doua memory in dual channel and overclock the CPU (the release of a core of the phenom athlon)). Now I reset the BIOS, CPU normal as I left the factory, and I gave him to run memtest, are 30% and I do not have an error

        • I forgot to tell you that in the upper left memtest under cpu clk are L1 cahe and L2 cache. L1 row to show me 128k 38737 mb / s (old memory zeppelin) and L2 shows me 512k 17245 mb / s down below them Scriri Memory 8191M 4292 mb / s (new kingston memory)

          • ready to solve the problem is the processor, because averclockului heats up and stops, we found that because every time you run the memtest with shock settings closes, and every time I run continuously without going oc. I'm sorry to bother you !

  9. I apologize for posts elsewhere, and I now go back and put overclock settings. Tomorrow let him appear in memtest and if something's not right post, I hope I do not become too insistent. Once again thank you!

  10. Anybody knows about about how many hours you gotta let you go?

    • baptism daniel said

      That's exactly what I was thinking: how long does it last? I think it depends on the configuration but I was still thinking about a landmark…

  11. Hi, very good article. I have a problem and I thought to ask you a question. My PC started to restart often.
    For example, I run a movie on Youtube or I'm sitting on a social networking site etc. Sometimes it's starting to get out of the blue again. I'm sometimes saying that there are times when I go to 1-2 to restart a day, sometimes after it reboots and enters the desktop if I do any kind of activity opens a picture, a folder is restarted.
    I was at 2 service, but the break. The first one cleaned the dust, and the second changed the HDD, but the symptoms remained the same. What do you think that would be the problem? I mention that after the HDD change not only did the same symptoms remain, but at the start makes a hell of a noise as he enters the desktop.

  12. Hello, Happy Birthday!
    I can bother you with a problem… maybe you've met me before and give me an idea of ​​what I could do
    my laptop makes some figures .. that is, I open it in the morning, the window image appears and then the black screen does not respond to any kind of order
    if I close it forcibly and reopen it takes it
    after a few hours the same
    I reinstalled the windows, I scanned the bad hdd I scanned the SSD and the ram
    everything seems to be okay
    I left the laptop on for half an hour, when I returned, also, black screen, did not respond to any command…
    would you have any idea what to check and / or where would the problem be? Thank you

  13. Catalin81 said

    I bought components for my new PC within 3-4 months (if possible) and for about 3 weeks with the purchase of the processor I put it into operation but unfortunately I started to despair due to crashes of all kinds (it takes me out from the game and shows me all sorts of errors and corrupt files although the game is legal, pages cracking in browsers) of course it all culminates in blue screen with messages like "CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED" or "FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE" or "SYSTEM_SERPICE" or "SYSTEM_SERPICE"
    The configuration is as follows:
    Asus motherboard strix b450-i
    Ryzen 5 2400G processor (integrated graphics) cooler stock
    16 GB RAM (2 × 8) adata xpg gammix d10 3000Mhz (used at 2666)
    SSD nvme Samsung 970evo 250 GB
    SSD Kingston V400 60 GB (old)
    Source Enermax NAXN 450W (old but good, did not trouble the old one)
    Windows 10 pro x64 with OEM license
    “As per the book” assembly

    Now I have been testing the RAM with Memtest86 + for almost 2 hours and it has made 1520 passes with “errors ZERO”. Actually I don't know what else to try to figure out what the problem is, I tried older drivers, and nothing. I had a blue screen even immediately after installing Windows without installing the drivers.
    Please someone give me some advice!
    Thank you!

  14. tidici baci said

    Try one RAM playlist and see what it does.
    Look in the processor specifications to see if it supports your RAM.

  15. Catalin81 said

    I tested with Memtest86 + with its automatic testing for 4 hours and did not give a bug but I resumed the tests from #1 to #11 so I manually chose the test to do again at the last test #11 [bit fade test 2 patterns ] gives me errors (million errors) on 37-39% on both memories, either separately with one plaque in one of the two slots (tested on both slots).
    The memories are the same as the specifications, but they were not a kit, I bought them separately.
    On the site AMD, ryzen 5 2400G, the memories supported are passed:
    System Memory Specification 2933MHz
    System Memory Type DDR4
    Memory Channels 2

    So my memories ddr4 Adda xpg gammix d10 8gb 3000Mhz should fit, bios are set default to 2666Mhz.
    Can both defects be defective at the same percentage of verification? (too strange)
    Is it possible that the motherboard is faulty?
    Dc errors only appear in this test #11 [bit fade test 2 patterns] and in the rest of the tests is ok?
    Does anyone know what is happening and what should I do?

  16. I want to add some ram to the pc, I have two slots, one occupied by 8 gigs, I can add another 4 gb
    I have an asus
    Intel® processor manufacturer
    Processor type i5
    4460 processor model
    Number of cores 4
    Haswell architecture
    Nominal frequency 3200 MHz
    Frequency Turbo Boost 3400 MHz
    Cache 6 MB
    Intel® HD Graphics 4600 integrated graphics processor
    Socket processor 1150
    Intel H81 chipset
    Onboard slots 1 x PCI Express x1
    1 x PCI Express x16
    Back panel ports 1 x VGA
    2 3.0 x USB
    1 x RJ-45
    6x Audio
    1 x HDMI
    5 2.0 x USB
    Total number of memory slots 2
    Network 10/100/1000
    DDR3 memory type
    8 GB memory capacity
    Memory frequency 1600 MHz
    Occupied slots 1

    I found the same 4 GB samsung brand on the net
    DDR3 memory type
    Standard PC3-12800
    Capacity 4 GB
    Frequency (MHz) 1600
    Single channel module
    Single side memory chips
    Latent 11 CL
    Radiator No.
    Voltage 1,5 V

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