View saved Wi-Fi passwords Samsung Xiaomi - without the second phone

see saved Wi-Fi passwords for Samsung Xiaomi

What's in the video tutorial See saved Wi-Fi passwords Samsung Xiaomi

In this tutorial "See saved Wi-Fi passwords Samsung Xiaomi" I present a method by which you can see the passwords of Wi-Fi networks stored on your mobile phone.

It's a very simple method that only requires a barcode and QR code scanning application, which is available for free in the Google Play Store.

Why find stored Wi-Fi passwords

The password for accessing a Wi-Fi network once saved will always be used for automatic login.

But what do we do when we want to connect another device to the Wi-Fi network and we forgot the password.

From the Wi-Fi network menu, we can't find the password in the phone settings; That's why we have to use a [email protected] smart.

How do you view saved Wi-Fi passwords?

Since Android 10, we have an option in the Wi-Fi settings, which allows us to share the Wi-Fi network. The option works by generating a QR code where the login data to the Wi-Fi network to which we are connected is encrypted.

Using the application QR & Barecode Scanner we can scan the generated QR code for Wi-Fi network distribution and boom, the password appears on the screen.

This whole method is based on a function present in android. Since Android 10, the developers of the Android operating system, owned by Google, have introduced a faster method of sharing the Wi-Fi network.


Only offer access to your Wi-Fi network to trusted people.

If you don't trust that person and still want to allow them to access your Wi-Fi network, turn on the network router. guest. Guest networks are often separate from your local network and this will save you a lot of trouble.

Download the application used in the tutorial


QR & Barecode Scanner


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  1. Hello! I want to mention that this option comes from Android 9. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 + because it is with ONE UI this option is available from this version onwards.

  2. Laurentiu.S said

    Hello Cristi!
    You can do a tutorial on Apple Air Tag and alternatives for Android. It is a gadget on an upward trend and I would find it an interesting tutorial.

  3. Cîrstea Marius Dorinel said

    Hi Cristian. But there is another possibility to find out the password from that OR CODE apart from the ones presented by you and the ones with android 6+ also work.

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