ViStart, a faithful copy of the start button in Vista and 7 for Windows 8 - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial I will present a software that clones the Windows start button and it brings 7 Windows 8. The application is called ViStart and striking resemblance to the Windows orb button 7 and Windows Vista.
If a few days ago I presented Start8 which take somewhat Metro interface and a place in the start button, today will introduce a home button identical to the Windows 7 even its functions are similar to the Start menu on Windows 7 basically do not give realize that the start button on Windows 8 ever missed.
We present the software because there are users who can not adapt to Windows 8 no home button rightly Microsoft has accustomed us to a settlement of the operating system on which it is hard to give up.
In a few days spent with ViStart I encountered only one problem, when shutting down the PC, the ViStart process does not want to go to "sleep", it is probably a problem on my system. If you also encounter this problem or other bugs, please tell us in the comments section.

Download ViStart, Windows start button 8

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru


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  1. appears to me that bug
    So not only to you
    I installed it before this tutorial because I saw that the Windows Start menu 7 I searched the net and how can I make this menu appear
    another bug is the fact that in parallel su start8, there remains some space between the home and that taskbar

  2. Yes, that error occurs permanenta.Nu Cristi understand why not use Classic Shell (I postst link with 2 videotutoriale ago).'s Solution ideala.Aduce everything 7 windows (start button with all things). Has more settings range can be used in Romanian.
    See here:

  3. AdrianGudus said

    Yes, that error occurs permanenta.Nu Cristi understand why not use Classic Shell (I postst link with 2 videotutoriale ago).'s Solution ideala.Aduce everything 7 windows (start button with all things). Has more settings range can be used in Romanian.
    See here:

    Classic Shell has already been shown in another tutorial. How do you think that does not know the existence Classic Shell application (excuse the lack of modesty)?
    To find the tutorial, write the SEARCH box in the upper right sidebar: How do you keep the Windows Start menu in Windows XP and Vista 7, press Enter and you will find the tutorial.
    Although the application was presented in another context (8 but not for Windows XP, Vista and 7) is still on Classic Shell Förb

  4. AdrianGudus: It would be the height to say you do not know the existence of the application, I just wanted to bring into the discussion because I think this app is the best app that does not give errors and bring the Windows Start button in Windows 7 8, making it accessible to all those who want to take what hurts, that BUTTON START!
    With respect to your work and skill, and hopefully not upset you, hope you tell us if what I've posted is correct!

  5. Mihairadulescu said

    you're right, I uninstalled it just for this reason, ie the error from restart… .consider start8 more stable

  6. polferis said

    Hello! The error is general, that is all. The big drawback is that if you open a command line in the Run, do not open it with administrator rights. You open the Explorer.

  7. Cristi not you want to look for a software to put subtitles in the final film. I know you've made a tutorial but I do not that software works, how? So when you start introducing subtitle after I finish a film in that location

  8. Hello! A problem I encountered today in windows 8. He doesn't read my CDs and probably my DVDs either. Today I inserted a blank cd in the optical drive and it gave me the following message: "Windows can't access this disk" What should I do?

  9. pt.restart at wind.8 I entered pg.files> vistart> propertits> security> and at all applications packages I gave eddit and checked those boxes below the last one. I hope you are not spoiled something else from windows da mege Thank you very much cristi for video tutorials !. (all)

  10. Madalin said

    Does anyone know how I can remove the password of a Windows account on 8? We looked everywhere, but I found only how they can change.

  11. polferis said

    Log in to your account in the Control panel => User account and enter Remove password. Then in the Power option, in the upper left click on Required a password on wakeup, Change… and check Don't required a password on wakeup.

  12. Hi there is a new version from Stardock Start8 that seems to be ok before the release because it integrates and interface.

  13. Hi, I installed this vistart and I didn't like it because it had that space… after I uninstalled it, it remained in the place of the written start, how can I get rid of it?

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