Higher speed on Google Drive with Rclone - 300Mbps

Online storage is OK, but speed

Even if you unlimited online storageWhat value if you upload and download speed does not satisfy you?
Whether you use web browser interface or client data synchronization, speed of transfer and to cloud is very small. I'm just reached stable 30 Mbps (3.5 MB / s).

Upload and download the Google Drive to 300 Mbps?

With the Rclone application we can mount the directories in the online storage account on our PC, and from now on it's like working locally - it's like Google Drive is on our PC, not on who knows what server. Everything becomes simpler, more intuitive.

Rclone not for everyone

Rclone based application is an application type CLI, that only works in command line without graphical interface. Luckily I found another application that acts as a GUI, ie graphical interface Rclone.
If it had been Rclone Browser, my task would have been much heavier in this tutorial and certainly very few of you would have used Rclone final application.
Unlimited storage on Google Drive

How to speed on Google Drive or other cloud storage

Rclone can transfer files at high speeds because paralelizează transferring files, that instead of uploading or downloading them serial (single file), parallel downloads and uploads, ie multiple files simultaneously.

What storage services Rclone go?

Google Drive
Amazon S3
OpenStack Swift / Rackspace Cloud Files / memset Memstore
Google Cloud Storage
Amazon Drive
Microsoft One Drive
Backblaze B2
Yandex Disk
The local filesystem

Download files Rclone and Rclone Browser:

2-Direct download "videotutorial.ro"
Rclone browser

Beware tutorial, if you 300 Mbps transfer rate to / from cloud

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  1. You can do a tutorial about a program that you make a partition on the drive with your files?
    in like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iT4rAaV9MhU

  2. if not on the desktop no longer opens config. how to solve? thank you.

  3. Hello. A similar solution does not exist for Crashplan?
    Thank you very much

  4. Cristi,
    up here on the site please Rclone site (zip site) I see that rclone.org they died out. Or at least I can not access it.
    Thank you.
    PS: Great tutorial! And, at least for me, very useful! Thank you.

  5. Hello, what do I mean there is no limit on google drive? As I observe that limit is 15Gb!

  6. Avast Antivirus does not know the file: "RcloneBrowser.exe" and you cannot open it unless you completely disable Avast Antivirus, until they send you the answer whether that file is malware or not.

  7. Hello!

    I did settings, but I can not upload files from your Google Account. Please can you help me handsome?
    Thank you!


  8. Hello!
    After updating the Rclone Browser, it does not show me how much it uploaded from the files. Files uploaded to google drive, but I do not know how long it is. Can you help me?
    A good evening!

  9. If I use 2 PCs I do not synchronize in RClone Browser, it just works out. What I mean is that I wanted to do a bit of some data transfer via Google Drive. How can I make this sync?

  10. Goodbye Malaescu said

    Can you give us another tutorial with this application? a new version has appeared and is difficult to configure.
    Thank you very much!

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