Speed ​​on Android, Full manual optimization

The speed of an Android phone depends on many things. Today we will discuss the most action needed to enjoy a pleasant experience on our Android phone.
What A quick phone call?
A quick phone does not mean a phone with top processor. A cheap phone can be rapidly and vice versa.
Things that affect speed.
1. Quality of internal memory (speed not quantity)
2. RAM (rate and volume), not all RAM is the same.
3. Loading Dalvik or ART's web applications (ART = android runtime)
4. Working speed and technology used in the processor.
5. Speed ​​and stability of wireless connections
6. stability applications
7. Free applications (a nightmare for processor, memory and network)
8. The number of background processes
9. temperature phone
10. Battery charge level (phone moves worse when the batteries).
We prepared for you several steps to increase the speed of work on Android phones. I have a top 10 or 20, 16 points I found that you have to attack.
Top 16 settings, tricks and tips for a faster Android:
1. Do not use antivirus software and saving battery (some rubbish)
2. Without too many icons on the home screen.
3. Do not download / install applications much, only adequate.
4. Keep the screen clean (wipe with a cloth).
5. Periodically wipe the browser history.
6. Periodically wipe cache from the "storage" and "storage".
7. Limit background applications (developer options).
8. Limit animations (the coolest thing).
9. Quit as possible to applications that consume bandwidth.
10. Make sure you have good wireless signal, and sufficient bandwidth.
11. Stop the NFC when not in use.
12. Turn off Bluetooth when not in use.
13. Turn off Wi-Fi when you are away from home.
14. Change Wi-Fi settings.
15. Free live wallpaper (who needs that?).
16. Ecoomiseste manual brightness on battery.
For all the above points have developed in tutorial, which I invite you to watch it. In the tutorial you will find the answer to "Yes why?".
Why 16?
I do not know, so I came. The first time I found them and then I counted them.
I know we like round numbers. You may have to invent some pieces to make 4 20 top tips and tricks Android.
If it bothers preinstalled applications, you can not get rid of them and does not want to do root write to me on the comments section and I will help with a tutorial.

Download in English (Nothing to download)

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  1. Cristi all due respect, really cool

    • pfffff button returns after more than most other countries without applying settings, root-ari, room and other sites that.

    • Andrew said

      I activated the art and now my ARCHOS tablet 90b not pass the bootloader ... regarding ... .I think the problem is trying to get into recovery but fail ... .te Please I need help.

  2. Robert said

    S3 was moving better after these changes you've made?

    • I think of "flo13" above came out good work.

    • Comfirm 100% is moving very well in comparison to what it was without the respective settings. And I believe that I had and changed some kind of androidless releases for the end we are watching with all I think to move well Even if it is an older or weaker "hardwer" phone model, as Cristi says in the tutorial.

  3. nelu Gherghisan said

    Thanks for the tutorial. I already complied. I would be happy if I find your opinion. The fact that use greenify and tasker (stopping and starting closing the Internet to display) help me conserve battery? Thanks.

    • To be honest with you, these applications do not help with anything. Android JB in baking has excellent memory and battery management (pluses in Lollipop).
      Sure, these applications will now developers jaw, but common sense tells us that you can not put the operating system. When a stop those applications, operating system and place them in this game starts you consume more battery.
      In a future tutorial will show you how you can get rid of more applications and services without root and without other applications with just one finger.

  4. marian said

    Sir, crazy with Android, iPhone Purchased world, etc. pretty please with android-ending (I do not like) Thank you!

  5. @Cristi, you mentioned in the "Top 16" not to use applications to conserve battery power. Those smartphones not display the percentage of battery (I found myself among them) can do about this? Expect an answer from you. Very good tutorial.

    • I do not have battery percentage and survived until now. I noticed that the percentage ala put you in a state of panic sometimes. Ouch, fell 3%, what the hell, only I did nothing ...
      I have this option in the menu and have not activated it.

  6. Nelu Gherghisan said

    Because using CyanogenMod you please tell me if the impact of sins themes and icons have a major impact on battery? Thank you.

  7. Nelu Gherghisan said

    I referred to the packages but ... keypad icons knows hers.

  8. Florin said

    Super strong and very useful tutorial. I really need it. I have a phone weaker after I made changes and I no longer recognize your settings (LgL90D405) Even I was thinking do a factory reset them but not anymore. Please do preinstalled applications and disable tutorial in Android that's not useful. Ms lot for the tutorial.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Already exists. You find using the search box top right. Writing there "How do I uninstall system applications to free up memory on Android" press the Enter key and you will find the tutorial!

  9. Very good advice.

  10. dragos said

    Thank you guys for all the work they do for us. Tutorial and good f tutorials, the more that they can easily understand and those without concerns of IT sphere. You really do carefully and in detail.
    Thank you very much!

  11. Yes, I want to get rid of preinstalled applications without root. Please much if you can help us with a tutorial on this.

    Thank you in advance !

    • Adrian Gudus said

      There already. You find using the search box top right. You're there "How do I uninstall system applications to free up memory on Android" press the Enter key and you will find the tutorial!
      In that tutorial of two methods. One for those with root and another for those without root

      • nelu Gherghisan said

        Dear Adrian. I have a nexus at the root 5. I installed NoBloat Free. I did exactly that tutorial. After Backup and delete as soon as there is app drawer back in and restarting of NoBloat Free uninstalled application reappears in the list. I hope to get a solution. I want to use the application in the future. Thanks.

  12. Adrian said

    Cristi, please, a tutorial on how get rid of the ads in android, the applications installed and the google.Am tried different settings: adblock in special.Acum I have a Lenovo A536 us rooted, because I am reusit..Inainte Huawei had G510, which I rootat.Rootat block them with adway, licky patcher, etc.
    Or, after you install a room, ducking me everything that google (gaps, google play, google services)
    I bought and applications, but had advertised as multe.M have exasperat..Ma exasperates many reclame.Da, understand, appears once, but then leave me pace.In instead of using an app you want, sit and inches to quit and commercials until recently no longer use aplicati.Cat to pass a simple phone, they obisnuit.Oare why not pay us for using the phone and my nerves for their ads? 90% of commercials are useless. I also asked a few ori.Nu you got any raspus.Fa a callousness to all users exasperated by these manufacturers reclame.Multumesc.

    • Costelina said

      straw sure to give a simple phone signal Aiva, 3-4 keep the battery days or more, to support a micro SD in case you do not have internal storage for music and that's mp3

      • Costelina said

        I remember in the beginning, there were some Nokia phones you guys altered a half week that holding any portable battery that is not now after a few hours looking socket that goes smartu

  13. Costelus said

    Congratulations! Also pursued by long explanations. You have some excellent tutorials, in layman's detailed and very effective. It seems that you are passionate about your work.

  14. liviu florin said

    .. I made the settings and move better ... but how do I delete from the Settings section the "Developer options" option?

    • If you look carefully, you'll notice that I did "Developer options" simply disappear. I uncheck developer. Therefore you must keep in mind that some settings that you made there will no longer work.

  15. Hello,
    We kindly when you possibility to do a tutorial and other settings that are interesting from the "Developer options" for smartphones / tablets.
    Thank you for your hard work in achieving all these tutorials!

    • The "Options developer" or "Developer options" in English, can and is different from one phone to another.
      Yet he will come in and I will try to explain all the settings there. Of course in a tutorial.

  16. Sal. I very much appreciate the work done by you, but I have a request, a tutorial how to return the original software version without The update made shortly after acquisition, pt. now the new version of the software does not work at all has many bottlenecks even during comvorbirilor phone. Mention that it is an android Vodafone. Thank you and good luck in everything you do.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I recommend you give a factory reset in Settings> Backup and Reset> Reset factory settings. Make a backup before the pictures, music, documents and other important files for will be lost. Since Android's world and the earth has problems after an update. As with Linux rather it is recommended to do a fresh installation of the new version only upgrade to the previous one.

  17. RUSU FLORIN said

    EXCELLENT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH Posted to Facebook tutorials that interest me.


  18. Hello Cristi! How do I get rid of preinstalled applications without making root. Thank you for your help.

  19. Can you make a purchase smartphonuri guide price ratio very good quality. I would be interested and a tutorial for Android obtimizare by root. Thanks.

    • Best phone is cheap and efficient Oneplus One.
      There are other Chinese brands that do good work, but they can not put hand in the fire to shoulder, because we have not tested.
      Try on Geekbuying have warehouse and Spain (without duty).

  20. Ovidiu said

    Unfortunately android 4.2.1 not drop're talking about (storage / cache, options submenu developer only has USB debugging, etc) tutorial is available only for newer versions of Android?

    • It is possible that some manufacturers to walk to menus or even your Android version is too old.
      Unfortunately we have not provided a similar version of Android to guide you.

      • Ovidiu said

        Thanks for the reply and tutorial. I had a question - my phone is a viper V1 from Allview. 4.2.1 Official Android is the latest upgrade. Do you think it's possible to install a newer version and what should I do for it? Thanks again

  21. Bogdan said

    Hello Cristi. They are one of our loyal site, since now ~ ~ 6 years 7 when looking to learn a Windows XP installation
    Like tutorials suggestion: I really want to protect my laptop and wi-fi network because I have business with the bank and maybe something more current segment would help security, antivirus, not being what it once was, so as you said. I'm curious to try a different firmware on my Roter (TL-WR740N), possibly similar to the protection that the asus
    I respect you more, I want to tell you that because of you I know everything I know to do the ICT. From the most simple configuration software to PC units, choosing a laptop, smpartphone, etc.
    I hope you luck and good health.

  22. Congratulations. Very interesting and useful tutorial and web page. Interrupting with a question. To what android version I could update a Samsung official s3? I read that it can update the 4.4 kitkat only version with 2gbram america. However newer phones that are performing weaker production as s3 that uses newer version of Android. Thanks in advance

  23. Andrei Ciobanu said

    Cristi hello, I ordered a oneplus one, but I stayed nano inaintru simulator and tried to remove it with a needle and I ruined the sim slot. l'asi know where and how can I fix it?

    • Unfortunately this is a damage not covered by warranty.
      I guess you did your own sim card.
      Try on the service profile sites, you will solve the problem alone.

      • ciobanu said

        Yes so it is, I have done one simulation, I removed the back cover but unfortunately sim slot is under a different thing, can you recommend some service profile sites?

  24. daniel baptism said

    I think everyone bothers preinstalled applications, at least on me when they see me off on a device melons a lot of useless crap, I could use a method to get rid of them permanently without root.

  25. Bogdan said

    Thanks! Very useful tutorialele.Tine you all so do a good job.

  26. Cristi greeting installer CM method you prezentato in an older tutorial and I can put Asus Padfone Infinity CyanogenMod on a fare 2 ... bricuesc him.?

  27. Very useful! Thank you

  28. if someone wants to get rid of system applications: Settings-Apps-All-Select application system that you do not need and give DISABLE and STOP FORCE

  29. Very useful. Well done

  30. Laszlo Nogy said

    The limit settings if the selection process 2 background processes, do not keep this setting, leave the setting and when back again is setting the limit standard.De what?

  31. I lg h324, and I put gb sd memory 16 from sd phone memory so loses purer?

  32. power

  33. I have a lg optimus l5 for years to be praying to go somewhat acceptable, I tried antivirus, task managers but nothing. Since I tried the tricks 16, go super phone. Thanks a lot for these tips. recommend

  34. I use the android lam security 360 tested and have blocked some applications and can say that you charged me 3 / 4 days

  35. I got on my phone 50c Platinum Archos, and when I open it and unlock it appears, then tells me to check my Google account. I connect through wi-Fi.Mi I wrote email all you have but do not work, I send from my capat.Nu no icons appear on the phone, do not know how to do.

  36. Cosmin M. said

    I have reached the 6 point and my phone is getting better. Thank you.

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