WebRTC, audio and video chat directly in the browser without any application

Hi friends, as you already know, we inform periodically technologies, today I will present WebRTC, a technology developed by Google that allows users to speak directly to video and audio in the browser, that without requiring the use of plug- sites or applications. Video and audio direct connection between users is done directly in the browser.
WebRTC technology is supported in browsers Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome on any operating system, will soon join the Opera.
What is WebRTC and what?
WebRTC is short for Web Real Time Comunication, this technology allows us to open video and audio chat directly in the browser without the need for plugins, applications, online services for it. The connection is made directly from browser to browser.
If known services (Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Apple FaceTime, Google Hago, etc.) requires a server that connects users to initiate and manage traffic. Using these services, we need an account and a client installed and contact list.
With WebRTC do not need servers, applications or servers that mediate the connection.
Advantages WebRTC:
1. Stop applications that consumes resources usage and battery.
2. The chats are more private (relatively).
3. Contact can be made locally, not Flos USA servers for local connections.
4. Simplicity, ease of use.
5. The possibility of further development-in other directions.
6. The connection is stable and does not depend on external connections which are sometimes very unstable.
In the tutorial I used a demo that people at Google have developed, this demo is pretty simple to more advanced and faster connection you use one of the apps that support WebRTC, they are easier to use. Soon we will make a tutorial and about WebRTC applications.
How to use WebRTC demo?
Very simple, follow the link below, it automatically generates a chat room. link this room must send it girlfriend / boyfriend you want to get in touch.
Friend / your friend but you must use only the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Demo WebRTC (Initiation chat room audio - video)

The demo is not very stable, is made solely for demonstration. It can be used for a limited period of time, during which small errors can occur connection.
If you have connection problems, try to generate another chat room.

Get the Flash Player to see the video.

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  1. Huţanu Omeo said

    Good afternoon. I open Mozilla on a MacBook. Merge.

    • Thanks for the info.
      This means that no matter what operating system you use, as long as the browser is Chrome or Firefox.

      • In my browser mattered. We tested between Linux Mint and Windows XP (different operating systems, different locations, different providers, different countries) went only with Google Chrome. Mozilla did not work. I tried Mozilla - Mozilla, did not work, I tried Mozilla - Chrome, did not work, I tried Chrome - Chrome, it worked.

  2. Thanks for the knowledge you share with us, for the effort ... I just tried RTC web and works great ... only better and greeting as many tutorials .... ...

  3. Hi Cristi, it would be interesting a totorial about hard drives SSHD vs SSD vs HDD, Thanks and congratulations for your work!

  4. I welcome what happens this error occurs: Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.
    I installed the flash Playeru can watch youtube and I have java how can I do to fix?

    • On youtube you can watch and html5-n, we use a different method of streaming video that requires flash player.
      Maybe you have flash installed Internet Explorer to Chrome, Firefox and Opera you need another version.
      Click the link "Get Flash Player" and inataleaza it, then restart the browser and you're done.

  5. A tutorial to test Spech IVONA voice would sound interesting. Ivona is the best voice of a synthesizer for Romanian and not only in the world.

  6. Hello!
    Goes well with firefox, firefox-linuxM windows8, Barcelona-Sibiu

  7. When I do a tutorial pentry Rutorrent Windows?

  8. Hello Cristi I am in romania but have children in Spain and Sweden can talk with them or install this application if you need to have installed them to work better as a messenger please skip or play ajutama a bit and write the Email My ...[Email protected] Thanks a lot.


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