WhatsApp controversial terms and conditions

WhatsApp controversial terms and conditions

As we accept / refuse and what is it about?
Hello friends, today's tutorial we will talk about the controversial terms and conditions of use (Term Of Service or TOS) of WhatsApp messaging app.

WhatsApp recent history

As well I think you remember, WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014 company. As expected, Facebook is trying to "law" WhatsApp users with Facebook. More specifically they want to obtain information such as WhatsApp users operating system used, phone model, phone number, language, location.

What happened?

To do this, WhatsApp has changed the terms and conditions of confidentiality, terms that require our consent that such information mentioned above, to reach Facebook. If we blindly accept these terms, we can change our minds until September 25 2016. How is refusing these terms, I have shown and explained in the tutorial video.

What am I doing with our data?

Now you're probably wondering, what do those from Facebook with this material?
Well, according to Facebook officials, this information is used by the company to display ads more relevant to users, improving service platform and Facebook, to suggest more relevant new friends, business, public companies.

What exactly does Facebook data?

In Romanian, to know exactly what the user wants, to know what's displayed in advertisements and in addition, I build a profile and browsing habits and his friends on social networks.
Kind of: You search the net for fishing rods - Your WhatsApp friend is looking for tents - Yesterday you talked to another friend who was looking for cans; This means that you and your friends are planning a trip and Facebook will automatically serve advertising to you and your friends, related to holidays, accommodation, sporting goods, fishing, etc .; Of course, everything to "improve the experience".

For what if Facebook knows everything?

Nowadays, everything is settled online. Who has more information, has the power. It's a race between Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple for our data. We think, "What a great thing?" It's not a big deal for us, but for these companies, users' personal data is pure gold. If you think your browsing data, for example, is harmless, take a test; take your best friend you think you know very well and take a look at your browsing history; You will realize how little you know about him and how much he knows about Google, Facebook, etc .; Because it opens 100% in front of the computer. Who controls the personal data and the connections between people, can change the world - see the Arab Spring and what power social networks had in overthrowing the political regimes in the area - see Turkey - see our elections - etc -etc.

What should we do?

If you're skeptical, paranoid, book or simply you care very much personal information, which get them and with whom they are shared, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see how we can reject the new terms and conditions of use app WhatsApp or how can we change your mind about the approval given (by mistake or negligence) of these terms.

WhatsApp controversial terms and conditions - Video tutorial

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  1. hello Adrian,
    since I know Facebook log-in is an email or a phone number

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Right, here it was WhatsApp WhatsApp and data shared with Facebook. You have the option to log in with Facebook e-mail or telephone. Who chooses to log the phone number on Facebook, that's his problem.

  2. eh I have no secrets to hide :))

  3. Dorel Dumitru said

    Dear Adrian, was very helpful tutorial and a rugaminte as well venit.vin can be downloaded from the net filme.etc. the search engine can not find a torrent than pratebay is blocat.Multumesc anticipated.

  4. now I tried and they can't refuse their terms we have nowhere to go…

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