WiFi Direct, quickly transfer files between Android phones

We have smart phones, we have internet, we have Bluetooth, but there's no way to transfer files between two phones at high speed. Bluetooth, speed is too low. Through the internet, we are limited by the bandwidth provider. The solution would be to connect directly to phones. Fortunately there is WiFi Direct, which together with the application not throw Super Beam files from one phone to another speed WI-FI.
Wi-Fi Direct is a protocol that allows devices to connect with each other directly, without requiring a router.

WiFi Direct, quickly transfer files between Android phones

How to transfer files directly from one phone to another android?
1. Connect phones with WiFi Direct (as in the tutorial).
2. Install the mobile app Super Beam in Play Store.
3. Open the application and go to the "Files and Folders" or "Files and Folders"
4. Find the file you want to send / select and press the blue button below.
5. Put phones back-to-back and confirm sending or scan the screen, with your destination file.

What is the speed of transfer?
Transfer speed depends on the speed you can reach your wireless network card. On most modern phones with standard AC 802.11, 433 speed can be Mbps (55 MB / s) or greater, that if both phones have AC.
In my case only 40-speed 42Mbps because the phone was receiving was a Nexus4 that being older does not have a very fast network card.
If you want a tutorial like Super Beam between Android and Windows, please write on my comments box.

Video Tutorial - WiFi Direct, quickly transfer files between Android phones

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  1. decebal12345 said

    Thank you, very useful.

  2. Howdy

    Can you please Videotutorial with a NAS (Network Attached Storage)?

    With the configuration, running movies / series on Smart TV and download any torrent if deviceul supports it.

    Thank you

  3. very good, very useful tutorial! please show us and the application for connecting Windows - android! thank you

  4. Trivia tutorial bluetooth is simpler and faster, you should not pograme Additional should not be stopped Wireless overall not worth "Wi-Fi Direct" they say, but is not directly made to be complicated and can not undertake friends downloading more and super bim guy, so all bluetooth remain.

    • Good luck with 1-2 GB via Bluetooth!

    • Daniel if you do not go Hulk as you try and explain how to be simple is not Christ's fault. and you do not need connection with WFI WFI when transferring directly. I transferred to the speed of 24 mb / s through a file wfi mb in 6 3 seconds. by blutooth take 2 3 minutes transferu. Now you can have even greater speed through direct WFI WFI depends on how it's plaque.

    • You're worse than moonless night. No apple bone!

  5. Very good this method for transferring large files, small files via Bluetooth is still simpler.
    Unrelated topic, please have found a solution to the problem of most phones with Android 5.1 on customizing ring tones for each contact? Thank you.

  6. Sorin Preda said

    Windows phone users are required tutorials acesta.Dar not only because there are fewer users wp, not to get too involved in making tutorials dedicated to Windows Phone.

  7. karbonh2o said

    What are grumpy! On this website you can find tutorials from the simplest to the most advanced. Now everyone depends on the level of IT that needs! Although I consider myself advanced in IT, more and take a look here for updates. Let the man to publish what he wants, it's his website, and end with whining.

  8. you transfer large files from one phone to another? besides 2, 5 pictures, 1, 2 songs ... ..
    I one I needed to transfer anything so big, I did not file the "big".
    if tranfer from your desktop or laptop more anysend phone use. photos, pdf, a song ....
    I think the method outlined tutorial is suitable for most tranfer offline (no Internet router ...) via Bluetooth when not found that there are cases.

    • you're right man to transfer some pictures and music and a small movie no need "Wi-Fi Direct" is enough and Bluetooth to share with Preteni to put pc pictures or video taken with your phone using data cable not wifi direct

      for Christ, you need to transer so large amounts of data through WiFi directly 2gb data (photos, music, video and documents) between phones, do you understand?

      • For your information, today most have phones that shoots Full HD, thou hast ever once asked to check how a movie deal 5 minutes of Full HD? Of course not, if you have a S5 and shoot with maximum clarity, 5 minutes is about 1Gb. And pictures already 5-10 Mb deal today, if I have to send 20 what? Stay 3 hours?

  9. Thanks for the tutorial. Me I would be interested and between Android and iOS

  10. neculai1939 said

    Tutorials that you make are very bune.Cei with less training in the field have a lot of my nephew today invatat.Pentru like a tutorial 3DNA-Desktop.pentru Windows 8.1.De where you can download free from the Android downloaded the vitusi.Pentru Windows 8.1.Multumes anticipated.

    • Moshu!
      I kidnapped my temple and asked him GOGU pi (Google) and here's what he answered in 0,31 seconds:
      Yes I click on "Download" and voila, clean and free from viruses
      * I hope you're not psd-ist!

  11. A man from the time of their break and do something for others, for free, there are not many such people, so all your comments should start with you, even if you are not interested.

  12. I have a question not related tutorial.
    Sound can only transfer via bluetooth? May eczact music they listen to sound in samsung laptop if so how to proceed.

  13. I have an opinion, just an opinion! I'm new here and beginner computer ...
    I want to share my views, and I hope to not displease, as I do ,, specialist intervention "of Daniel, especially tuna and malice in speech. The surgery is mischievous and do not see why !? Cristi is generally a selfless, because his blog is essential for interested beginners to hone ....

  14. good evening ,

    I'm looking for a free application for android phone for network printing.

    many thanks

  15. Thanks for the tutorial Cristi did not know this method; I think everyone should watch what he wants, and he wants to accept that; Free after we benefit from some updates without needing to search us being busy with daily life (work, family) we start criticizing style so mischievous and pointless; Who does not want, does not like or is it too good to be remembered and ready; if we say something is wrong, but civilized and not upset anyone; and yes wait a tutorial and windows, use wi file transfer but has limits in speed and size (free version); Thank you again.

  16. Cristian Ion said

    Hello ! I have a problem.
    I recently bought a phone asus 2 zenfone laser (ze500kl) someone called me and told me that she appears "network busy", although not on the phone, I had full signal, but the second time it worked. The problem is that it happened only once, but several times .... sometimes go first, sometimes not. I do not know where it comes the problem: the network (card) or on the phone? In waiting for an answer ! Please ! I can say are Telekom and the phone I bought on Black Friday emag.

  17. florin Ilie said

    Foartee very useful thanks, do and windows would not hurt thanks.

  18. adrian76 said

    How do I transfer music, video, etc. on a phone on a laptop via wi-fi?

  19. I fail, I tried on two mobile devices and says etc.Ce block transfer can I do?

  20. Georgescu Viorel said

    Hello. I have recorded several conversations on a Serioux Symbiosis X4 phone, which for some reason I want to keep and copy them into a new phone, Allview P8 .. I do not know how I can transfer them from one phone to another. .in the old one they are stored in the "phone memory" .. I gamble to two possibilities either to transfer them directly (if possible) from one phone to another or to copy them from the "internal memory" to the SD card "Or if you can suggest anything else .. thanks in advance, I wish you a quiet day

  21. Hi, can I do this between a Nokia 808 and a nokia 5? 808 has Symbian and nokia 5 android, is there any way to transfer pictures between them?

  22. Is it possible to transfer between two phones, one without a sim card?

  23. /? tutorials good for brands already consecrated.pt aftermarket can you do?
    I ordered a phone from china ... cheap..no name ... if I send it you can do a tutorial about it?
    we thank you very much

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