Winamp free download installation and setting for the most popular audio player - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will talk about Winamp audio player which is a very popular and much appreciated by many users.

This player is easy to use when we use simple settings without entering it, when we enter the settings we see that everything is quite complicated if its producers struggled to make difficult settings to use for a novice user.

Truth is another Winamp is a player quite old and manufacturers had to change things along the way to keep up with the times and with the competition so chapter setting became in time the increasingly busy as a Christmas tree .

Other audio players were still so many settings but they are placed more intuitive and are much easier to use, of course for more experienced is not very hard to deal with it, but the problem is when a user begins in in settings and it is very possible that it give up and settle for GUI, which is pretty good and easy to use.

This was the reason I gave up the presentation settings, fortunately this is not inpiedica us to set the audio directly from the player's interface graphics, here are enough options to make our business successful.

This tutorial Winamp is part of a series of video tutorials on audio and video players, which is available on our website and which I invite you to discover using search engine and are sure you will find between those tutorials audio player Winamp worth replacing old man.

by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. what to say I primarily listen to hip hop glad, and I'm listening :)) very important for those who motherboard onboard audio for better sound quality AM A RECOMMENDATION their 8.0 install and program DFX for Winamp is all too good you can adjust all too much loyalty to him ambient surroundu hiperbass etc. (bineintele to have good speakers and speakers if you adjust nothing to 20 lei)
    PS I was the first visionary of this tutorial
    A day / night enjoyable and keep up the good work

  2. beb3_mykk said

    the 2nd one who watched… superb BAfta I still like all the tutorials too… ..;) and this is super good bAFTA!

  3. I was the 3 century.
    Or…. if I think about it better I think I did it!

  4. You do an excellent job. I look at your tutorials regardless of their duration and I tell you honestly that I learned a lot from you. Even if I knew about the settings of certain software I still looked at those tutorials just to see if what I set was correct. I would not like to shorten the duration of these tutorials to a few minutes because it would present "on the run" the application settings. A tutorial of about 30 minutes, on the other hand, is extensive and helps you understand the purpose of this software, as well as its correct setting.

  5. I watched videotutorialul about winamp and I liked it, congratulations and keep it up with other programs .If you allow only constructive criticism I would mention that this videotutorial could remember in 2 minutes and shoutcast shoutcast radio and TV especially incepatori.Eu I learned from friends and listening to a lot of radio stations that you can sort by genre unto you that you place.Datorita use Revo Uninstaller is the 10 and with DownloadHelper note that I added to my Mozilla download video they open winamp.Sper not even bother with this criticism wish you much continued success.

  6. still a tutorial that demonstrates how much passion and professionalism working with Cristian Bogdan! Thank you for all the tutorials all conditions that you do and that you will do!

  7. Cristi you are a great man, and I am with you and the decisions you want to make! I know that reducing tutorials means more space on the site at the same time, but what will you do with those of us who follow a tutorial every time? Is it worth it because of some to suffer and those who really want to "break in" thirsting for knowledge? If you are more punctual, and more superficial, the less skilled will not understand anything, and you will have to answer hundreds of comments that will come from the case that you didn't show them, that I don't know what it is for, that it didn't work for them, that how to do it… etc. Your decision is your site, you are the administrator of the power full and absolute on this site. And a little addition that maybe Cristi omitted… if you have to say put all the music from Pc in Winamp and you want to listen to a song but you in the playlist have 3000 songs, give yourself a left click on the song list, and then press the J key and enter the song's name or name in the search box, and at the bottom of the search window all the songs that match the words written in the search box will appear… and so you can easily find the song, favorite, desired… "tricks" related to winamp are hundreds… if I want to tell you more!

  8. open your Winamp, give a click left on the top edge, or in the list of songs (just one click) and press tstele NUL then Esc him again and again Esc SOFT then hit play on a song, you will see that top of Winamp with buttons and all that will be done ba opaque ba visible short a blinking, flashing or how ever you tell by the rhythm of the song! If you do not like the effect, close your re-open Ti rid of Winamp and effect!

  9. Although the sound quality is not very bright, we have to admit the most popular udio player, I have been using it for a long time, I tried other players, but they didn't attract me as much as winamp! I use it for better clarity and sound adjustment together with _Jammix_Enhancer_03 you can find it for free on the winamp site in the pluggins / DSP section Effect it has some preset settings or you can manually adjust everything you want and save! Just try it and you will be convinced that the winamp helped by that little program makes completely different sounds! clearer more real. After installing it to start _Jammix_Enhancer_03 open your winampu, left click on the playlist and press CTRL + P in the window that will open in the left column go to DSP / Effect and right click on Jammix Enhancer 03 will show you a little black thing from which you set everything you need! That little program called _Jammix_Enhancer_03 will now start automatically with the winamp in tray mode, on the right next to the clock, will have as a icon a small red speaker.

  10. Adrian.
    Nene mother, you're a doctor in winamp!
    Adriane would be wrong to make a list of tricks that you know and post them to the comments box, to be there to see the world.
    Comments box is good because it completes the tutorial and in this way-perfect circle closes.

  11. Cristi, before I was passionate about IT I was a fiddler! I was making sounds! we sing at weddings! I know and I knew everything related to sound, how it should be heard, All these "DJs" who make sounds at weddings, play music, go with an underarm laptop, use winamp together with _Jammix_Enhancer_03.I took care of music from the age of 4, but it's a cruel world, too cruel for me as a fiddler, I can't be like that, and I retired. And in the phase with the doctor you exaggerated Cristi! I also know tricks that I have learned from others and I want to share them with you!

  12. Cristi, first of all thank you to both for their duration videotutorialele facute.Referitor not think that should be limited or can be limited to 8-10 minute.Cele best videot. min.Ex.:chiar are over 30 Winamp that we all use but not so corect.Videotut. It was over 40 min. but there were many spus.Limita minimum, some programs are min.Ca is 30 and programs that can be installed in 8-10 min. that's another probema.Aveti made videotutoriale this tip.Inca Thank you once.

  13. Pareu as Revo UNINST registry does not erase all the yahoo or any other program or game ????? Search with the Tune Up Registry Editor or regedit ,, !!!!

  14. I think we saw half of videotutorialele your plain hard and are very bune.Unele are shorter, others longer sinat, but all are made with a lot of heart and pasiune.Va thank you for what you do for us visitors.

  15. Corleone, how many years of IT Brotherhood? Take you uninstall with Revo and give a restart after uninstallation, and you'll see k no longer find anything! And uninstall with Revo in Advanced mode if you really want Moderated not clean! And this comment had to post it on tutorial that you Revo! We're talking about winamp!

  16. Winamp good tutorial, I learned new things and while I used Winamp summit, but did not much I researched.
    Adrian, please, too, if you have the time and desire to write about the "tricks" related to winamp.
    Cristi, I admit that sometimes I do not have much time or patience to track all tutorialele.Dar my opinion, there are some programs that still require more explanation, more time spent and should not reduce too much time spent for tutorial.Eu know 30 35-minute believe can one person stand in front of the computer and watch a tutorial if you really want to learn ceva.Ma please see you like better, which can reduce but is not yet very incomplete until after the tutorials.

  17. bl curiosity that use audio player? I'm really very curious, I honestly boil!

  18. Corleone said

    Adrian about 10 from 40 I tried not talk nonsense! Baga and playing FarCry EX then go to tuneup and search Unbiosoft even after vb! Even after restart! SCZ I posted here !!! Or fifa and search EAGAME.

  19. Corleone, leave me dad with the games! I was talking about software here, uninstalling software, not uninstalling a game! The game if you didn't know installs some modules and files in folders and parts of the system where no software (be careful program not game) will not get there! Installing a game is much "wider" than installing a software! if I made a mistake in what was said, I ask someone to correct me if I am not right!

  20. Corleone said

    Possible excuses if you're right!

  21. ombladon2210 said

    I use KM player and are satisfied. Winamp, frankly, the video is dust.

  22. omblaon, friend… winamp does not want to be, has not been and never will be a video player! KMPlayer, although it plays audio files and a video player! And Wiinamp is an audio player! If you look at the settings of the 2 programs: Winamp and KMPlayer, you will see that Winamp has a lot of settings for audio files, and KMPlayer has a lot of settings for video files! Do not confuse the goods with the packaging friends! It's very clear Winamp is dust on the video because he is an audio player! If you look more closely at the title of this tutorial it is very clear: Winamp free download installation and setting for the most popular PLAYER AUDIO. We also have tutorials about 2 video players: GOM Player and BS Player, you can find them using the search engine at the top right of the page!

  23. Winamp audio player is the best player and the best player BS video!

  24. Adrian, I've long used Alcatech Bpm Studio Professional 4.6 or 4.9.
    I used Winamp for a good period now lately looked on the net a little and Qualitative May programas that can only listen to music for something I've given a few days trebuie.Acum AIMP player 2.51 tiny program any 5 mb and another one that does not have installed so to say this has anything XMPlay 3.4 300 free.Dar kb.Astea two are not really happy with ele.Problema is I now have a laptop and you know how it is with sound the laptop.

  25. bl BPM Studio is more than just a player, BPM is a sound processor, a program with which you can mix 2 songs, and you can do many other things… Aimp is a good player but a bit cumbersome it is a player made by Russians, cumbersome in the sense that the pope has a lot of resources, it's a bit slow like that… at least he doesn't satisfy me… I can say that I grew up with winamp, since I only know about winamp I listen, I've tried other players but honestly as I use I win the amp and as I set it I am satisfied enough! If you still want a small player and only for music, I warmly recommend xion, if you can't find it on google leave me an email and I'll send it to you [email protected] 1,6M.Sau can try soritong has only one player with very ancient history which never worked and was scoz of use, but I've kept it! It has only 1,77M

  26. Ok thanks for a recommendation to look both software and to try them unfortunately do not have time last perioada.Apropo BPM sincerely liked me and recommended me a dj.Ma angry that after you install Windows noises ala not start and did not know where to set it in place.
    Speaking of winamp as it moves on your system or did not need to ask, I guess you're happy.

  27. Relax bl winamp is good for any sistem.Eu are very pleased with him, 1 for that I'm used to it, I grew up with him, 2 for it's easy to use and if you combine it with 3 Jammix 03 Enhancer has true sound, which I am sure will please you, that of course if you listen through a 2.1 with bass, treble, middle, bass, etc.

  28. hello cristi and boby I see each one saying good horses audio player and others like bs player or power dvd from cyberlink. my opinion winamp is too unpopular to install if you are not careful you put your belly and others; I can say that he is the first player I left him. Then bsplayer grandma. power dvd -f good-and attention are not free. I can recommend to everyone and please make a tutorial about KMPlayer which is free. kmplayer audio and video is clearly superior to many players that cost money. and for the most demanding to look at the settings kmplayer and configure it as they want it has alleeeeeeeeeeeeee …… 10000 settings. does not make hidden processes etc. I highly recommend it

  29. Honestly use winamp skins Classic;)) is obsolete bad although we only 15 years. . . no matter how long it tutorialu poa and 3 hours to keep everything so she will look

  30. Ion Iliescu said

    And ash would like a tutorial about KMPlayer please nice…

  31. I see dumb of you do not know the difference or understand that this is an AUDIO PLAYER! and point! Look closely at the title tutorial that clearly reads PLAYER AUDIO brothers! Of course it does not compare BSPlayeru and KMPlyeru with Winamp for Winamp is an audio player Children no video! I just expliat above, read other reviews you do not know something, maybe your answer was given deja.De that KMPlayer has several settings related to the video because it video player and winampu has several settings related to the audio because it's audio player.

  32. adrian you either never installed kmplayer or vb unknowingly kmplayer does them all and video and audio. how does it have more settings related to the video than audio forget it yes give in the control box and give the audio chapter and you will wonder equalizer with a lot in it effects etc from the match has more like winamp and other players with multtttt and the same for video and also enters the option.kmplayer is a versatile video + audio software. for kmplayer you do not have to put nothing in the computer like codeck-packs and other wonders. and I ask the specialists cristi and boby to make a tutorial about kmplayer, please see the video quality and hear the audio quality at kmplayer on "default".

  33. mihai when I was using KMPlayer you were learning the alphabet! It's normal to play audio files brother just don't watch the movie without sound right? Music without image is possible but an image without sound? what would it be like to watch a movie without hearing anything? Nonsense right? Well, that's the explanation for what it reads and can play sounds… actually… I give my alms… learn to differentiate between audio and video players! KMPlayer is a Video player as well as BSPlayer and Winamp an audio player. Believe me, I've been taking care of it for a very long time and I won't be here to list your wants and wants, believe what you want… But listen to others too!

  34. Music is just sound! muzik is heard, cannot be seen trebuie it is not necessary to be seen, muzik is sung, some melodic sounds are produced, it must be pleasing to the hearing, not sight, I have been making music since I was 4 years old, I know what I'm saying. ! music without video is accepted but image without sound does not work! Like on TV to see all the programs but without sound would you understand something?

  35. andone nero said

    I have respect for your work, for that tutorials can be viewed FREE! My opinion is that a tutorial should be somewhere in 30 minutes that would otherwise be simply a view of not stick too much. sure others will know more data displayed in tutorials, but for us beginners, they are very good as sunt.V I found little time and found many interesting things that you do not have the patience to explain to you. Thanks and we we hear us!

  36. Arian, is more correct to install a single player to make them all?

  37. ombladon everyone does as he thinks! I prefer to have an audio player that does its job for good audio! And one for video to do its job well video… I care about quality… you may just prefer to be… to go and you care too little about quality… I'm not like that… I also expect quality and professionalism from a software ! For me, one doesn't "smell" good when a software does 100 things unul to do one but good or why not very well! I don't trust "multifunctional" software so to speak…

  38. @Adrian: I have winamp installed 5.54 lite and I would like to know how I use this version of Enhancer Jammix, ie how do I install, how do I turn?

  39. bl the same… see k I posted above how do you do… if you can't… give me an email with your mess id… [email protected]

  40. prostitutes as said

    bv Cristi, you're doing tutorials 5 stele.Poti even an hour, I watch with pleasure.

  41. If you want the playlist text, or marog the playlist names to be larger or smaller, do the following: hold down the CTRL key on the right and press the “+” (plus) key on the right (the one below the Scroll Lock LED) to enlarge the text and to reduce it in the same way, hold down the CTRL key on the right and the ”-” key (minus) all the one on the right under the Scroll Lock LED

  42. and GOM Player installed and I have not had any problem is everything ok.Si ina was a good idea to install it recom revo unninstaler car and others ms than once and wait a few new things from you luck

  43. Please do not much short tutorials.
    Who wants to learn more useful information and can look up all night to a tutorial.
    Everything depends on the decision of ()

  44. hello, I watch you almost daily dak I could say so, for k I am a beginner and these tutorials have helped me a lot and even everything I download from the net I look at you and I follow the same steps… about 10 min tutorials I don't know dak it is absolutely necessary to be a maximum of 10 minutes, I say to be as long as it takes to install something correctly, I look at each tutorial head tail even dak are 40 minutes for k I learn a lot and who needs to learn a to have patience… very good almost all the tutorials and I'm waiting for more…

  45. They are new to using computers and accidentally discovered this site and I think it is f.util, instructive and I think do a good job f all deserve congratulations for that I follow with great interest this site

  46. Ptr.Adrian an idea or a tried sfat.Am Jammix Enchancer 031: has good high, medium-bass but not (or not they've found me?) In any case I liked not, as you praised .I recommend your DSP / Effect-STEREO-TOOL 3.40 which has several Options, more amplification and hear all sounds clear (that you can tell if you're fiddler) .Incearca it and some speakers the world.

  47. @MGIGI: Enhancer friend, it comes with presets as well as manual settings, you can set what you want and what you don't want, bass, medium, high and everything you want, you probably used the presets and you were not satisfied with them, I also used what you have you said Stereo Tool and it doesn't look any better than Enhancer! And I bet you don't set Stereo Tools manually and use the presets it comes with! Just because it has more progress bars and gives you many checkboxes or, unchecked doesn't mean it's better! To me Stereo Tools doesn't seem ok at all, it gives too many highs, even if you adjust it I still don't like the result, it doesn't know how to handle bass, it gives you highs, mediums well but when it comes to giving some bass, to adjust it, I'm not satisfied with the result, I like the "bang" to hear the bass clear and loud, and the highs adjusted a little more shrill…

  48. Mariana said

    Adrian, thank you so much for the Winamp tutorial. I've figured it out for myself so far and I understood today, after watching your tutorial, that I really took the right steps, the ones I did, and I have reason to be happy with myself. However, as I am just a winamp explorer, this tutorial gave me answers to many questions I was asking myself. Regarding the presentation time… I think it should take as long as it takes to present its topic. Those who are interested and who really want to learn something for them, will follow the tutorial from start to finish. Whoever gets bored, has the freedom to shut down.
    And in settings would be bad to make us a presentation. Me, for example, and I think many others, I am interested in how to make a MP3-WAV conversion, and how to shorten / compress a song (say, to be used as background music in a presentation PowerPoint. know that in PowerPoint to insert the presentation of background music, media file must be in WAV format, and it's bigger than PowePoint MP3 and presentation could not be sent by mail). With Winamp know that you can get MP3-WAV conversion, and how others can shrink and WAV file that does not exceed 2 MB, but these shall only be entering the settings. I tried something I did, but I did grope. I would like to come with a tutorial and the subject. I'm sure many of those who work in PowerPoint, the presentation will have a musical background and default it to be heard by those who do not have that song on their computer (if you insert a song presentation MP3 loses background music if you scroll to another computer that has no disk file with this song), as I would be interested in a tutorial on the subject. Thank you. Do a really good job!

  49. Adrian said

    @Mariana : I didn't do this tutorial, although I would have liked it! But I can help you, to know that there are many free applications on top that convert your song in a much more professional way than winamp does. One of the applications is called MediaCoder Audio Edition which you can download here = >> The second application is an AIMP player, this player is called, which has multiple functions, such as: tag editor, records, has an audio converter, support in Romanian, you can program with it, an hour to close the PC your, supports skins, has the menu in Romanian! If I can help you with something else… I'm here! AIMP is also a free software / player you can find if you type in Google AIMP!

  50. Mariana said

    Yes, it was a "calami slip", I realized that I said Adrian instead of Cristi, after I sent the message and this happened only because I remembered the name Adrian from the last comment I read. I apologize. I'm not giving in to the fact that either of you is upset. Especially Cristian. Of course, I had him in mind. It was a little careless. Thank you, Adrian, for your suggestions. I tried JetAudio and Quintessential for the same purpose. But I didn't do much and that's because I don't even know much, I'm just a daring explorer, who is not afraid to approach the unknown. I learn many on my own through the method of trials. I also make mistakes, it's true, since I'm also trying to fix them in the same way, on drawings. I discovered the tutorials here and I am sure I will learn a lot from you.
    As for converting songs, it's true, with Winamp it's a bit more complicated for a beginner. It happened to me to change the settings in Plug-ins / Output (to convert an MP3 to WAV) and then I forgot to go back to the default settings… to later discover that I no longer have sound in Winamp and I didn't realize what, until I realized who and where the trick could be, but it got on my nerves. With JetAudio and Quintessential it was easier, but anyway, after the conversion I couldn't get a file size of up to 2 MB. Probably, I thought with my mind, I need the shortened song. Look, that's not what I tried to do yet. I just know it's possible, but I have no idea how it's done. I'll have to guess on my own. If you came up with a tutorial on this topic, it would be a lifesaver for others, I think. In the meantime, I'll try, as you suggested, MediaCoder Audio Edition and AIMP. I don't know when I can do this, but if I have a problem and I can call for help here, I'm grateful.
    Thanks to all who work on this site.

  51. Well done guys! For those who want smaller tutorials I have a suggestion: you can make a "short" version, but I say they are very good like that. Even more details about the settings I think would be welcome. I keep analyzing this classic player. For a long time I used Rock Steady as a sound dynamics compressor. For those who don't know, I also add a fabrication in WINAMP: to listen to the songs in the playlist in a certain order, click on the desired song then click the "Q" key and it will order them exactly in the order you want (chosen) by you. I don't know if you read all the comments, however I would have a request from you, if you can help me with a tutorial on upgrading dvd players, more precisely in subtitle settings for “avi”, “divX” formats, as a font increase or for the letters “sh” and “tz”. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

  52. I think you're doing very well and explicit tutorials, the longer they are with such presents in detaliu.Nu think anyone wants them shorter if that means he does not want to learn about the program respectiv.M would love to stay to your style and I think many are parere.Continuati same so we can learn from voi.Multa luck

  53. My opinion, I don't know how many of you are there but you are very strong, I have a very good opinion and I learned some things that I didn't know and I don't know who would have told me. The only thing I wouldn't want to happen to make your site for money, that is, with; log-in,… or to pay with the card if you want to look and learn something. Keep it the same so you are SUPER CONCRETE.

  54. BRAVO, very nice!!

  55. Godzilla said

    … ..Hello… I also have a question …… I installed that enhancer plugin… I followed exactly the steps… .but when I enter dsp audio effects… the place where the plug should be there is nothing… and above it writes :… Any selected audio plugin will change the sound of the playback. It will be selected `none` if you do not want to use audio effects ……… .so this writes me but I have nothing to uncheck so I can use these effects… thanks in advance… .and I have another question if it is possible… this is less complicated but I don't give a damn… before each song it shows me and down_right the name of the song and the band… now with another version winamp nothing appears… .I liked that phase..but I can't find where to check… .or is it a plugin? thank you again….

  56. Adrian said

    @Godzilla: Most likely you have downloaded a winamp from somewhere other than the official site or you have probably downloaded the lite version… which does not have all the modules that winamp has and as such you do not work DSP / Effect, the same thing patit and a colleague on the site here named "bl" download exactly as shown in the tutorial… it is impossible not to run your plugin!

  57. Godzilla said

    @Adrian:… I'm sorry, I just installed again from their site… .. + that enhancer plugin… ..and at dsp… I see the same phase with "` none "` and below "` Nullsoft signal processing studio dsp v0.39b …… that's all… ..I installed 10 times and still nothing… .I'm shocked now when I know that all vb of that plugin… I'm curious …… a question… .when I install enhancer and he asks me where to install it, I give it to prog files… .wimanp… .plugin… no? maybe I'm wrong here… although I don't think so

  58. Eugen-Valentin said

    You can do the detailed tutorials..explain each software presented in doesn't bother us..we are really happy… because many of us are interested in the details..the basic things… we draw them ourselves.
    a tutorial if possible to install games ps2 .. ps3 .. wi
    thank you

  59. @Godzilla: When you install that plugin goes nimic.el not choose one place!! You probably do not need and winampu in folderu you installed elsewhere than in C \ Program Files \ Winamp

  60. viorelpicu said

    I disagree with you crystal shortening problem tutorialelor.Un tutorial should last as long as necessary to resolve the problem: download, install, setup, explanation etc.Noi these, novices we need all the details necessary for understanding sometimes problemei.Ba if you move the mouse too fast, but it's Adrian May we dig here and there, probably still succeeded to urma.Cei not watch them head-tail or software know that times have trouble to insist nervii.Eu you do as much as you talk trebuie.Statisticile are relative.De nothing winamp the few tabs at the bottom of the playlist: add and rem.Eu more they use these tricks to load music and Adrian are super (I did not know than selecting the letter J). Greetings and you fight that much we learned from voi.Si a suggestion: put it on Adrian knows more about job job and has pleasant style prezentare.Salut and excuses ptr.deranj.

  61. viorelpicu said

    why not also asked me completing the anti-spam?

  62. @viorelpicu: Because the site remembers you… you only need to enter once, if you change your ip now and you will have to fill in the antispam!

  63. viorelpicu said

    Thanks Adrian.Imi like you're very prompt.Cu this occasion I would put a intrebare.Am any program (no matter what) trial 30 days and assume that is not found anywhere serialul.Daca immediately after installing the program make a back up and restore your backup after 30 day trial starts again from scratch or he sees it was installed back up his restoration is useless? Thank you.

  64. @viorelpicu: Although I haven't tried this and I can't know… I take it logically… the program knows that it was installed by sending to the server of the company that made the software or putting in a log file the date it was installed… even if you restore back-up date and time are normal, updated, current date and time! so I doubt that by restoration you can solve anything! But I know k there is a software… I don't know how it works but cik would reset the trials… a visitor knows his name here BL… if he sees the post please help him te

  65. @viorelpicu: @Adrian: There were no generalized trial resets, there was one for Kaspersky Antivirus 2009 and one for Kaspersky Internet Security 2009, I tried both and it worked. I don't know what the other programs are… Must be searched on torrents!

  66. @viorelpicu: You have another solution but I don't know if you will agree with it… today I found out too thanks to LucianGL… you back up windows without having kaspersky installed or without having it installed… then you install kaspersky and when the 30 days of trial are over you restore the back-up and install it again and kaspersky… I wouldn't give a restore every month just for an antivirus… but if it suits you and you like the idea you can put it into practice! !!


  68. What is the most appropriate setting, for removing all that is best in
    jammix enhancer?… regarding video tutorials: they must be done and
    rendered with luxury of details, no matter how long it lasts!… after they are given the blackberry in their mouth (for free !!!), you have my pretensions… scz

  69. @carmen: There is no standard in Enhancer settings !!! This is exactly the beauty of having options and setting it as you want… how you like it… how you feel it sounds better… you for example may not like the settings I use !!! As you like, that's how you set it!

  70. Andrada said

    All tutorials on this site are very interesting and extremely useful. Those who want to watch them have so much to learn and I do not have to shorten tutorials because most are interested more subtle things that can not be explained in 10 minutes. Those who are eager to learn everything in 5 minutes, ask them to make them shorter tutorials and give no guidance from others. All you do is amazing, especially nowadays when any is paid. Keep up the good work!!

  71. crystu said

    I have a question: how do that when you start Winamp to automatically start a song? Ms. anticipated
    Best tutorials thx

  72. Adrian said

    @crystu: Unfortunately, winamp does not have this option, to play a song at startup !!! You have to play to sing! But I will do a tutorial for a player who has something like that… if you close it while playing the song when you reopen the player resumes the song from where it left off, and play it yourself without pressing anything!

  73. crystu said

    Ms for response. Yes that's Playeru that?

  74. Cristi Hello, I have a question: How to make a video ku pictures (images) and attached ku song in winamp? Ast a rasp or tutorial

  75. Hi Cristi, tell me please, how can I delete the duplicates from the playlist in winamp?

  76. Regarding the tutorials is not much time at all, and those who are of a different opinion have the option of skipping what they think or do not care to buy brosuri.Eu thanks a lot this way for all you do for those who cunosc.Aveti not appreciate all the support and will felicit.MULT mea.Va SUCCESS!


  78. It would be a shame to make most basic tutorials are carefully pursuing 1 hour tutorials.

  79. winamp player is already old
    Best plaier for. music as you AIMP2
    pt. me is the best
    okay. make a tutorial about him if you want

  80. Salut! Ma bucur ca cineva s-a gindit sa faca niste tutoriale, mie cel putin imi place foarte mult nu am mult timp sa stau la calculator dar cind deschid nu ezit sa nu ma uit macar la un tutorial ca ai ce invata, iar durata lui pe mine nu mar deranja daca ar fi si 2 ore ca daca te intereseaza un subiect atunci studiezi cu placere si sunt subiecte pe care nu le poti explica in 20-30 de minute.Multumim ca exista cineva care se gindeste si pentru noi.

  81. kitty emil said

    THANK YOU FOR tutorials that you make. REGARDING shortening tutorials do not know, I think is better not to lose stuff is ESNTIALE FOR THIS believe a longer time explanation is more useful

  82. He appeared in Romanian winamp

  83. ffffffffff you rock! i love the tutorials that make it keep the good work! : - *

  84. gabriela Drăgănescu said

    you are strong… I'm glad you explain to everyone ,,,,, congratulations and keep it up
    grade 10 + I learned something from you and I'm glad I found the site… it was accidental but… ..fffffffff useful
    I admire

  85. Hello
    I watched and very nice tutorial aces and I have a question if you can peimesc an answer.
    How do stop in winamp when double clicking a song or make another song not the one that plays in time to kick it increasingly harder or to stop becoming harder ... I saw from someone but did not know how to do because he did not setup. Thank you very much if you can wait for a response on my Email'ul or messenger id ... or chear here wherever possible.
    Thank you in advance

  86. Edy: Hello
    I watched and very nice tutorial aces and I have a question if you can peimesc an answer.
    How do stop in winamp when double clicking a song or make another song not the one that plays in time to kick it increasingly harder or to stop becoming harder ... I saw from someone but did not know how to do because he did not setup. Thank you very much if you can wait for a response on my Email'ul or messenger id ... or chear here wherever possible.
    Thank you in advance

    Your problem would need to answer Adrian, he is on the pro audio and more.
    If Adrian is nice, he will answer you, but when you start with things like "I want an answer by e-mail", I don't think there will be anyone nice.
    Back down to earth and I even think that you will receive e-mails from us with answers?
    When sending mail is nothing but asking for answers express mail is a pretty bold, not to tell him otherwise.

  87. Edy:

    Open Winamp, go up to "Options" then to "Preferences" in the left column in the window that will appear, scroll down until you reach "Output" and give 1 single click (left) on it. On the right you will have 3 options, you will have to double click on "Nullsoft DirectSound Output". In the window that will appear you go to the "Fading" tab. In that window in a box you will have 5 options:

    on start (disabled)
    on first start (disabled)
    on end of song (disabled)
    on pause / stop
    on seek

    Click on "on seek" to select it and to the right of "Use Custom fade time" (to the right of it) put the value 1 and click on "Apply"

    Click on "on pause / stop" to select it and to the right of "Use Custom fade time" (to the right of it) put the value 1 and click on "Apply"

    Click on "on end of song (disabled)" to select it check the box "Enabled" (because it will not be checked as in the 1 options above) and to the right of "Use Custom fade time" (on the right to) set the value to 2 and click on “Apply”

    Click on "on first start (disabled)" to select it check the box "Enabled" and to the right of "Use Custom fade time" (to the right) put the value 1 and click on "Apply"

    Click on "on start (disabled)" to select it, check the "Enabled" box and to the right of "Use Custom fade time" (to its right) put the value 1 and click on "Apply"

    Up next to "Default fade lenght" put the value 3000 and give "Apply"

    After you have set all this, click on "OK", a message will appear asking you if you agree to automatically adjust your buffer and click on "OK", then close the Preferences window by clicking on "Close" and click a restart of the winamp (close it and reopen it)

    You will now have that wonderful club disco effect… success!

    PS fade effect is called (beginning or end of the song smoothly.

    Fade in - the beginning of the song smoothly with auto adjusting the volume louder and louder

    Fade out - the end of the song smoothly with the volume adjusting more and more slowly

    You can play with the values, you don't have to put 3000, test it yourself and see how you like it, how sudden the fade transition is… until you get some satisfactory settings! If you don't know, leave the value 3000

  88. Super super nice I sincerely thank you for the work you do. And not worrying about what I say all the rude Romania (that we are UNED). All tutorials are interesting, please when you have time to do a tutorial antivirus bitdefender.Va Regards for all you do.

  89. Nelu Gherghisan said

    I greatly appreciate the work that you submit. I am physically handicapped person, a situation that makes it hard contact with other people passionate about IT. Tutorials that make you help me progress in the use coputer, therefore thank you very much. I would be grateful if in future I find tutorials about Windows 7
    Thank you again.

  90. I would not say that you are the strongest because they do not think it would be someone who could compete with you, you follow all vidotutorialele unicati.Eu that I send mail and mati left without words, especially thanks Cristi.Va For there and I wish you continued success.

  91. thank you very much for the tutorials, you do a very good job… I would say that if you did the 20-30 min tutorials it would be ok… but I would prefer if possible to include as many options as the programs presented and one more thing..if you could do a tutorial about virtual dub (how to rip it off) it would be great

  92. They are very useful for me these tutorials, thank you for them, not long at all, to believe that those statistics programs are counted and visitors pigeons passing here and there, but for a sensible man who wants to know how many some of these tutorials are a godsend. If we should read this information should take f more. Thank you again and I hope you continue to do a good job for all Romanians
    all the best

  93. maybe you have time and make a tutorial right ots, the free version… according to me, it's a great audio player. all the best for 2010!

  94. It is very hard this website tutorials in my opinion for whatever it may need to submit an application, the best would be to be quite detailed, probably in the first part to be general information about the application that (for the impatient ) and continue to be presented and detaalii (for those who want to learn more about computers). In this way I think you please everyone. You guys are great, keep up the good work because we need people like you.

  95. jeanpaler said

    Mr. Cristi, we took into account what you kindly explain to us, especially to those of us who are new to PCs. but my question to DV, how and where do I download the winamp you present !? what is underlined that we can download is closed, it does not allow us to unload. somehow it's a tarashenie in which he writes free and after you see me learn how to download I wake up with some "millions" of payment "!? I am waiting within the limits of DV's freedom. a sign of life. with esteem and respect jean paler

    • jeanpaler: Mr. Cristi I took heed to what the bunavointza explicatzi us, especially those who are new to the PC's. But my question to DV, how and where you download Winamp prezentatzi it!? As is pointed out that we download is closed, does not allow us to download ARCAM. somehow a tarashenie that says free and after I learn how to unload vetzi I wake up with a "million" pay "!? DV reign wait in limited release. a sign of viatza. Regards and respect jean paler  Cite me

      Nothing easier. Type winamp on google, search (leave ticked - on the Web), access the first address, which is the manufacturer's address, and Winamp Standard, where it says Free Download, click - then download and install it as in any other program.

  96. We complicate it with those playlists.
    To me it seems easier to get into the Media Library and then click on Local Media and add the folders you want there.

  97. jeanpaler said

    Good morning! morning but makes me a little time to rewrite. I did what he said TZI DV and I installed one WUINAMPUL 5.57 BLACK, THE BLUE IN YOUR RE MI L L I THOUGHT I accidentally ASTES kiddie mine. SO HOW IS my request is called the blue if you ask much. (I follow INSTRUCTZIUNILE and nowhere WUINAP WRITE STANDARD, I wrote on Google and she appeared installation but install something else. THOUSAND MULTZUMIRI. JEAN PALER

  98. drshomeboy said

    The settings in Winamp don't seem complicated at all and I don't consider myself an expert either… maybe it's harder to understand for. those who do not know English. I wouldn't say it's loaded like a Christmas tree, but I'd rather be inclined to say that it has everything it needs, nothing more, nothing less. Of course it's not perfect, but neither Jaangle, nor AIMP nor the other audio players presented on the video tutorial are perfect. In terms of resources, nush what you mean when you say that Winamp consumes a lot of resources compared to other players. Just today I "tested" Winamp and AIMP at the same time and I did not notice big differences in terms of processor or memory usage. As a processor I didn't notice any difference, and as a memory, yes Winamp consumes a little more RAM (3mb :))). There was a time when I had a Pentium III and it didn't seem like Winamp was consuming a lot of resources, it was a time when I had an AMD Athlon 3000+ (single core) and it didn't seem like Winamp was consuming a lot of resources. Now that we are in 2010 (2009 when this tutorial was done) and we have 2 cores, 3 cores, 4 cores it can be said that Winampul mult eats a lot. Winamp is an excellent player considering that there is both a free and a pro version. Be careful when installing that you still find adware through installs though.

  99. alex boss said

    is the super winamp

  100. alex boss said

    is the super winamp in history

  101. The Pro version has the Romanian language installation before you ask which language you want to put it!

  102. Gabriel Lawrence Ologu said

    Super cool tutorial. Honestly even looked at it. You helped a lot. All the best!

  103. cristi said

    cristi hello, nice tutorial about their duration is good to be shorter but no 5 minutes to not understand anything I say as a 30 min is not long for to learn some things that if you try one would take longer and you can not succeed.
    I have not seen in this tutorial is about deeper settings on how to make them hear you speak into the microphone.
    only bine.Cristi

  104. LUFTHANSA said

    I contradict you! We watch head-to-tail tutorials because we find out. And even if we know, no one is so wise to know them all down to the last detail. So, either long or detailed, we see the tutorial!

  105. Cornel said

    Very good but I think it would be better if the first time you try one if you get something or not and then I pass it to departe.Cu other words to direct it a bit.
    You're right in what you say I liked.
    Further good work!!

  106. Mihai Pitesti said

    hello… very good… if I discovered this website we would get rid of formatting about 2-3 times pc…. (related to the nonsense that always puts them) in newer versions of winamp… and one uses an older version of winamp so that I don't always uncheck those things… winamp 5.24 😛 "see you later"
    salut…: P

  107. buffer said

    OtsAV I find the handling of audio files Although it seems a bit strange

  108. nicubanditu said

    yes even I did like you and mia axact went very good tutorial I did not know it installs correctly

  109. andreea said

    I have a big request I need a media player yahoo WinAPI as ilpot obtain free?

    • andreea: I have a big request I need a yahoo WinAPI playerpentru media as ilpotobinegratuit?  

      I don't know what you mean and what exactly you want… I've never heard of a winap media player for yahoo in my life. I only heard about Winamp, the player it refers to and the video tutorial above. Did you play the video? did you watch him It's in Romanian !!

  110. Catalin Alexandru said

    thank you very much I installed winamp correctly I will follow you…. Thank you very much

  111. I really appreciate what you do

  112. Very interesting. Bravo guys are strong!

  113. Thank you very much, you guys rock

  114. Cristian Dima said

    you are the coolest I've learned a lot from you and from me to keep tutorials and learn as much as those who do not know.

  115. Thank you very much super do a super job

  116. catalin said

    why not music remains closed list if you

  117. Hello! Follow you every day. Please if you could make a tutorial on aimp2 or amp3 that were not found tutoiale about acesc player.

  118. TP Medias said

    for me as a beginner Execelent!

  119. Sal friends I have a request to you who knows how often a winamp on tel c3 I have a phone and can not often that I sp file application supported us urgently please me aj

  120. Correction anterior.Am comment meant EXCELENT.Astept and Unlock modem ZTE MF altele.Ex 190.

  121. WINAMP [WIN] dows [A] AUDIO [M] edia [P] layer (audio player for Windows)

    Continued success and tutorials as interesting!

  122. Congratulations for your work. Will track and appreciate.

  123. tutorial for winamp is great. I found things that I did not know that they can do to and with him .. Thank you. I appreciate your work


  1. […] Or Buffer to PC we will have to make some more settings in case we use Winamp or BS Player. The settings are very simple and have been explained in detail in the video tutorial. [...]

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