Windows 10 legal and free in the Windows 10 Insider

Windows 10 legal and free in the Windows 10 Insider
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Now we can get free Windows 10 for an indefinite period, Insider entering Windows program!
Hi friends, in today's tutorial will talk about Windows 10 exactly will bring some clarification on who will receive the update free of charge, if it will be free or not when we will receive.
The internet is circulated as participants in the program will receive a free Windows program Insider final version of Windows 10 and license it.
Who gets free Windows 10?
Windows will receive free 10, the final version, only those who were enrolled in Windows Insider Program. License will be valid only until the next major update or future version of Windows.
What will be valid Windows license 10 obtained through the Windows Insider?
Those who are enrolled in the Windows Indider will receive the final version of the Windows operating system and license it 10. The license will be valid until the next major update comes out for Windows 10 or a new version of Windows. Meanwhile, those who participate in the program will need Windows Insider to remain in Windows Insider program and make updates available to extend the license.
The exemmplu: are enrolled in the Windows Insider receive official and stable version of Windows 10 with a license for it. Remaining in the Windows Insider, Microsoft in this program will continue to release updates, fixes, patches or new versions (pre releases). The user will have to make these updates or install versions "pre release" to extend and renew the license. With each update made by the user, Microsoft extends the previous license and the update will come to an end within a short time after releasing new updates or pre release version.
If the user terminates his 10 new Windows updates released Windows Insider program, the license system will eventually expire when November will be released major updates, even if the user does not make these updates. If you will do with the new update installed, the license will be extended and will be valid until the next update or pre future release.
What users get Windows Insider participating in the program?
Those who are enrolled in the program will benefit Insider Windows versions or updates of the system are in development, security updates, fixes or patches to the system before they reach users using version final and stable system. Those who are in this program are supposed to report and provide feedback (not required) to Microsoft in the event of any problems or incompatibilities that Microsoft will fix them and ultimately become available for regular users who use the commercial version, the final and stable operating system. Also participants in this program will receive early access to future versions of next operating system.
To shorten chatter, entering Windows Insider'll receive updates and operating system versions are in development phase, testing and very shortly you will enjoy stable versions / final of the Windows operating system and will 10 more to come after.
How will receive or how they will install updates within the Windows Insider?
All you have to do is to enroll users in this program using a Microsoft (video tutorial we showed how to do this), download the ISO image of Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview, to install and after installation, in steps of setting the operating system to log in with the same account that joined the Microsoft Windows Insider Program. The operating system will come with basic Windows Update enabled, and future major system updates or these pre-releases will come through Windows Update sites. The user will have to install to extend the license. Otherwise it will expire.
When it launched the final version of Windows 10?
According to Microsoft, the final version of the operating system will be released on July 29 2015. Those who do not participate in Windows Insider program will be in a year (from the release of the final version 29.07.2015) make the free update to Windows 10 having already installed a version of legal / licensed Windows operating system 7, 8 or Windows Windows 8.1. Users of Windows Insider program will receive a free update to version Windows 10 final and stable and this license will be valid until the next major update of the system.
For those interested, I have shown in the video tutorial on how to join the Windows Insider to receive the update free and stable final version of Windows 10 and 10 where Windows download Pro.
Once downloaded the ISO image of Windows 10 Pro, you can make a bootable USB stick with Rufus or 7 Windows USB / DVD Download Tool or you can make a bootable DVD with it later to install Windows 10.

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  1. to do a tutorial on installation and 10 insider's win dows?

  2. Regarding Insider Windows program, you have Windows 10 dreptate.Vom but NU.Microsoft licensed and free to nou.Am coatings twisted seen around noon news that Microsoft will not do this because they think it will happen after Therefore a large number of partitipanti in the program and either can not or do not want large numbers of people to have free license.

  3. But if the windows viruseaza final 10, then where will take final version to the reinstall?

    • If you're careful and you take every precaution, you will not infect all.
      Watch where you go, you download, you install.
      If you do it blindfolded, you "virus" and Linux.
      As in real life-and-n virtual must have certain limits.
      In reality you do not go through a rough neighborhoods, because instinct tells you not to do that. Do not eat out of the garbage, because you have a detention. So it is with computer infections.

      • virus20009 said:

        Speaking of formum Ubuntu.
        If sum of infecting Linux're too stupid.

        @ Adrian
        Understand and those who have Windows 10 for sale and not Muma, sales will decrease?

        • axelluny said:

          From my experience with linux and windows 10 can say this because there are some porcării.M am tired of "defects" on ambele.Singurul advantage of Linux in the front windows on security is and will be the lack of popularitate.În the rest are just stories to promote Linux.

    • Adrian Gudus said:

      You keep the ISO image that you download when you apply Windows Insider program (as shown in the tutorial) and if you viruses, reinstall the OS and you updates will be available at the time.

  4. Popescu said:

    Thank you Adrian!

  5. I have a problem installing build 10.Am Wind 10130 used the same method to install on USB stick with Windows 7-DVD-Download-Tool.După they do restart and boot from the stick figure to me and I do not continually restart The instalare.Adrian setup appears, you know any solution to this problem?

    • Adrian Gudus said:

      You must make specific settings in the BIOS to boot from the stick. About these settings has spoken tutorial on "Some brief explanations BIOS" you find the search box at the top right.

  6. A tutorial windows installation 10 good. + 90 90 enterprise version days will be?

  7. Ovidiu said:

    I've downloaded Windows 10 10130 Insider Preview Build of the Microsoft website (without me enroll in the program) and I installed it on a laptop. Duap 24 hours I gave it back to Windows 8.1 because I create problems: 1. The reboot / close the first error, something like: 2. When you enter with Mozilla Firefox on sites Yahoo, Facebook, Google, Mozilla told me a secure connection problem. You are happening to you or we did wrong somewhere?

  8. Razvan said:

    Yes tutorail want an insider 10 about installing Windwos

    • Yes. yes to be explained all the custom install options. it is there to send him and archive data from Microsoft browser. they say only searches on search engines ... did they give it for free elsewhere? be a total control. I'm thinking seriously about linux and windows to enter the editing only for games and programs if I am needed.

  9. George said:

    I have installed the windows but did not go 10 nustiu mouse has, but I went setup installation

    • Andrew said:

      Hello, George! And I had a similar prblema: I successfully installed OS on a notebook, desktop and when it was loaded, the touchpad no longer work! Luckily we had a USB mouse, with which we installed the necessary drivers touchpad.

  10. sorin said:

    Ovidiu, gives me the same error and tried several times to install Windows 10 using various utilities for creating a bootable stick but same error occurs each time you shut down or give understand if a system error from Microsoft or ISO image containing sait it eroare.ramane see anyway as soon as you install Windows 10 solve this principal.mie system that I really like ...

  11. Mikhail Stefano said:

    Legal and free until the expiring of the preview build. If it is updated to RTM it will remain active only if the user remains in insider program, or has a Windows license or 7 8 / 8.1.

  12. I tested the version released now be win10 build 10147 and I've concluded that at first and build up to this increasingly ill mention going to have a lenovo with i7 and programs AIMP ssd, Potplayer, and chrome qbittorent anything else do not use.
    And to not appear for drivers. I do not think deserves 10 win.
    And the biggest problem I have with the touchpad driver version 17 going ok and I still update the 19 and not take orders, and the bad they can not stop or choose which updates to make them do

    • Adrian Gudus said:

      Automatic updates for drivers can be stopped! See that we tutorial on this topic, you find using the search box top right. What was shown there is available and can be applied to Windows 10

  13. Gheorghe stamatin said:

    Hi I care if it works on Windows Vista and if possible to do more about Windows 10 and if I go on the phone and on the PC Windows 8.1 Windows I thank you !!!

  14. nick5roo said:

    Even if you insider, but you pirated Windows, you will not receive Windows 10 free! Even if you preview and you have no license, and the insider register, you will receive a free license. See the Microsoft insider details.

    • Adrian Gudus said:

      Receive final and stable version of the Insider and its validity will remain until the next major update or release until the next pre, pre releases updates or sites that will have to install them (remaining in Windows Insider program) and Such validity will be extended with each release updates or pre downloaded and installed. I thought I was clear enough tutorial. I explained all this in the text above tutorial.

  15. I installed version 10130, in virtual box. Duapa about one week, I can say the following: 1. Unable to set the monitor's native resolution (maximum is 1600 1200 ×). 2. I can not install the drivers AMD video cards (installation bugs). 3. The entire range of settings is very limited and weaker as 8.1. 4. Spartan browser is even spartan, you can not set it and very little cumbersome. Basque closes unexpectedly videos go with interruptions and how to download files is weird, you can not choose the location of discharge. 5. Windows update does not help solve problems with draverele, troubleshooting or both. 6. I for one, I settled in very quickly to 8.1 (indeed as I use it more as 7), but this seems a 10 ostrich-camel combi with 8 7, which can not yet be called a revolution, nor evolution. I do not know how or be variants for tablet and phone, maybe it did more than think of them.

    • I agree with you Vio.Primele versions win10 went better than I installed decat10130.astazi win10130 and I could not install the driver for your video card to win 10 older versions and install it detedcta who went back la8.1 prox64 impeccable

  16. Hello,
    I can not access certain sites, like blogs or what not that seem safe in terms of family safety related continutului.E, you know where I can go? In contu by Microsoft are passed as admin and as an adult, so I do not see as the problem ....

  17. Alexandru said:

    I did not understand ... Eventually I subscribe myself, even though I did not win any. Original?

    • Adrian Gudus said:

      Yes, anyone can join!

      • nick5roo said:

        Even if you insider, but you pirated Windows, you will not receive Windows 10 free! Even if you preview and you have no license, and the insider register, you will receive a free license. See the Microsoft insider details.

        • Adrian Gudus said:

          You repeat that parrot! You already said that here yet 4 times. Although I gave the reply and I was informed that you are misinformed, keep Suti aberrations!

          • nick5roo said:

            I do not like your attitude! At this you lose readers. I rehearsed 2 4 or not as you say. And I know well what I mean. Here's one source that supports what I write.

            • Nicolae said:

              nick5roo Dude you're crazy? What pirated windows to you !!! as long as you run Windows 10 the program? Are you headed?

  18. A tutorial to install Windows if poate.Am Insider 10 10 installed Windows in Virtual Boxing Insider is moving well, but I did not put any show anywhere and any mail-ul.Ma expect to not give me permission to give until next bag series or mail-ul.Asa shall or series or mail jab after after installation?

  19. Adrian, why Adblock Plus extension of that block video tutorial.

  20. Grigor said:

    Hi Adrian
    Very interesting and would be very welcome totorialul a tutorial on installing Windows 10.
    Thanks and look further as interesting tutorials.

  21. I'm free as a bird in the sky. The 6 years not smoke, the 1 year I gave up winozuri. Linux Live USB to live. In 2 maximum RAM installs in minutes and does not hurt Hulk. Faster than any SSD, no virus, no virus problem. Fly, more.
    And it's FREE!
    Quirky 7.0.3 released

  22. Gogu can not make bootable stick with this image of 10 win is corrupt

    • Adrian Gudus said:

      It means that something happened to you in the network while downloading the ISO image. Re-download the ISO image using Internet Explorer or Firefox browser!

      • Adrian Gudus said:

        May I warmly recommend to use Windows 10 Rufus to put the stick. Link to Rufus tutorial you got in the text above tutorial or you find writing Rufus in the top right search box and pressing Enter.

  23. Andreius said:

    Question versions of Windows 7 8, 8,1 are available to download free on their official website or other sites official? if so, tell me where I could find to me.

  24. There's another issue, good to know: all versions of Windows entreprise will not receive 10 windows update!

  25. I ma-m cured of W10, I had installed, super walking up and made the third or fourth series of updates after rebooting never open a bulit motherboard ... not even reached his logo display intel motherboard bios ... pretty good and worked very well W7 W8 on it ... so I figured on my own skin as it is not good to install software in testing phase on your hardware!

    • I doubt that your motherboard has bulit. It was probably some wrong configuration in BIOS. Usually the option of "fast boot" or "quick boot" etc., salt quickly over your post and reads anything not to splash screen with the Windows operating system.
      Remove the battery from the motherboard and avoid to use fast boot or similar options.

  26. Beloved versions "pre release" are test versions of an operating system. That system manufacturer uses those observations to improve test it until it believes it can release the stable version. When installing these test versions you assume the risk that the producer is not liable, willingly accept testing. So, you will not complain about not work, that broke do not know why, you do not like, as another's best ... better send your comments to the producer may finally be able to pull something good market, and of course share them with others in these comments.
    Thanks Cristian and Adrian for your tutorials for perseverance and patience with others who share your knowledge!

  27. "Help shape the Windows 10 experience for millions of people.
    With the Windows Insider Program, you CAN help build Windows PC 10 alongside experts, IT pros, and developers around the world.
    IF, however, you think BIOS is a plant-based fuel, this program May not Be right for you. "
    With this message will greet Windows Insider Program.
    When you open a website and try to read what is there, even to translate it's still better than to click and do not know what you're doing. Exactly this and Cristian said earlier: "If you pay attention and you take every precaution, you will not infect all. Watch where you go, you download, you install. "

  28. Daniel said:

    Hello, I saw that same key to yours ...

  29. sorin said:

    Dear Adrian,
    I will follow you for a long time team and I am sure are some experts as comp.dar I do not consider myself a greenhorn tell you honestly iso image to win 10 is corrupt as well noticed and installed hundreds of times on different comp systems and used all tools to create bootable stick but this iso image on the site microsoft merge.daca not you have other methods that go respectful please share them with others as to enjoy and new win10.felicitari and Cristian, your colleague who could make and radio career for pleasant timbre and voice (is a former radio DJ and I know) still .succes

    • Adrian Gudus said:

      As can be seen in the tutorial, run the Windows build the 10 10130. I did exactly as I said in the tutorial. I signed in with a Microsoft Windows Insider, I downloaded the ISO image on 64 bit, I made a bootable USB stick using Rufus and I installed on laptop in dual boot with Windows 7. Rufus put the ISO image on the stick and made bootable without "noses" after I installed Windows 10 using USB stick bootable Rufus made.
      As mentioned above, download the ISO image using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome is "famous" in having to download full prbleme files downloaded. Often the download stops unexpectedly or files downloaded Google Chrome are corrupt.

  30. Laurentiu said:

    Cristi Hello!
    Thank you for proper tutorials.
    It would be interesting tutorial about Tor network. Settings hazards information.
    All the best.

    • Adrian Gudus said:

      We have tutorial about Tor, we have about browser security, and on securing a wireless network, and how to crack a wireless network and how a hacker can intercept your passwords and data traffic WiFi. All this you find in the top right search box. We also have about VPN and about the poisoning of DNS, network troubleshooting and other over 1000 tutorials!

  31. From all presented in tutorial, and the discussions, understand that yet under license 7 Win is better to wait for the final version that can be accessed in less than a year since the release date Win10 and not to be filled with nerves making practical tests on their laptop ... both cases virtually free access to Win is 10 ... please correct me if I misunderstood! ... Thanks!

    • Adrian Gudus said:

      You got that right but to play with Windows 10 no need to install "real" in your laptop. use your virtual machines. See we have tutorials on two of them: VirtualBox and VMware Player. You can find the search box at the top right of the new site.

  32. all your Windows system remains unstable and vulnerable. remain on linux as I stayed until about 2 half years now. on your Windows go from year to paste. Linux is based. your Windows is a big **** and always will be. Linux has many serious flaws as a merger as your Windows and your Windows will be anointed and is a system that greori ,, ,, sifoneza quickly.

  33. viorel said:

    bunaziua and I want a Windows installation tutorial 10
    thank you

  34. Csabaxb said:

    Hello, who is up with white windows from the taskbar icon, next to the clock? He says to you book a copy of 10, which will download and install the July 29. And the windows update occurs. It will be legal, genuine a year?

    • Adrian Gudus said:

      Related 1 year, you can take the 1 year since the launch of Windows 10 you decide if you update to Windows 10. If you decide to do after the last update 1 year of release, upgrade from Windows 7 8 and 8.1 times, there will be free.
      This year 1 not related to the validity of the license which you have Windows 10.

  35. Csabaxb said:

    Thank ptr. Answer.

  36. FaqyaK said:

    Does anyone know a way to put Windows on a USB stick x10 64, 7 that if we 8 and 8.1 windows on x32 ??

    I tried 3 methods rufus, 7 windows usb tool and WinToFlash and none worked only method that worked with classic DVD.

  37. Victor said:

    Hello. I have a asus windows f200m with 8 not going to install any other operating system, that's not stik boots. I disabled my secure boot UEFI appears stik but has the front. I wanted to disable UEFI BIOS but does not appear in any option to do that. What advice would you give me?

  38. costel said:

    hi, how can I get back to Windows after I installed Windows 7 10 pro insider? not go any system restore does not go nor return to the control panel 7 w ... .How do? please help me

  39. Hi,
    Currently licensed use 8.1 W in dual boot with W FPP Pro Insider Preview build 10 1062 site.
    FPP license of Windows 8.1 (1PC, 1 license; move software from one PC to another, involving deletion
    The first PC) will remain valid after upgrade to W 10?
    It will upgrade the components by activating W 10 on PC ??
    Thank you.

  40. The Windows PC Insider was closed for 10 windows?
    I see when I login into condos insider no longer active windows icon Get Started - PC.

  41. FaqyaK said:

    That link to "Get Started - PC" is no longer active Esty !!!
    What we do in this case? As 10 get free windows? As we enter the program or Windows Insider if the link is no longer active? There must be a trick somehow feint that link.

  42. NECULA DUMITRU said:

    ON my laptop is installed WINDOWS 8.1 .VREAU to update WITH WINDOWS 10. Who can help me with an algorithm WORK? THANK YOU!

  43. Hey, I did all the steps to enter the Insider program, but the link "Get Started PC" is not active. The laptop I made arrangements to take Win10 is scheduled automatically for him already em Win8 licensed. Insider Win10 interest me for another laptop, which is now home and has Win7 unlicensed. That will be the reason for not going link download, so do the action on a device that automatically enter Win10 anyway? I must make arrangements on your device with Win7? Thank you.

  44. No, this is why. It is blocked for everyone.
    On the net there are sites where one can find the latest version of Windows 10 before the finals.
    But from what I understand program was effectively closed. Even if you install a beta (with the series already provided for preoficiala version), Snap on (even if using insider account).

  45. Dorel Dumitru said:

    Please windows10 insider enlightened me on, as 10 Pro v.10264 teansforma in windows and how to get activation key. Can anyone answer me? Thank You

  46. Traian said:

    if I install Windows 10 90 enterprise will have same-day free trial, or e?

  47. Hi Adrian, I have a problem with desktop. arrange icons on deminsiunea wanted to do and after each restart or refres icons and rearranging themselves, the problem I have, after a month of use of Windows 10 of the cause might be? I looked through the settings but frankly I have not found any results ...

  48. Razvan22H said:

    Hello, 2 problems with windows 10, I did update to Windows 7 the 10 went perfectly, the problem 1 stay in felu Next, I did not get to connect with a Microsoft (told to try later because expired connection), and 2 not let me see the laptop may download movies, sound quality gives the image remains black (I installed codecs, all that is necessary) would be solutions to problems?

  49. I attended Insider without having had any windows installed, I had from the outset ubuntu, I did what I've seen from you Videotutorial about dual boot, and you gave the Microsoft way to win10 I had the pleasant surprise to I see that I give and use it carefully mie.Ma not flippant nonsense and although I have ubuntu on windows 14.04 get enough, are still things that Ubuntu does not compare with Windows, and even are quite pleased with this win 10. They do updates when I have, it can easily be disturbing, it takes a little work here otherwise ubuntu, but it seems though that the minds of MS have tried a pic.Se can do better, but towards win I think it's bine.Zic 8,8.1eu I use my computer for that, I'm good enough, I never had trouble with 10 win, maybe when I was insider, but when I reported, and I saw The treaba.Apreciez what you do with these tutorials, I learned a lot from you, so keep up the asa.Sper going to find solutions that interesting to you.
    Now think, see, I did not do copy from your Win it again immediately ready year, yet I was not agitated but as someone said above, I had to do something about it in case a reinstall sistemul.Dar that's already something, I was talking about something else now.

  50. Hello! does not appear to me to sing, so I can not connect at all, I tried the update and tells me that it's ok win version. I win 8.1

  51. We salute!
    Insider windows are in the program and we are being pro win 10 licensed for various reasons I had to reinstall the clean-su window, the problem is how can I have you acquire a license through the date of insider?
    Thank you!

    • AdrianGudus said:

      Reinstall the system using the ISO image download when you have enrolled in Windows Insider and setup wizard after installation, log in with the same account used to enter the Microsoft Windows Insider

      • Thanks for the reply Adrian!
        I resolved, I reistalat windowsu and I ignored the product key and immediately turned me alone, I wanted to come back anyway for those who have problems of this kind!
        Happy Holidays!!

  52. Hello!
    How is the 2016? Longer valid "offer" or already out last win 10?

  53. I recently installed on a notebook w10 hp, all well and good after a few minutes of installation I turn on and off the screen (if I install something) and at one point became black screen ... .we can do anything any with ctrl + alt + anyone can help or has anyone any idea I would be grateful (I mention that all of this kit w10 I installed it on a toshiba and works flawlessly).

  54. Hello. I bought the store a laptop with quad core and 4cpus 4 Gb RAM, hard disk 500Gb. The laptop comes with free dos which I think means no driver for OS. 10 bought the laptop has Windows installed pro, so I bought.
    So far found no way to boot a DVD with Windows 10 with serial number? I do not need a license to any company that does not work. Thank you.

  55. free download windows with 10



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