Windows 8 consumer preview with the new compatibility and installation wizard - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about Windows Consumer Preview 8 which was just released a few hours ago. More specifically a tool to talk about Windows Consumer Preview 8 that will facilitate installing Windows 8. It is a mix Wizard that you download from the Microsoft official website and that, once run will tell us how many of the applications already installed in the operating system that we have now will work in Windows Consumer Preview 8 and if hardware components such as: webcam, printer, video card, audio, wireless will work in Windows Consumer Preview 8. Going through the wizard, you'll know if it's worth trying if you can try it on our PC and if our favorite apps will work in Windows 8. Also, if you have a printer or other peripheral to your PC, it is recommended that you connect to your PC before running Wizard to find out if they will be compatible with Windows 8 Consumer Preview.
8 Windows Consumer Preview is not the final version but as its name says, it is a test version for regular users can test the new Windows 8, get familiar with it.
8 Windows Consumer Preview can be tested only on laptops and desktops following that later this year also be available in a version for mobile devices and tablets.
From what I've tested so far, Windows Store, store applications can be used to download and install applications on it. However as you can use the Windows Store, you must have an internet connection. And also the Start button was removed from both the desktop interface and from the Metro. To access system settings, the brightness slider and volume button turn off, you have to use the Charm Bar located on the right side of the display along it and will be visible only when 'll hold your mouse cursor in the bottom right corner of the display.
It should be noted that wizard we talked about in this tutorial is provided towards the end to make a bootable USB stick or burn in our place on a DVD ISO image. If you want to put it on a stick, it will be at least 4 GB.
Official download link for Windows 8 Consumer Preview:
Towards the end, here are the system requirements for Windows 8 Consumer Preview:
Processor: 1 GHz or more
Memory: GB Plateaus 1 32 bits or more and 2 64 GB or more bits
Hard Disk Space: 16 GB (32 bit) or 20 GB (64 bit)
Video Card: Capable Microsoft DirectX 9
To use the touch will need a monitor that supports multi touch
To use, download, install of Windows Store applications requires an Internet connection and a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768
To use the feature snap apps you need a minimum resolution of 1366 x 768
ISO Image Windows Consumer Preview 8 32 bit has 2.5 GB
ISO Image Windows Consumer Preview 8 64 bit has 3.3 GB
It is recommended to use Windows Consumer Preview 8 the main operating system, I recommend installing it on VMware Player or PC / laptop side.
That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly where 8 Download Windows Consumer Preview, we can make a bootable USB stick with it, how we can make a bootable DVD and how find out if the devices already installed applications and hardware the available 8 will work on Windows Consumer Preview.


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  1. i already installed… pretty nice… XD

  2. and I lam installed and I find it a bit complicated at first sight for me it seems like it's half and half descktop too fancy smartphone

  3. ddsutu said

    Thank you very much for the tutorial… We are waiting for news about this new operating system!

  4. sklipy said

    I don't know what to say ... honestly it's like it's no longer "windows" I don't really like it I don't know what, I'll try it more to see what and how yes I really don't find it spectacular and not easy to use like: xp, vista, 7. Maybe with the final version it will be better but I can barely get used to 7 and a change to 8 really upsets me :))) I would stay old-fashioned to say that my favorite and I think that of many it is and will remain still "windows xp" even if it doesn't have that many effects, it's still their best windows !!! Thanks for the tutorial (very quick) I appreciate this on this site a new news appears here immediately.

    • AdrianGudus said

      I do not know what to say .. there's honestly like "windows" I really do not like you do not know DC, you try it more to see what and how even give spectacular and I can not find any easy to use as p, vista , 7.Poate the final variant will be better but just get used to crossing 7 8 and even bedevil me)) I would be unfashionable to say that my favorite and I think of many is and will remain " Windows XP "even if it does not have as yet the best EFFECT their windows! Thanks for the tutorial (very fast) I appreciate that the site appears this breaking news here immediately.

      Competition is good, it's very good to have alternative big advantage for us, the users. And if you feel lost ... we exist to clarify .... but we do not guess desires, thoughts .... ask politely and you will be given ...

      • AdrianGudus: Competition is good, it's very good to have alternative big advantage for us, the users. And if you feel lost ... we exist to clarify .... but we do not guess desires, thoughts .... ask politely and you will be given ...

        yes yes I saw I asked once to me and me zuceti a program for android and I have recommended to read and watch tutorials :)) but you have to appreciate for that after 2 days appeared chear and tutorial :) )

  5. Andrei Cojocaru said

    Classic Start Menu is a tutorial for the tutorial it would not work last time at that!

  6. Hello, I have a little problem, I can not watch 11.10 tutotrialele in ubuntu, nor Firefox nor Chromium I installed flash player, but I know that this site is running jwplayer, have some codecs installed??
    I do not like at all 8 windows windows developer preview but I and I did not install when I saw that the interface is simply a beat the game.
    Ubuntu seems more attractive, although I do not like any unity.
    Now I have Windows XP in dual boot 7 and ubuntu is Ståle in XP by Wubi.

    • mihai:
      Hello, I have a little problem, I can not watch 11.10 tutotrialele in ubuntu, nor Firefox nor Chromium I installed flash player, but I know that this site is running jwplayer, have some codecs installed?? There I like all 8 windows and windows developer preview but I did not when I saw what I installed interface is simply a beat dejoc.Ubuntu seems more attractive, although no unity agreez.Acu not have XP and 7 in dual boot Windows and Ubuntu is Ståle in XP by Wubi.

      1. in terminal => sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras
      2. You can try cinnamon interface instead of Unity (search on google how to install Cinnamon on Ubuntu 11.10)

  7. I'm a mess, like my phone .. remain at w7!

  8. Adrian Thanks for the tutorial I hope you continue Tutorial Winndows 8.

  9. CtrlSoft said

    I have a request Adrian mia liked igaginea Depe Desktop terog dami-conferences with this picture !!! I will be grateful

    • CtrlSoft said

      Adrian I have a request igaginea depe mia liked dami terog Desktop connection of with this picture! I will be grateful. I hope the tutorial is great way to keep away all thanks so much

  10. hmmm, server not found when trying to give play to video

    • crys:
      hmmm, server not found when trying to make the video play :(

      The tutorial works perfectly, I tried three different networks.
      Try to empty the browser cache or you can use another browser.
      The only problem with running tutorials Cosmote network connection is Web n Walk, that's because they put some limitations.

  11. VladyR10 said

    nice tutorial, worth trying, but just out of curiosity, what version takes out the little program that X86 or X64?

  12. Does the final version will be as partion? ie we have if we get the desktop start bar etc ie May to enter the computer and if you close the window

  13. Cool preserve. I tested it, I love how it moves and how I interact with him.
    I hate that gives me BSOD when I connect to internet via PPPoE. I kept him connected to the internet with a mobile internet stick. Overall I am happy with him. It's easier than Windows 7, intelligent design. Now wait for the final version and a loader for it.

  14. maximum said

    how can I make changes in Program Files, for example I can copy or overwrite a file?

    do not have access, even if you disable UAC

    thank you very much

  15. Sometimes I hear a thousand bad sound in windows, nustiu how to get rid of him we did not find any solution so far, can you help me please more.

  16. Well, did you delete the tutorial? or is it a problem? tells me there is a problem with the server…

  17. hello why not open the video clip?

  18. I installed it in virtualbox but any way I can connect to the internet using all possible settings and net him any way I

  19. I tried with VMware and gives me this error

  20. For Adrian Gudus, Adi man I have a request to you if you think it's worth doing a tutorial on the preferred encoding sonyvegas and what you recommend what codecs? Thank you very much

  21. Valentin said

    Hello, I have a question that I could use this windows windows default? (Games music etc)

  22. FaraVirusi said

    I tried with VMware and gives me this error

    It gives this error because you have not entered your good serial key.
    Damn her English….

  23. Name appears: "Install on Another Partition" Celant equiped 2 opriuni "now" or "later" as sal save ISO format

    • AdrianGudus said

      Name appears: "Install on Another Partition" Celant equiped 2 opriuni "now" or "later" as sal save ISO format

      I'd advise you to watch the tutorial head-tail without rewind because I showed how to just download the ISO image.
      If you still want to put the stick that tutorial, insert a USB stick in the drive before running the wizard.

  24. FaraVirusi said

    I love becoming more 8 windows, looks great, i put some new effects, aero effect looks much better, the new logo is very successful, how about Windows Store Hats. I like the new operating systems can be run on tablets and even if the competition is high or I think you are successful, once you appear or multiple applications. Windows 8 worth all the money, I think the biggest step is made from Microsft Windows 95 over.
    Windows 8 eat less resources than Windows 7 (tested by my house), I saw them easier (for the PC has only 1 GB RAM and a Celeron last generation). I can not say that it runs Windows extraorinar 8 on it, but doing better than Windows7 orcum.

    Speaking while ago I read on a blog that can run Windows 8 Xbox live on windows 8, now what's the word? It may be true?

  25. I see that the requirements are quite small for 8 windows and that seems very good, do not know how compatible it is with audio drivers and I say this because owning an emu sound card in Windows 0404 7 not work one hundred percent, though promises much this new operating system, my question is when will the final version?

  26. Csabaxb said

    Hi guys, I downloaded and installed the iso 64 bits go, but I found some bugs already. If the final version of 2012 end, it will not be much better, I wish the successful use ptr. those who like. I'm sure I'll remain on 7, and Linux Mint.

  27. NICOLAE said

    SKLIPY subscribe to what I say, everything seems XP has been and remains the most successful SYSTEM, JUST OUT OF FASHION How do some think.

  28. I installed the original windows enterprise 7 15 free days and got a mess: boot in 60 sec.internetul opened in 5-7 in general any application went an older pc: motherboard gigabyte ga-m61pme -s2 athlom 7550 AMD dual-core ram hdd hitachi 4gb 7500rtpm / 500gb.este system fault or windowsul7? what tangible benefits are to the xp machine is referred to the w7 and 8.

  29. theylye said

    I am not going to download apps from store.stie someone with

  30. for those who want to install it live on the computer on a separate partition, I recommend them to be very careful because it will read the basic windows and will detect it as "pirate" and the windows will crack or worse it will close. I saw that the moving world was hit by this bug, including me. I said it was buil… I use windows 7 so be very careful

  31. I tried to put it on the Virtual Box and it gives an error…

  32. What antivirus is recommended! Ask for as my favorite is Avira but in wizard compatibility test software is not supported Avira thank you!

  33. kraiova00 said

    I no longer go to me sound when I put your picture look

  34. I myself ala wallpaperu`

  35. I installed it, it really works better than Windows 7 and it's more enjoyable, but in some games, especially the older ones, like GTA San Andreas it jerks, and it's not because of the PC… it worked fine on Windows 7 .

    Nice preview!

  36. WINDOWS 8 a real shit for normal desktop PCs, it deserves to put WINDOWS 8 on a PC with touch monitor or tablets. From my point of view, it has lost all its charm. I at least can't support touch devices. In conclusion, I don't know how to call it crap. I expected it to come up with an improvement to help programs, drivers, etc. not to eat too many resources

  37. laurentiu said

    I require internet settings defiecare time you turn in win8

  38. I nuvrea to instal but I recognize the audio driver, you can help me with some information? Thank you.

  39. I installed Windows akm 8.Dar I am a little not figure it out .. No sound .. what to do .. I've tried the original CD motherboards .. and still does not work : |

  40. AdrianGudus said It is recommended to use Windows Consumer Preview 8 the main operating system, I recommend installing it on VMware Player or PC / laptop side.

    The text above tutorial you read? That you gave to look? : It is recommended to use Windows Consumer Preview 8 the main operating system, I recommend installing it on VMware Player or PC / laptop side.

  41. can you make a tutorial how to repair windows xp after I installed Windows Consumer Preview 8

  42. Hi!
    I installed Windows 8 32bit Release Preview and complete the installation, I noticed he put all drivers, video card, network card, still less that sound I hear nothing.
    How can I do to hear sound?
    Thank you!


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