Windows Repair Toolbox

Windows Repair Toolbox
Windows Repair Toolbox

What is the Windows Repair Toolbox video tutorial about Windows troubleshooting tools?

In this video tutorial called Windows Repair Toolbox Windows troubleshooting tools, I will introduce you to a portable program that brings together many tools for troubleshooting, scanning, checking, etc., for the Windows operating system.

It is a very useful software collection for those who troubleshoot Windows, but also for amateurs who want to have tools at hand to solve problems.

What is the Windows Repair Toolbox?

Just like the name "Windows Repair Toolbox", we are dealing with a toolkit that brings together under one roof almost all the software you need to troubleshoot Windows.

Windows Repair Toolbox is portable, which means it can be used on a USB stick. It's perfect, because you don't have to install all kinds of software on your PC, if you offer assistance.

What kind of repair tools do we find in Windows Repair Toolbox

Everything is organized into tabs and categories, as follows.

  1. tools - here we find hardware, backup tools, Windows shortcuts, uninstallers, repair and verification tools and some useful tools
  2. Malware removal - under this tab we find antivirus, antimalware and some maintenance and repair tools
  3. Custom tools - here you can put your favorite software that you did not find in the list
  4. Final tests - in this tab you can do various tests to open files, check internet speed, camera microphone, etc. These are the kind of tests you do to make sure your PC is working properly
  5. Notes - here you can leave notes for the PC user and you can check certain product keys, Wireless passwords and others
Click on the image to see all the tabs


Some software in this toolkit can be seen by potential antiviruses as antivirus. They will receive false positive alarms. It's normal when we talk about some more "tricky" software tools.

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Tutorial - Windows Repair Toolbox Windows Repair Tools

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  1. it's like they pay you to write and recommend only the nonsense that runs through viruses…

  2. Uncle, if your antivirus, which you trust, tells you it's something unclean, why do you still publish such infected tampons!

    • Mr. Popescu, this application also has some tools that are more "insistent". If you are curious, look in the notes tab (in the application), in the toolbar (the colored ones on the right) and you will understand what it is about.
      Finally I told you in the tutorial about the false positive alarms given by antivirus; I don't understand why you would use the app again if you're scared.

  3. I chose a few applications from Ninite, and it generated a file for me. What do I do with it? Do I put it on the stick? If I click on it, it tells me to install them on my PC.

  4. Hello, Cristi! After so many years of video tutorial (I at least have about 7 if I'm not mistaken since I've been watching it) I think you should change the title of the page to "Video Tutorial - for the sensible ones who want to learn something" easy to make statements like a wood duck, not having even the most basic knowledge of how an antivirus works. And if I were ignorant of the cause, I would first ask you and then, with the audacity taken to the rank of stupidity, in my total ignorance, I would make a statement. We, those who follow you and try to learn for FREE from your work, thank you!

  5. Thank you!

  6. THANK YOU, for everything I've learned from here over the years, to know that we are many who appreciate what you do.

  7. Cristi, out of curiosity, something in the software also repairs the bluetooth driver? You know what's up with the Windows 10 updates

  8. very useful, thanks!

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