Windows Share on Android - files, folders and network partitions

Windows Share on Android
Access Windows sharing on Android

What is this tutorial with Windows Share on Android?

When I say Windows Share on Android, I mean accessing Windows shares, from your Android phone or tablet.

What is Windows share (folder, file, printer or partition sharing)?

In Windows, since the world and the earth we have the opportunity to share files, folders, partitions or printers in the network, so that other participants in our private network can access them.

Why use Windows and Android sharing?

Network sharing is comfortable and economical!

Comfort: When you want to transfer files between your computer and your phone, you no longer need to use data cables, or other applications that mediate the connection.

Economic: Why keep the same files on different devices, when you can use your cheaper PC storage as a local cloud.

Windows Share Settings on Android:

For a smooth sharing, you must:

  1. User password
  2. The network must be of "Private" type
  3. Devices must be connected to the same router
  4. Sharing options set as a tutorial
  5. Choosing folders or partitions to be shared.
  6. Check sharing permissions (writing, reading, etc.)
  7. Verify sharing with "\\ localhost"

Settings for connecting to share on Android.

We don't have much settings here, we just have to fill in the data for the connection in the application File Manager +

After connecting the files can be copied back and forth, just as the files are copied to the internal storage.

Network sharing vs. cloud

Some of you may be wondering: Why not use cloud applications, as it is simpler?

  1. It's not at all simpler, it just seems
  2. You have no privacy, your data is collected through the cloud
  3. It is not economical, the cloud costs
  4. Speed ​​is better at local transfer.

Download link for the File Manager application

Download File Manager +

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Update - Wallpaper in the tutorial

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Video Tutorial - Windows Share on Android - files, folders, and network partitions

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  1. It goes without even logging in, check anonymous.

  2. And what would be the difference from an FTP on an Android file manager?

  3. The same thing you can do with ES File Explorer!

  4. Hello. how do you explain that I copied on the phone with 34 mb and vice versa on the PC with only 1.5 ... 1.6 mb? more anticipated

  5. I also have a question, how could I do this in reverse, that is, to track the phone from my laptop. Thanks.
    is any application something?

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