Windows XP at the end of your career, what?

Hello friends, today tutorial we will talk about the end of the career for Windows XP, an operating system released on October 25 2001 and a career that spanned over 12 years during which he served humanity demands, hardware and users. In technical terms it means ceasing the end cariereri Windows XP support for this operating system.
What is ceasing support for Windows XP, for us, the users?
Basically Microsoft will cease to provide new security updates, hotfixes and patches for the operating system Windows XP. In other words, if cybercriminals will find new weaknesses, security holes in Windows XP, you can use it to attack all computers that use Windows XP. Attackers can exploit security breaches to launch attacks on users still running Windows XP. For Microsoft dropped support for Windows XP it will not be closely monitored, analyzed, maintained and therefore will no longer receive security updates that were intended to clog security breaches, vulnerabilities that cybercriminals could attack you.
Security tips for those who want to use Windows XP continuna after April 8 2014
- Stop using Internet Explorer 8. This is the latest version of Internet Explorer that can be installed and used on Windows XP. However, Internet Explorer browser is outdated and 8 not sure even for a simple web browser. Avoid online payments using Internet Explorer or 6 8 not enter sensitive data in forms opened browser. Install a modern browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera which have already tutorials on our website.
- Avoid using Windows Media Player software. It is a multimedia software complex with close ties to the Internet, your local network and operating system. Many times in the past have been discovered security holes in Windows Media Player that allowed an attacker to execute malicious code on your computer, remote (remote). Alternatively you can use free or commercial third party software for playing multimedia content, software such as: VLC Media Player or KMPlayer for movies AIMP or Media Monkey music, IrfanView or Zoner Photo Studio Free for managing photos
- Avoid using Outlook Express email client that comes with the operating system or install a newer version of it. Users who prefer a local email client for managing email addresses can be used as an alternative famous email client Mozilla Thunderbird that I approached us in a tutorial.
- Avoid using office suite Microsoft Office 2003. From April 8 2014 Microsoft will give up and support for Microsoft Office 2003. Install a newer version of Microsoft Office. Alternatively, to view or edit a document, you can use simple online office suite that can be used from a browser with a simple Microsoft account without having to install a software on your computer. You can also use Google Drive in whose framework and famous find Google DocsAll an online service that allows you to edit, view documents with a simple Google account. Whether you choose to use Office Online and Google Docs (now integrated into Google Drive) have the advantage that you will not have to install additional software on your computer, you can synchronize all documents with your device will always be safe even if you lose or someone steals your laptop, phone or tablet, you can access them from any device, you can share with your friends, or you can work together to create or edit a document in real time
If you prefer a more complex office suite that allows advanced text processing and presentation, you can use Libre Office or Apache Open Office. The latter are two office suites extraordinary free tool that will allow you to create, edit or view Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and even documents produced by Microsoft Office.
- Disable the Windows Automatic Updates after April 8 2014, there was no reason to leave open a potential loophole that cybercriminals will use.
- Install a free antivirus or a commercial for better protection against threats and viruses. As free antivirus software are available: Avast, Avira, AVG. If that still use Microsoft Security EssentialsIt will only receive updates by 2015. For those very concerned about safety advise to buy a security suite such as Kaspersky Internet Security which will contain all the modules of protection to stay safe. If you want a free firewall, advanced as the one that comes with Windows XP and smarter integrating and HIPS protection (analyzing how the behavior activities), you can use Comodo Firewall Free, Outpost Firewall, Zone Alarm, Online Armor.
Windows XP is an operating system exceeded?
The answer is yes and no. It depends very much on the perspective from which we look. For a simple user check their email occasionally spends some time on social networking or read forums, websites devoted to certain topics for information, not an outdated system.
For a picky user, advanced trading software that uses heavy (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, Sony Vegas) for photo and video editing production or specialized hardware using a new, latest, Windows XP can be considered an operating system exceeded .
- Windows XP does not support SSDs and do not know how to use technology TRIM existence of these.
- Windows XP knows 32 bit more than 4 using GB RAM computer even if we have installed more than 4 GB RAM. This is true for other operating systems 32 bit. If you are interested in the topic "difference between an operating system and one 32 64 bit bit" I invite you to watch our tutorial about What is the difference between the systems 32 64 bits and those bits
- Windows XP does not natively support USB 3.0
- Conformity official information Microsoft Windows XP can not assign a process more than 2 GB RAM
- Even if there is a version of Windows XP 64 bit it can not use more than 128 GB RAM. Nowadays you can add 32 GB RAM in a computer generation.
- Windows 7 (Proffesional, Enterprise, Ultimate) 32 bit can use up to 4 GB RAM and Windows 7 (Proffesional, Enterprise, Ultimate) 64 bit can use up to 192 GB RAM
- Windows XP can not use a hard disk with a capacity greater than TB 2
- Windows XP does not have native support for AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) and NCQ (Native Command Queuing) but this problem can be solved by installing the drivers, in most cases they could not find drivers for Windows XP if your motherboard uses a newer controller. These are just a few examples but there are many other technologies that come with new generation hardware that Windows XP does not support it natively, you will not know how to use his true ability. Running Windows XP on a modern hardware and the latest technology, you will not benefit.
We will be able to install Windows XP after April 8?
Yes, the fact that Microsoft will no longer provide support for Windows XP does not mean we can not still install Windows XP after this date. If we choose to install Windows XP, you'll be on your own in terms of operating system security and technical support.
We will be able to activate a Windows XP after April 8?
Yes, we can in coninuare to activate Windows XP by calling Microsoft and having at hand a license key for it. Windows will continue to notify you if you are using a pirated copy of it if you have Automatic Updates enabled.
We will be able to make updates after April 8?
Yes, even after this time, if we use for example a Windows XP SP2 and we do update the SP3 along with other security updates that were released until April 8 2014, we could do if we use Windows XP SP2 licensed by activating Windows Updates.
What if the solutions we use software or hardware that does not support newer versions but Windows XP?
- If you use software that can be run only on Windows XP and want official support from Microsoft, can receive individual support for a fee. Costs can reach 200 dollars per year for each computer running Windows XP
- If you have peripherals (webcam, printer) older they only support Windows XP, you can use XP Mode (If using Windows 7) or a virtual environment and VirtualBox or VMware Player. You can install Windows XP in VirtualBox or VMware Player and such You can use older peripherals even if your operating system is Windows 7 principal or Windows or Windows 8 8.1. Through his VirtualBox and VMware Player you can work in Windows XP while you are in the main operating system Windows or Windows 7 8 / 8.1
- If you can upgrade to a more modern version of Windows (Windows 7, 8 Windows, Windows 8.1), you can choose to migrate to a free operating system, much safer and open source and Linux Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Kubuntu Linux, Xubuntu, Fedora. On the Internet there are many distriburtii Linux that can meet the needs of any user. You can find Linux distribution optimized for low resource consumption, optimized for older hardware, distributions for teachers, those who handle photo and video editing, distribution dedicated to that process or make music, distributions dedicated gamers or children
- If you have the opportunity to purchase a modern financial and operating a little different and something more exotic (Chrome OS), you can buy a ChromeBook. Prices a ChromeBook with a modern operating system and modern components start at 200 dollars.
- Those who will have problems with Windows XP after April 8 2014 forums enthusiasts can call that will remain open for nostalgic. On the internet there are (and will continue to be written) hundreds of thousands of articles about solving common problems that you can encounter using Windows XP

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  1. Anderson said

    Sucks with XP so that even if you install a brand new PC all the hard moves, we test on a sandy bridge once stood a 1 occur logo WELCOME minute to load and just say that when it came to occur in the network were standing iara TRAY-10 15 sec and sat so long because of NET.Framework 4 with all the updates done, if you delete the fly, I think Daia only offers no support.
    It's good that after 8 May you receive updates as they say the Lord "grab your new hardware with Windows 8" ee na that Microsoft wants to change hardware boo, my sponsor me after taking her PC W8 go. Force you to sell her merchandise and Windows PC 8 sites in all possible versions, Daia out and support what you think they do not know what to do, to corrupt us know what they're doing.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I was expecting someone to come here with selfish excuses like "give me, right, I give you (or Microsoft) money from another PC?
      Such thinking is one selfish! No fault of Microsoft that you have no money. When mankind appeared on the planet we always turned to evlotie, up. We can not stop now just progressing because some do not have money. As well we would not be as evolved as we are today if there is no desire for evolution and people with money. Life is a chain, each thing has its role in this chain.
      Who you step wrong, what's left. You do not want to stop the world from now just because there are some free money. That is, some successful, lucky situation. Others do not. If we were all equal, we are terribly bored.
      Microsoft has taken this decision because they have a lot going on will to be able to focus attention on Windows 8, 8.1, Windows Phone 8, 8.1. That they could do so they had to make compromises, sacrifices (and will do in the future as any other company)
      As new it is hard to fulfill multiple tasks, we distribute attention to several things at once, as hard and will be a company.
      You must understand that Windows XP is old, his time was brilliant. We are 2014 on the market there are super powerful hardware which Windows XP can not handle them, not knowing how to use it.
      If peticesti too often a bag, you'll reach a point not to have anything to piece to tie the bag to sew a patch in May. Over time, no matter how you get to it peticesti strofoca you will fail more often because it's patched too many times. Finally you have to move to a new bag.
      Be open-minded, no longer take it personally. Stop trying to see any conspiracy theory!

    • Costelina said

      not so Anderson does not force anyone to anything
      Windows 8 further convinced me I can not go back to xp or vista neither point nor 7

    • In connection with lags from start Windows XP after installing net framework 4. Normally, they should disappear with time. Optionally you could do this: (it's a copy paste from an article found on the net, since at the time and I was faced with this problem):

      When. NET redistributable is installed, it Compiles the high priority assemblies in 5 to 10 minutes and THEN Waits until your computer is idle to process the low priority assemblies. The GMT method forces all of the remaining items to be compiled with the command Called NGEN.exe. Follow These Steps:

      1) Run cmd.exe from Start> Run

      2) Type cd \

      3) Type cd Windows \ Microsoft.NET \ Framework \ v2.0.50727

      4) Type NGEN executequeueditems and press Enter

      5) It Will take about 10minutes depending upon system speed. After the process is complete, the prompt GMT Will Appear in the command prompt

      C: \ Windows \ Microsoft.NET \ Framework \ v2.0.50727>

      6) Type exit to close the command prompt.
      After performing These steps, your computer boot up Will at usual speed.

      V2.0.50727 folder name you will find even if you have NET Framework installed 4. Once you have given these orders is compiling all modules in all versions of net framework 4, and 3 2.

  2. Adrian and I have this motherboard and has a PCI Express slot x16 1.0 can put a plate on 3.0 vido
    I'd like to buy this video card:
    If you buy I expect bugs or other incompatibilities.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      One can buy will work but not capacity. If you have an older processor Ivy Bridge will know to use the maximum 3.0 superior performance.

    • Constantin said

      Sal end Adrian never gave a correct answer for that your card base is one that has AM2 Socket for AMD processors and to get a correct answer in the future you more detail and it uses components that tell us what processor have?

  3. Good evening, if we can not use it (anyway we never used) ie8, wmplayer can uninstall or not ??? Thank you, Mr. Cristian !!! psFaceti job with all articolo

  4. Costelina said

    very nice I liked Adrian
    many memories and many have learned with this operating system

  5. hello videotutorial.ati team did still make a good job and I hope to keep everything moving so years from now. I had myself a question: why some people are using Windows Vista when it could be used loosely or 7,8 8.1?'d like to know some advantages and disadvantages in using Windows Vista

    • Costelina said

      anything that has not uninstall Windows base if you do you'll see
      to know one thing all the software that come as an alternative to what is basic windows come and install ==

      • axelluny said

        Do not talk prosti.Ce not like any windows disable that şetrs ... will după.Orice soft errors can become basic and can successfully replace the infinity of Windows (especially XP's) as recommended top of Christ.

    • Andrei .. Windows Vista was and remains one of the best and most stable operating system Microsoft ever .. 6.0 NT kernel version changed substantially without errors without BSOD's; WDDM 1.0 and here was introduced for the first time called AERO transparency. A system that if the first service pack was 3 perfect system it gives a true SSD and see the performance; did not need anything else. As differences .. wipe the floor with windows 7; 8; 8.1 which are just clones mooring

      • Vista is nothing but Veriuni W7 beta. You can not compare the performance with w7 or 8.1. First past SO has a much better memory management, W8.1 you do live a HDD defragmentation, manage your resources more efficiently than Vista.
        Vista really was a starting point for future generations ptr win. But we can not say win new generations are "clones mooring Vista", my opinion is that they are improved clone of Vista where they fixed a lot of bugs and have brought new technologies for resource management.
        That is my opinion.

  6. What do we do? Moving to Windows PC 7 change one compatible for Windows 7 Inquiry System .......

  7. Guys do not want to be grumpy but in the text above tutorial is a little mistake here "From April 8 2014 Microsoft will give up and support for Microsoft Office 2013. "I think you wanted to write 2003.
    That I SIRS it so comment and I hope you do not mind.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Yes, it is, it was Microsoft Office 2003. Thanks for warning. There's no reason to get mad as long as between us and you there is respect, understanding, tolerance and tone educated man. We humans make mistakes.

  8. Hello everyone,

    Also over time I think it is time for the majority to move toward a version of Linux; choice. I know it is hard for those who were accustomed to rigid versions from Microsoft. But it is a start and worth it!
    In the Linux community to discuss and expects a stream of people who will give up XP and want to try one or more versions of the many versions derived from the operating system.
    Come and visit: ; on the right are numbered derived versions of Linux, with all the details, features, etc printscreenuri.
    Adrian, you should insist on this. Promote and Linux versions, from simple versions, portable (Live CD / Live USB) which interfaces, menus (how organizational) similar to those in Windows XP (although many versions of Linux graphical standpoint looks extraordinarily beautiful, font proportions in warm colors, pleasing to the eye, effects etc.., and all this without asking the user N-spe GB memory ... as if Vista!) as those who want to try / not prove a specific version feel frustrated folk of something.
    In the first phase (even if they remembered becoming a repetitive) to insist on versions - LiceCD / Live USB and / or dual boot with the old OS
    I wish you all: Be smart and choose! You have choices!
    Goodbay Windows!

    • Staff does not support this! Do not put linux to look like Windows or Mac, if you still want to recommend something to a user that runs on Linux, Ubuntu is!

  9. DrGreenThumb said

    However, do not use Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Outlook Express, Automatic Updates. Related to Windows XP, perhaps, indeed, is an older operating system could be exploited in future security bugs in its composition. But I do not understand what the risks are if you use Office 2003, I need a newer version of Office, I am pleased at the 2003, especially if you use Word on a Windows 7, what problems can occur? as I already said, I almost never used those Automatic Updates and I have not ever had major problems with viruses, spyware, etc. .. This whole end of life of Windows XP and termination providing updates to it is not as tragic as it sounds, deoare chances are slim that affect ordinary users however had nothing to do with updates (which hurt more OS devices than to help him), Internet Explorer, Outlook and so on Come on, who else uses IE and Outlook XP? Maybe occasionally Windows Media Player. My opinion is not to be unnecessarily paranoid, clean install of Windows XP (either original or pirated) then off Automatic Updates installed antivirus possibly one free (Avast), avoid using IE and Outlook, and I should have serious problems. Success!

  10. adrian76 said

    At 2800 + AMD processor 1,81, 1,5 gb ram, nvidia 5200 can run Windows 7? How big partition for Windows 7? I have a 35 gb partition, and each about 2 100 gb.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      For those interested, I invite you to search our tutorial on "How detect whether components, peripherals and our programs running on Windows 7" that you will find using the search box top right.

    • Anderson said

      You will not run 7 because you have enough graphics processor will stay strong no-70% 100 only use memory is OK.

      • axelluny said

        Goes very bine.Încercă win7 Home Premium and have to convince yourself.

        • adrian76 said

          I installed Win7 Home Premium, the problem is you give go to PC, you must have a Windows CD in the optical drive. Is not it strange? On installation, it added that 100 MB separately, and do not understand what it is can someone help me?????

  11. Elucu Bratu said


    Lost of Kingsoft Office 2013, 2003 as free alternative to MO ...

  12. Daniel Maxim said

    Thank You for all, XP. Rest In Peace.

  13. Constantin said

    I W. XP and grab me sadness. In fact things were predictable. The car is a little different and the same. The provider does not provide car parts than for 10 years after the discontinuation of the type of car that.
    But here things are more serious criminals that our story is not, in my opinion, some lonely!

  14. I have not used Windows XP than in high school / college ... home I made a jump from Windows 98 (old drive) in Windows Vista 2007 when I bought the PC with Dual-Core and 2.6GB 1Ghz RAM. Then came 7 the same configuration and the current netbook Acer Aspire One D250, which I later put 8 and 8.1. As you said, you have to evolve. Many who call me to ask me reinstall the operating system Windows XP, although a configuration would 7 pretty good. I told them that simply do not have stick with it (I put Linux and Android on that) and 7 8.1 and are much better.

  15. Cristi, Adrian .. They deserve to make a Adsense account if you have less than 500 subscriber?

  16. And to think that there are some clips on youtube where some windows were installed in vmware 98. Even I did this some time ago. When nothing you do ... you grab nostalgia. Windows 7 x64 on real windows on vmware 98

  17. Windows XP I quit many years ago so do not affect me very mult.In Instead I plan to move to Windows 8 therefore possible that in the near future I am exactly the same situation as XP users

  18. You could still only "puffed" in mike's 10 lei an external microphone, no longer used by the speakers That's stressful puff ala ...

    • It's really annoying sound and Christ was in the past but it was not permanent, I do not miss the xp.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I do not know what you're talking microphone from the speakers, do not own it. My microphone is not about the speakers is connected to the PC via a jack 3,5

  19. I when I heard the news in March I changed super fast operare.Mi system I installed Windows 7.

  20. DanielJr said

    I passed Linux Mint 16 Petra.Nu I have trouble with your laptop!

  21. We salute! I got some advice, a helping hand. I want to install a virtual machine, I have tried every version from the current to the first that was not going either. After going through the next steps and so on, loading the tape and suddenly gives me an error. I mention that I downloaded the software on official websites and from other sources, websites. Any virtual machine there I tried it and all give me the same error. This is the error: The cabinet file '' required for this installation is corrupt and can not be used. Could This indicated a network error, an error reading from the CD-ROM, or a problem with this package. I understand from this error, as that kit is corrupt and can not extract the files, but what does CD-ROM and network. I hope to find a solution.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Make sure you have a constant connection to the Internet and do not lose packets. If you can not do that, we have a tutorial on this topic. Write in the search box top right "How to use ping to troubleshoot network" hit enter and you will find the tutorial. Would not be bad to look and tutorilul "Detecting network problems with Tracert and PATHPING"
      CD-ROM and network cards can be connected because the operating system that you will install in the virtual machine will use the network card in your PC real and optical drive to emulate a virtual one with which you install operating system in the virtual machine VirtualBox or VMware Player either. If it were not so, then how is explained as a virtual system can use the internet? Simply uses real ones.
      Both Virtualbox and VMware Player to install some drivers they install and they can be used as real network card and CD-ROM real.
      Deaseenea SIFs that you have downloaded the correct version of the virtual machine. If your operating system is real 32 bit download 32 bit virtual machine (VM mean when I refer to VirtualBox or VMware Player)

  22. One last suggestion would be, to migrate to Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Linux Mint, Pear OS, Zorin OS .. or any other linux distribution that conforms to the configuration of your PC! Lubuntu, it's for old computers, Lightweight, and it would be a good alternative to XP's! Plus as Linux, you do not need [that big] antivirus, so economists resources ...

    • Adrian Gudus said

      This suggestion was given to who was really interested to read the text above tutorial and not just to watch the video tutorial. Often provide additional information in the text is above tutorial is because they fail to mention in the tutorial is that additional information besides what was already mentioned in the tutorial. For example in this tutorial are many things that were not mentioned in the tutorial. Tutorial + text + = complete article comments.
      Too bad some are shallow!

  23. will give an advice for those who have older PCs with less requirements (under gb rami) try to put win 7 basic (at no aero) or use xp and linux (dual boot) eg ubuntu which run on any PC Efficiency or older and plus ubuntu seems the easiest Linux distribution. and enter the windous only programs that do not run on linux. In my opinion
    I say these are the best solutions.
    I win 8.1 enterprise (if I spelled correctly if scz) and I like PC configuration 1 ddrm2 GB, AMD Athlon dual core processor x64 2 6000 +: 3.00 GHZ
    as you can see I have a pc ultrapeformant and I said to brag or cv but to give you an idea, and they keep moving amentionez that f ok win 8.1

    • @ Calin, I have the same configuration, but I 3600 + 1.91GHz processor and video card is ATI Radeon X1050. I tried Win 8.1, but I generally recommended resolution 1024 768 × (maximum resolution is 1280 × 1024). Therefore I installed Windows 7 Home Premium. I want to use Windows 8.1 (moves better than Windows 7) what to do: I can not find drivers for the video card ...

      • I recommend you take a nvidia video card for that and I had the same problems you redeon I could find no drivers in win7 nor on linux in ubuntu. I have nvidia 8800 500 Mb MEOR not much good as you give it ok for me to be me. by 150 250 find one ok nvidia decent price.

  24. Windows Xp is exceeded for users to Say Say ...

    • Sorry I hope you do not mind but I would disagree. Can be topped for you but for everyday users, ie those who use genuine pc to get on facebook, send an e-mail, surf the net I think that's still good. It surpassed for those who do photo editing / video for gamers and for those who want to keep abreast with the latest software (which runs on Windows XP), for those who have a modern hardware etc. They gave several examples in the tutorial. But for everyday users who do not have new hardware, older PCs and doing simple tasks I think that is good. It's just my opinion. I hope you do not mind.

    • Talking nonsense, I used XP until this year, play games like gta its 3 dirt, dirt 2, gta 4 and others sitting on facebook, listening to music, writing blog articles, I looked at filme.etc performed well, So I do not know where you see that he's not that exceeded?

  25. Depends on what you use for pc, I have a PC that my son just playing (without net) is exceeded it in this situation? Do not think the wife uses the laptop only for some office programs (simple) and sometimes social networking is exceeded?

  26. Yes, it is surpassed, not pissed, it's my opinion for what to ask and wonder.

  27. Hello! I asked myself a question, but he was waiting, I can not look, therefore, please, ndrumati still not dormant! W 7 ultimate gives me error: "Microsoft Management Console has stopped working." Also can not install any device, no novice, but my pc says "device driver is not installed SUCCESFULL"!

    • Costelina said

      Well wait and wait long and
      you detail the problem? or you and say you're not a novice, but it's very hard to write up in the search box top right you're not interested?
      if you got the torrent windows or not original to expect errors and older
      You watched the tutorial on how to install the software that ran on Windows XP in Windows 7?

  28. Salut! I still use XP and eternal configuration that works perfectly XP (GHz Pentium 4 1.8, 512 MB RAM, 64 MB video card, Realtek AC'97, etc.). I have to recommend an optimal antivirus running without impairing my system (although not think it's possible such a configuration

  29. Vladimir said

    What you can teach other people to use more operating systems will learn much to give you mult.Pentru this must thank fellow nostru.Felicitari!

  30. caramida01 said

    I have a Toshiba C660-1DM with the following components:
    -The dual-core Intel P6200 2.19 Ghz
    Heaven by a whirlwind 3 GB
    -Hard 320 GB
    What do you recommend to run Windows?

  31. Not much we can recommend you a windows because they do not know exactly what you expect from that operating system. I run Windows 7 and 8.1 on a PC with an AMD Sempron of the 1,9 and 2007 1 GHz GB RAM. And a decent run. Both Windows and 7 8.1 found on TechNet downloaded free trial version of 90 days. You can try both and you can keep the one that you like.


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